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I will update

30 Jun

I found her!!! I found her!!! She’s fine, well, not too sure but she’s alive and that makes me a happy bouncy bunny. Just wanted to get a little personal there, I have plenty of stuff to post about but I’m not too sure I want to right now.
Let’s review:
I know I made a mistake with the elections day, I’m not changing it because it’s not important and I’m too lazy to go back and fix the whole post.
I find completely atrocious what was broadcasted on TV yesterday: “BB II is won by an actress (again) that was told to behave like a person (wow!) with no self respect, no respect for others (as a result), absolutely no knowledge of a language beyond 10 bad words and who also promoted the image of the woman-object”. Absolutely disgusting!
Yes, Cavalho is finally in Spain, I find the whole thing terribly, TERRIBLY CRYPTIC, that guy is not human, he’s not even a mad person or an evil wicked mind, I mean, he doesn’t seems to be. He has no facial expression at all, he looks like ANY person, no deformed face, no shaky hands, no cracking voice, he’s just like any man in
his 40’s behind a gate, he wears a sweater, he wears glasses, a traditional hair cut, nothing too special that could call people’s attention. When he was doing the job for the Mexican government he talked softly, calmly, completely in charge and concentrated as to what he was explaining, whilst on a TV interview he had many sheets of paper, he analysed them in front of the camera so people would understand the RENAVE project, he was then almost like a paternal figure, taking care of the drivers in the city he was in charge of, and that’s the image I remember of him, the image of a kind patient teacher. Today I heard he was indeed a teacher, he used to be the teacher of “The Little School” in Argentina, a university building were he gave lessons of torture methods in real time and in person, he also was in charge of non educational tortures and murders. How? When did human race became everything except humans?
I also saw a movie last night, couldn’t sleep before that nor afterwards, it was a movie from Chile it seems, just one of those “B Movies” (as in “B-side” not “Classification B”), I don’t think it was a Bad movie, but I couldn’t understand many parts that seemed important, if somebody knows anything about this please explain it to me: A girl falls in love with some german, they are both teens, then the girl goes to the forest and waits for the young guy to meet her and have sex (or make love, whatever the reader prefers), then the girl gets tied up, the guy is still far from where she is, so the girl is unable to move, she doesn’t speak too (don’t know why), suddenly 4 midgets appear, they are followed by their leader, a man that looks like an “Amazon warrior” he wants to rape the girl, then suddenly dies, the midgets take the dead body with them but before leaving they murder the girl. Around 140 years later that whole scene is said to be taken by “modern society” as a myth or legend, but the son of some germans is taken away by some midgets, also a blonde girl (the same actress that appeared on the first part of the movie) shows up like a ghost in the city where that “last german” lives. Finally the german is informed that he was taken away because he has to pay, nobody says what, then the blonde appears, the street suddenly is full of candles, the midgets turn their back on them and they both have sex right there (or make love right there, whatever the reader prefers), then the scene ends and the guy appears in the middle of the landscape where the girl was murdered, he puts on a mask and becomes the “Amazon warrior“, so, What then?! I can understand the suggested curse and the “rest in peace” allegory, but what about the rest? What the hell was that “Warrior” supposed to be!? Well, I guess I’ll never know. Finally I just want to add that I’m happy.


26 Jun

Cavalho is finally going to court in Spain, it seems like in Argentina he would only be judged for a very small crime and would not even need to go to jail for it, so it’s better if he gets judged in Spain, in there he’ll have to face the charges of genocide and at least another crime that I forgot the name of.
It’s still an unbelievable story, a military man from Argentina runs away of his country and hides in México, then just a few years later he starts working for the mexican government and becomes the leader of an office created only to do a car census, and whilst he’s working to promote the census he appears on TV, radio & newspapers explaining how the census works, just a few weeks later Spanish judge Garzón recognizes him as the person alleged to have murdered thousands of Argentinians, now it’s been almost 2 years since that happened and today the accused is finally flying to Spain.
I’m tempted to ask once again why if 2k people die in the hands of their own country the world cries, but when 20-30k disappear with the knowledge of many countries nobody says a word until 40 years later when most of the people that participated are either dead or too old to be judged; Still, I’m not asking anything beyond this: Why is there no world support in certain cases?
I’m not going to say that the lives of 2,000 people are not important, but I need to say that the lives of those 20,000 that disappeared in Argentina are important, as well as the ones of the Argentinians that were tortured before being murdered, as well as the lives of those 500 babies that were taken outside Argentina and sold to other countries, all of them are important and should be a priority.
But I guess we just have to wait for the trial to start.


26 Jun

It has been done again, impunity becomes the only leader of elections in this country.
Of course, I’m NOT going to vote because I disagree with any elections that are controlled by an organization who sells all the information of the participants to foreign countries and, if that wasn’t enough, they also violate elector’s human right to privacy.
Still, I feel it’s terrible that the president breaks the law and just 4 days before the elections he gets asked to stop being a criminal, and of course, he was given 3 days before any action was taken against him.

Just great, Why wait so many months? Why wait 36 hours more to send this citizen to court?
I refuse to be part of that show, I’ll say it again: I’M NOT VOTING.


