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5 Jul

An certain image finds its way to most of the world's newspapers headlines. A group of savages found in the Amazons, unaware of any kind of modern civilization and throwing arrows at a helicopter.
Most recent discoveries have proved the image to be quite funny but seriously, wth?!.

Couch potatoes all over made sure their opinion on the Human Zoo Document was known, “OMG! They're so dumb!”, some outstanding philosophers enlightened us in the art of progress, change and general breakthrough events.

“We've made it to the moon and these fags are terrified of an airplane, they're like animals, I bet they would die if they came in contact with us because they're weak”.

Our marvelous way of life, not going into the “filming the moon from a TV studio” fiasco we have less than 100 people who actually made it possible for humans to travel outside this world, what's up with the other billions?, using an airplane or switching the PC on is something any monkey can do, hell, even a dog was sent into space (and returned in such a bad condition that it had to be “put to sleep”), but it must be said that they really put human race to shame, what with their methods of living without producing any garbage, of being able to survive without the knowledge of a gastric bypass or asthma inhalator, their daily activities consisting of being self-sufficient with their food and clothes, pff!, losers.

Can't phantom to live in any way that sends our culture backwards, I refuse to be told science is unnecessary, it's the best time to be alive, our jobs are not physically demanding and we have a lot of free time that we use for our improvement, we have advanced forms of amusement like”The Biggest Loser” and “Cirque du Soleil”, our democracies are strong, we can find out what's going on at the other side of the world with just a click, there's feeders, “”, recreative drugs, pepsi, most things can get cured so we can live long prosperous lives, then there's this thing called “lolcats” that were created by a bunch of teens who bring the lulz by mocking dead people but they're so omg funny, it's this pic of them animals and they put letters like theire talking, the have the greatest punchlines ever, repeated over and over again and mispelled cuz that's like very cool because animals don't talk so you send 'em to friends and your family and my mum sends them to me and mah friends and we also use them for myspace and say hi to ppl && be random kekekeke lol!!!!1!!1111.

The girls, the cup and the finger

22 Ene

Internet phenomena is a term designed to describe something as tangible as paradise lost.

In the never ending chain of useless images comes the moment every person who eats has to live: getting the food out, and that obviously has to be recorded, edited and sold to those who enjoy the humiliating feeling that comes with re-eating, so what?.

It’s slightly beyond me why in the world would I think about it enough to care, why exactly would I want to record or watch other people’s reaction towards something that is part of a natural process AND has probably been done many times before?. In the mind of those who believe it’s all about watching indifferently all sorts of atrocities in the name of morbidity and desensitization (so anything inside the computer is bearable) a simple fetish is something to scrutinize, it doesn’t matter if the subject is relevant to their interests, everything has to be seen, heard, tried; Stimuli, no longer has to have a mean or purpose.

A music video station claims it’s the ultimate sign of human decadence, just how many times does it has to be said that humans are nothing but animals?, there’s no increase or decrease, only a constant, and just really, humans have been savouring each others’ waste for ages, the images, they do nothing.

Let’s get together and feel alright!

5 Dic

The world is being informed that one day, in 40 years, we humans will be able to marry robots!. There are almost six and a half billion people in this world but when it comes to relationships nothing beats a nice little plastic figure that can remember your name and will never have a different opinion to yours.
A genius dedicated to science announced that instead of using his advanced intelligence for say, a cure for cancer he wants people to be able to experience feelings for objects as intelligent as him. Of all the news appearing in the past month this is the most important because it represents a breakthrough and the biggest intangible improvement human race could dream of right now.
WWIII?, irrelevant!.

Continuing with important matters and bright minds, whose idea was it to make an addict record a song that goes “They tried to make me go to rehab, I said no”?. Was the point the big freedom only a substance dependency can give?, the romantic image of self-destruction?, the passion behind a person about to die?, because if it’s the latter then somebody should make the new “Idol” franchise with those suffering a terminal illness.

It would be healthier if it only were a fascination with death and not trying to erase all traces of anything human.


