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Remote spectators

9 Jul

Watching Germany beat Argentina would have been worth missing a doctor’s appointment. Every time I saw them play was like watching a perfectly rehearsed choreography of what an ideal game with supreme athletes would look like.
I could have paid 2,000€ to watch the German team humiliate Spain as they did with Maradona’s lame ambitions, but it didn’t happen… It didn’t happen!

Now the final is going to be between a mediocre team facing a more mediocre team. It’s embarrassing how they managed to win against a superior squad who were only having a bad day, this is not what makes the difference between ordinary and memorable, this is nothing but a fraud, specially because of the obvious inclination the referees had for Spain and The Netherlands.

And that was a relatively new phenomenon in itself: Thousands celebrate the defeat of one team instead of the triumph of another, all thanks to the barbaric refereeing which has created villains instead of heroes.

But the whole event has been atypically boring, aside from Germany’s matches and the last 15 minutes of Netherlands vs Uruguay; Martin Caceres thoroughly drying the ball with his shirt with only 2 minutes left of the game… I seriously thought I was going to cry.
I hope Germany wins next Saturday though.