24 Jun

Why is Tarot always right?
Anyway, I spent another night with insomnia and whilst I was at it I watched the very late night news, this time they talked about that “Hrry Pttr” book and how people spent hours and hours outside bookstores to buy it the first night (day?) of the release.
My experiences with that book aren’t any good, at least in this country only the snobs buy it, and not any snob, only the Big Malinchist Illiterate ones can say a word about it, that book isn’t very popular amongst the average snob.
I cannot say that I think the book deserves such fame here, I really haven’t read it and I don’t think I will, so then why do I dare to speak about it? I don’t! I’m just going to talk about the big show I saw in the news because of the release of the book.
I believe most people that were buying it were teenagers, I don’t understand that too clearly because I thought it was a book for kids, What attracts teens then? Marketing? Sci-Fi? The fact that it’s a book=latest fashion item?
I can’t say I felt sad for those people going nuts
over a book, not even when I saw some of them cry or wearing strange costumes, if there’s something that made me depressed about it it’s definitely not the people, but the amount of money being spent in making people believe that they are part of history.
Every time a very expensive product is released we hear the same statements “The fastest selling, The Most Expensive, The Biggest, The Most Historic, bla, bla, bla”. I wish that only for once they would say “If you think this trend gives meaning to your life then you are a loser because in 2 years nobody will remember that you were the first person to buy this product in the store that was next to the cinema right around the corner of X street”.
When was the last time I hear about The Fastest Selling Book? I think it was 2 or 3 weeks ago with the HilarClinton one, before that one I guess it must have been either a satanic one or MonicaLewinsky’s book.
And I don’t even start listing cd’s because I’m sure 90% of them have been “Top Sale In Music History” at least once.
And the only remedy against so many people reading the same book at the same time in the whole world is for me to say: “whatever!”.


21 Jun

It was really surprising to see a certain image in the newspaper.
The photograph was taken during a protest by the organization called “The 400 People”, their protests have been happening in this city almost everyday for the past 3 or 4 weeks, actually they’ve been trying to call the government’s attention to their problems for years now, but of course no solution has been made otherwise they wouldn’t have any need to keep protesting, or they would, if somebody was paying them to do it but I don’t think that’s the case.
But, What’s interesting about seeing people protesting in the main streets and avenues of a country? Usually there’s plenty of interesting things going on, but in this case it’s even a more interesting protest because all of the men participating in these are either completely naked or wearing just underwear, and believe me my dear reader that seeing a crowd of older men (mostly 50 ?) walking around naked is a very disconcerting scene to see.
That was the cover picture of yesterday’s “El Independiente” newspaper edition, a photograph of over 100 men c
ompletely naked in front of a government building, the men were also wearing plastic masks with the face of ex president Salinas, which allowed us to have right there and then various versions of the ex president, some short, some fat, some skinny, some old but all naked and most even showing the unwanted details of a clear front view, also a few of them were playing music instruments like drums or cymbals, even some guitars; The “ex presidents” were having a big party indeed.
Well, I’m afraid that the world can keep talking and spinning, the photographers can keep requesting people to pose naked, but it is my duty to inform that this country has the surrealism monopoly. Thank you.

More on Natural Selection

20 Jun

Just like a living spare parts store a baby was given birth to for the sole mission to help save his brother from a disease.
Who can be surprised of the humans condition? Animals? A god somewhere? Nobody is of course, humans along with bacteria are the worse living creatures.
The decision to create a human being with no human rights just to help live other humans that can’t live a good life is just another step to the most selfish of societies this world has ever seen, and all I can do is express my sadness for that baby who wasn’t brought into this world as a wanted person but as a tool to help a kid that, unlike him, was born out of a love* wish.
Of course many people can say that if I had a kid I would surely do whatever I could to save his life, and I can say “Of course not”, not in the name of another innocent life.
I get reminded of that poor joke that questioned people about getting 1,000 Euros every time they pushed a button, would they press the button if they knew that every time they pressed a stranger in aremote country would die; But this is not murdering a child, it’s even worse, it’s giving him life only to be used as an unwilled piece of meat and cells.
This baby has no rights, his parents have no morals and no respect for human life and he, is alone in a world that just wants to use him and couldn’t care less about him as a person.
And we still have to see the “cave process” so he can grow up to be happy with his condition.
Would death penalty be asking too much in this case?.
*No, using people for the wealth of another’s sake is not love.

Los estridentistas

20 Jun

A manera de dato interesante me decido a hablar un poco de los estridentistas y porque mi admiracion hacia ellos.
El estridentismo fue, al parecer, el primer movimiento 100% Méxicano que tenia una propuesta artística, digamos que llego como respuesta tardía a los movimientos como el dadaísmo, surrealismo o de la generación del 98. Y, a pesar de que no es un movimiento que haya durado, producido grandes frutos (vease artistas), ni sea reconocido actualmente creo que es un movimiento del que todos como Méxicanos o Latinos (No Platon, Sofocles, etc.) podemos aprender mucho.
El estridentismo intentaba entre otras cosas (la mayoría indefinidas hoy creo yo) romper con la elitizacion de la cultura, querían espacios para los artistas jóvenes y desconocidos, querían innovar, y me da tristeza ver como 80 años después la cultura en este país y en el continente americano en general, sigue siendo de unos pocos y muy apegados al siempre seguro tradicionalismo copión.
Pero asi como me auto proclamo sobreviviente Azteca y sobrevivien
te del imperio(¡uups!) Maya, también me auto proclamo sobreviviente del movimiento estridentista, o lo que es lo mismo, del único grupo que pudo decir por primera vez en el mundo: “Que viva el mole de guajolote”.