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Sí cena que sea…

27 Jun

 Hace 3 semanas mas o menos (no me había acordado de escribir esto antes) anunciaron un programa que sería el inicio de temporada de “El Ojo del Huracan” que se caracteriza por hacer “periodismo de investigación” (¿hay otro?) basándose en temas escandalosos, divorcios,  crímenes de “la farándula”, etc. Y así anunciaron que su siguiente programa sería una bomba porque hablarían de la desaparición madre de un cantante llamado Luis Miguel.

 Toda una semana anunciaron que tenían material que el cantante se negaba a ver pero que probaba que su madre podía estaba viva pero tal vez secuestrada en un hospital psiquiátrico.

 Ese fin de semana, no voy a mentir, vi una parte bastante decepcionante de dicho programa que se basaba solamente en un pobre testimonio de una supuesta periodista Argentina.
 Búsquedas en varios países que se ven muy  bonitas pero que son estériles al final de cuentas.
 Y así terminó el programa, como un misterio mas sin resolver, pero continuaría la semana que entra, y creo que llevan 3 semanas así, con programas de 1 hora donde dicen: “Buscamos en este edificio, entramos, preguntamos, investigamos si estaba loca, preguntamos si la habían visto enferma, la conclusión: Nada”.

 Si eso es periodismo yo soy poeta.

 Lo mejor del programa era ver con que desfachatez se presentaban los “presuntos testimonios” y se LUCRABA con la madre de alguien.
 En una determinada parte se criticaba la actitud de uno de los hermanos del cantante por reírse e irse a su auto rápidamente cuando una reportera le pregunto si su madre estaba viva o sabia algo de ella.

 ¿Qué en ese programa nadie tiene madre?, ¿Quien quieren que les conteste “Ah, si, mi madre esta desaparecida pero agradezco al programa con lucrar con el dolor de nuestra separación”?.

 Especulaciones sobre la muerte y estado mental de la madre de un cantante, eso es un programa de periodismo en TV Azteca.


25 Jun

(by Platters)
Oh-oh, yes I’m the great pretender
Pretending that I’m doing well
Oh-oh, yes I’m the great pretender
Adrift in a world of my own
Too real is this feeling of make-believe
Too real when I feel what my heart can’t conceal
Yes I’m the great pretender
Just laughin’ and gay like a clown
I seem to be what I’m not, you see
I’m wearing my heart like a crown
Pretending that you’re still around.
[In Memoriam]

Born Stupid

18 Jun

Sometimes life teaches us things, others life seems to be there only to learn from us, impossible yet many people never get tired of attempting thus failing.

This seems to be the case of a woman named Veronica Ciccone, also known as Madonna, 20 years ago she was making scandals out of her mockery of Christianity (no, Christina Aguilera wasn’t original at the MTV music awards) 10 years ago she gave rosaries as presents, she was said to be spiritual, 5 years ago she said she was more spiritual and these days she says to be learning the cabala.

Nothing could be more offending to Judaism, not even when the Beatles said to have found “illumination” with religions from India.

Why?. Ok, in my humble opinion religions are sacred, you either follow them or you are just another fanatic, not interested in what they teach but in how interesting or pure you look with the word “my god” in your mouth. cabala is a group inside Judaism that follows certain teachings and philosophies, the first step? Learn Yiddish, you cannot, I repeat, nobody can learn cabala if they do not learn Yiddish or Hebrew first, did Madonna, with such a name, learnt Yiddish? I do not think so.

Let’s imagine she speaks Yiddish fluently, and let’s imagine she actually saw something wrong with the name “Madonna” and that’s why she decided to change it the Jewish name “Esther”, Can humanity believe a person that finds happiness being a pop star ADMIRED by the MASSES can follow the cabala?

I would suggest Madonna that if she wants to make a big change in her life, mind and soul, she should become a teacher, get rid of all her material possessions and stick to a man for husband, father of her children and lover.

After a while her world would change more than if a meteorite vanished the USA.