16 Oct

Today is World Food Day, and for whatever reason that’s supposed to make the world make a pause to think about those who don’t have anything to eat, because by raising awareness others can start eating daily.
As a mere coincidence it was announced that scientists (who have plenty to eat) discovered a part of the brain that controls people’s eating habits and they are hoping this information will help them fight obesity.
Nobody elaborated on why millions of people in Africa and other regions don’t seem affected in the slightest by this brain issue that makes people continue eating even if they already had a meal big enough for five, but I guess that information wasn’t going to save lives.
But the biggest news of the past few days is not food related and it hasn’t been the meetings Russia has had with several leaders of the world either, it was the name of the Nobel Peace Prize winner: UN aka Al Gore.
The United Nations worked hard to make this world a more miserable place to live in so it was easier to give full credit to Mr. Gore saying he had done a lot for the planet, not b
y stopping his country from polluting, not by making his country change its position about environmental issues and definitely not by avoiding any kind of natural disaster, he won the prize because he travelled the world raising awareness on the biggest threat human race has faced since the 90’s.
We can absolutely ignore how during the time he was vice president of the USA this country bombed Bosnia, Serbia and Iraq (this causing the deaths of around 1 million), we can ignore the USA invaded Haiti and Somalia during the so-called “Clinton administration”, we can even ignore Al Gore’s prize was the one for peace, but what happened during the fraud Bush committed with the elections?, is the world supposed to believe he handed the presidency over to a mass murderer because ecology was more important?.
What’s next?, the Iraq-is-best-invaded wife of yet another murderer winning the elections with the consent of Baby Bush?.
No, of course not.


19 Mar

 This became news, no idea why, I consider it irrelevant, unimportant and tedious. I’ll explain.

A woman in the USA had some sort of accident and her brain got damaged, because of that she can’t talk, walk, move or even eat by herself, her husband had enough and thought that after 20 years or so it was time to let her go, the only way to do so in an “humanitarian” way was to stop feeding her through a tube connected to her throat.

A man from that country’s senate or congress (some politician) said something like: “We cannot live in a society that allows a woman to die of starvation”.

This is the only relevant point that made me want to talk about this subject:

  • According to this man, it’s perfectly okay to invade countries and murder citizens, but to disconnect a woman from artificial life is not nice.

  • According to this man, this woman is alive.

  • Let’s think about this a bit more, what is being alive?, in my humble opinion this woman is not alive because she cannot interact with the world around her, in a real or imaginary way.

  • This man also used the word “die of starvation”, that country has put an economic block to Cuba among other countries since decades ago, this country prohibits the rest of the world (won’t give the details on how here) of selling Cuba any food or medicines, not to mention, cars, machines or any other useful object. Where is the difference between a woman with severe brain damage, who won’t recover from that, who has been kept “alive” thanks to modern medicine and a whole nation not being fed?.

The whole idea of what is life and who “deserves” to live has been manipulated and deformed in that place of the world, and only seems to obey some convenient morals and monetary interests, God would be proud.

Fatso, Wacko, Faggot

13 May

A comment at a racism community (yeah, it shouldn’t have any value then but whatever) called my attention for it’s simplicity yet despair to look wise:
“I don’t know why it’s wrong to be a racist and make comments about race, it’s so clear, it’s like people wants me to pretend I don’t see their skin colour, it’s so obvious, what’s the problem in pointing it out.”
Mister, only colour-blinds mix colours, that’s correct, and surely nobody is asking others to “ignore” things that are “obvious” like the difference between night and day or a yellow rose and an orange rose, but, has it ever crossed your mind that, maybe, it’s not that nobody else can see it but you but the fact that it’s not important to mention it, make books about it and laws concerning differences in skin colour because it is superficial?.
Like a person that’s blind, fat, disabled, short, on a wheel chair or with a HUGE nose, it’s all Appearance, part of their exterior, superficial, most of the time irrelevant.

UK Shark Attack

2 Abr

My arms ache, I had the (bad) idea of painting my house, if anybody knows a good remedy for aching arms I’m listening.
Besides my physycal problem I also have a time problem, so I’ll do my best to post all that I must with few words.

Last week a group of militaries from the UK arrived to México, they got in the country illegaly, they got a tourist visa but ended up trapped in a cave, what they did there nobody is sure, but the “tourists” didn’t allow mexicans to rescue them, they waited inside the cave for almost a week, after some rescuers from the UK arrived they got out but said they didn’t want to speak to the press, both the rescuers and the militaries ran and got inside some jeeps as soon as they could trying to run away from the press, and they did run away from the local press but decided to give an interview to the BBC, later they were taken to a medical exam, the militaries refused to be examined, 4 hours later they agreed, later they were questioned, one of them told a local TV station that they hadn’t been mistreated by the authorities.

About 40 hours after they were rescued they were kicked out of the country after both the UK and the government of México agreed that those people had entered the country illegaly.

When the militaries fromt he UK arrived to their country they said they had been mistreated, the same person that gave the ONLY interview to the mexican media said people in Meéxico had mistreated them and also had considered being a tourist a crime, and was the only country in the world to think such thing.