The hard way

10 Jun

I was surfing around the Internet (aka world wide web) when as usual, something called my attention, it was a book that said to document the “12 Steps Horror”.

With the words “12 Steps” it was referring to the world known 12 steps program to recover from addictions, I don’t recall them all at the moment but as an example there are steps that say “Living one day at a time”, “Asking for God’s help” and such.

I read just a few pages from that book and was indeed horrified, not because I didn’t know already and almost by first hand that there are many places all around the world that like to call themselves AA or AL-Anon that only hide dumpsters full of prostitution, violence and humiliation, no, what horrified me was how the “miracle cure” can have so many faces, names and numbers, but in the end it’s all the same: People that take advantage of the weak.

When a person depends, I repeat DEPENDS of a substance that alters the conscience to live then that person might not be able to function correctly or make every day decisions, we all make mistakes, we all can be faced with situations that challenge us but if our minds can’t think clearly the decisions can be more complicated.

So, all of this combined with others ideas, promises and “investigations” can lead to people that are not only addicted to something (see wrong need of something not necessary to survive) and confused about many things but also believing in things that, for the average person, make no sense.
Can an addict be rescued from an addiction with a nonsense?
Many believe they do, that no matter what you believe in, if it works, if it makes you happy, nothing can be that wrong.

I won’t debate about that now, but I do feel the need to say a few things regarding a method called “Rational Recovery®”.

I did a search on the term as I had no idea what it was, I was directed to a page that has in the cover a photo of an old man and his wife “The method creators” and I suddenly wondered if the method was so good, why the need of an ego trip?.

So I read and learned that it was supposed to be a method in which the person recovers from addictions very fast and doesn’t have to be in treatment forever, sort of like a surgery to fix your nose, why accept yourself when a simple operation can change how you look? Why exercise if taking 1 pill a day will make you thin and desirable?.

Well, too good to be true? Not really, a small look at the process showed some interesting ideas, let’s see a few:
“Alcoholism is not a disease”, that’s what they believe, the only question here is, what would they consider a disease? Something that holds back a person? Something that interferes with a persons health?
“Why live one day at a time when you can compromise forever” Maybe because you cannot live in the future? Living a day at a time is the same as living the present, as simple as if you make plans for the future you cannot be sure if they will come true since you don’t know how when you will die, you are here now therefore that’s all that you can be certain of being able to live.

“Self recovery-Do it yourself-You can do it alone”, Which is exactly why many people turn to alcohol in the first place, believing you can be your own hell and God, not because you are human but because nothing can be as powerful as the force within you.

Why give credit to a superior being when you can do it all yourself? You are human you are immortal, you are not even human after all but a demi God.

I cite the words of a recovering alcoholic: “I had a terrible weight upon me, then I understood I wasn’t God, the same force that created me was here before I arrived to this world and will be here after I’m gone”.

I little bit of this and a little bit of that and shake…

7 Jun

Ok so I’ve been leaving many subjects unwritten because I either ran out of time or because I forgot what I was going to say about it, so, I’ll try to make one line statements with them in order to clean my tasks list.

-Mexico’s association “In favour of the best” decided to censor many TV shows for considering them immoral, so far only one is off the air now and 3 are about the disappear in the next few weeks.
-Ronaldinho (Dino) is one of the people I would consider closest to being perfect, he’s a demi-god.
-I recently found out Paula Yates was dead, she’s one of the people I would consider close to being human, full of flaws and mistakes, I do believe she was guilty of INXS’s singer’s death, a person who can leave a will stating her daughter can’t be allowed near her grandparents and goes to a funeral showing 2/4 of boobs is pure evil.
-That took me 2 sentences, I know.
-I have already said this, guns aren’t a right for people, same as owning plutonium isn’t.
-It was recently 10 years of the massacre against the tutsie p
eople, nothing had been done to punish the murderers of millions of innocents, after 10 years the ONU still makes excuses. If nothing was learn from that then nothing will ever be.
-One line and a half, I know.
-Why are adults in cartoons so careless about their kid’s adventures? Or why are there no parents at all? Kids in cartoons appear out of nowhere? Like humanoid-talking dinosaurs?
-Spain invades America, Spaniards have kids with the natives, kids of the natives mixed with the Spaniards are called “latins”, Why “Latins”!?.
-Spain invades America, Spaniards have kids with the natives, kids of the natives mixed with the Spaniards are called “latins”, if a person from Spain goes to the USA and has a kid there with any resident from that country, What are the kids going to be called?.
-Yep, two lines again.
-Plato was a Latin; Do your homework kids.
-Why is “latin” the only modern “race” that is a mix of two different ones?
-George Bush wants to protect endangered species by killing them. That way they’ll be preserved.
-Costa Rica, El Salvador and another “latin” country, which name I forgot, sent troops to Iraq supporting the USA, where are the racist to protest about it?.
I want to see the armed farmers asking the “latins” out of their business, damn it!.

Now back to our regular programming.


7 Jun

No creo haber tenido la oportunidad de comentar esto antes, véase en su momento, véase cuando yo lo vi.

Fue en las noticias de la noche de TV Azteca, las del 7, dijeron algo de una competencia de comer chiles jalapeños en EUA (véase el país de los infieles), lo único curioso es que la noticia había salido ya antes en “Las 7 del 7” y lo mas curioso de todo es que el concurso era en realidad de pepinillos.

Al ampliarse la nota en el noticiero con Fregoso y la conductora cuyo nombre olvidé, se veía claramente que eran pepinillos en frascos, había también animando un pepinillo gigante (disfrazado de persona o viceversa) y hasta un letrero que decía la marca de los pepinillos (que patrocinaba el evento) y una manta con las palabras “pepinillo envasado” en ingles, “Prickle” y “gherkins”.

¿Por qué rayos decir que era una competencia de comer chiles jalapeños?, ¿Porque eran verdes?. En ese caso hubieran dicho que era de apio, chicharos o hasta de comer pericos.

Se les “pasó” una vez, luego dos y luego los conductores hicieron sus comentarios sobre lo picante y esas cosas, ¿Por qué?, ¿Para qué?.

Yo también voy a hacer una competencia, de comer noticias malas, ¿me cubren?.

Natural Selection IV

4 Jun

I don’t remember if it’s the forth time I talk about this, but I seem to remember I have made comments about that certain topic at least 3 times before in different journals.

So, what brought me to this topic again? The new “Nestle” milk commercial, let me give you a small description of it:
A girl appears in a black and white grungy movie, skating with a pair of skates made out of leather, I had a pair of those, they were used about 20 years ago.
The girl says “In those days that’s what I used to skate, kids these days use something better” and an image of technicolor appears showing a kid with inline skates and dressed with plenty of different colours.
Then another version, this time with a guy that looks 40, he says “When I was a kid we played with a thing that only had a ball and a line and a little thing that moved with another thing that was the thing of the game” and a scene of an old “Ping Pong” appeared, then he says “Kids these days use amazing games” and an image of a kid playing a modern video game appears.
Both ads get crowned with a line that goes something like “Kids these days are smarter and learn differently, and that is the reason to drink the new Nestle Milk”.

Messages I seemed to read between the lines:
– Parents weren’t as smart as their kids at 8 years of age.
– 20 years of pollution made these kids smarter.
– 200,000,000 of years didn’t help anybody, but the last 20 years made all the progress in humans.
– Milk in the old days wasn’t good.
– Milk in these days has to be special because kids now are more special.

If none of that is what the ad tried to say, what was the message then? That milk should now have different components because, kids these days, suffer from attention deficit disorder, depression, diabetes, ulcers and many other problems before the age of 10?.

No need to use the “in those days nobody knew what was wrong with a kid” argument, either kids are or aren’t different in many ways, if a sign of genius is to sit down 8 hours in front of a TV pressing the same 8 buttons then I guess kids nowadays are definitely smarter, for not wanting to face the world and it’s challenges and venting all their problems with anxiety disorders.

Or, if the commertial DID want to say that I’m sure researches of the world would like to know how to make human kind more “efficient”.