According to this man we’re not only ignorant but he feels he has a right to travel to a country, lie as to what he will be doing there and later make fun of the right the country has to kick such inmigrants, he thought that by adding a “the only country in the world” he would leave a clear statement that this is the only country in the world that would act stupidly or irrationaly, according to him it wasn’t a mistake but an action taken out of idiocity.

This is the only country in the world that allowed such thing to happen without breaking all diplomatic relationships with the offending country, and I’m not exagerating my dear reader, as it kept being a constant declaration that, what these militaries were doing was exploring the caves looking for uranium.

Why do tourists lie about the things they will be doing in foreign countries? Isn’t it dangerous to lie about those activities?, Why would an investigator enter a country claiming to be a tourist? Why would a tourist want to wait inside a cave for a week before being rescued?, Why would any tourist in the world want to be rescued by people from his country only when being trapped inside a cage?, Why would any tourists in the world, after being in critical “touristic” conditions for a week refuse to be examined?, Why would a tourist make a press conference only to say he was abused and the country he entered illegally was the only country in the world that abuses his tourists?.

I just think for a moment in a situation where it would had been a tourist from Asia or L.A. visiting the U.K. under the same circumstances, what does the UK does to people that enter their country illegaly and pretend to be tourists but end up being militaries from another country traped inside a cage but, not wanting to be rescued?, What would the U.S.A, Canada, Spain, Germany, Denmark or even Japan do if they discover foreign militaries illegally in their territory? I suspect they wouldn’t be so tolerant and would get them out of the place they are hiding with great violence and wouldn’t allow them to leave the country until they are investigated and questioned for at least a month.

Some people are really pathetic, I invite future tourists from the UK to stop visiting Mexico, this is the only country in the world where you are not welcomed*.

Oh, and if the media from there, as well as their militaries consider invading a democratic country illegaly to do any activity they fancy and later take naked photos of themselves (so much creativity!) to be funny then I understand why Tony Blair is still the prime minister.

*Here and Iraq too, of course.


12 Ene

For days and days the newspaper talked about the same thing: “Mars”.
So the U.S.A. sent a transformer camera robot and it worked, the camera took photos of mars and the (same?) photos were later reproduced in every single news program, news portal and newspaper.
A day after the first photos were made public we began to see the second series of photos, now in colour.
“We finally know why it was called the red planet, The first images of Mars, We can finally see what Mars looks like, Thanks to that mission we have this amazing images”.
Please, somebody, correct me if I’m wrong but there are hundreds of photos from mars that have been available for the past 30 years.
Why is this a show again? Because they needed and intro before Bush said he was going to colonize the Moon and Mars? Because there’s nothing interesting to talk about? Or just because everything the U.S.A. does was never done before?
I had seen photos of mars, when I was a child (around the 20’s*) we had this book that was part of a “Time Life” edition where a photo of a sunset in mars was clearly seen, I still think it’s a very beautiful photo.
*Well, not really but you get the idea.

Two shots to Hemingway

1 May

Last weekend a biographic programme about Ernst Hemingway was on an “arts” channel.
I only saw the last minutes but what I saw was nothing new.
The programme had testimonials, interviews with his friends and biographers, just the usual stuff, details about his addiction to alcohol and his problems to write.
At this point of course I knew that the programme was going to end with a mention to Hemingway’s suicide, but why? Why did I assume or how did I know that the writter had killed himself?
I guess I never took the time to do even a little reseach on the topic, but what about the (BBC produced?) programme, did they?
They showed images and more interviews, Hemingway was depressed, depression and suicide were in his genes, his father had killem himself at an early age, half of his brothers/sisters had too, towards the end of his life Ernst Hemingway was devastated because his imposibility to write, he had also been at a psychiatric hospital and was still in treatment, the answer to all of those situations was the one we all know, one morning he go out of bed and shot himself twice with a rifle,
his friends said suicide for Hemingway was the only “logic” death he could have had, one of his friends even said Hemingway could have never wish to die in a “natural” way that was too plain and too common.
I won’t take the credit of knowing that a rifle has to get loaded with one bullet at a time, I have to admit I didn’t know that, but why is it still being said that Ernst Hemingway killed himself with two shots of a rifle?
Is it all just out of an assuming attitude because suicide fits in the writter-alcoholic pattern?
Is that assuming theory the worse we can think as a reason for the covering of the murder of Ernst Hemingway?
I don’t think saving Hemingway from people’s prejudice could have saved his life, but maybe it could have saved him from a different life in the eyes of history.