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The art of plagiarising

25 Jun

I believe there’s an important difference between stealing a work of art by making it public, and claiming to have created it with the means of distributing it to make it public. The latter is a crime by the laws of Men and God, the first one is a blessing.

Those of us who create things: a dessert, a piece of clothing, a design, a song or a painting, usually hope others would also be able to appreciate it; not always as a need for recognition, and at least in my case I share to gain perspective of where my things stand. Even if I’ve never uploaded anything, the idea that one of my projects could be as useful and attractive to people that it could end up spreading all over the web is absolutely enchanting.

That’s why when I saw Fstopper’s “Stolen Scream” documentary on Noam Galai, the thing that called my attention the most wasn’t that his photograph had become viral, but instead that the author was upset about the lack of a monetary recognition.
I’m not going to say that money is dirty and that it corrupts art (because I believe I’ve said that on a previous entry from years ago when I was young and naïve), but due to the photography’s nature, it seems like it has been most widely used for graffiti art and banner to alternative or revolutionary events, which means that expecting fame for the anonymous work of others is quite ridiculous.

However, I felt I wanted to talk about this because of a segment of the film in particular: The part in which the author believes his photo was used on a famous book and attributed to another person.
But the book “Una pesadilla silenciada” (A silenced nightmare) isn’t more than the product of a small publishing house of Christianity books (a popular religion, but still a minority in the country where it was released). At their webpage, three people commented on what they say in Fstoppers’ film, and some misguided soul that lacked any kind of knowledge about how the internet works apologized and assured them that he had contacted Noam and nothing similar was going to happen again.

So, if Noam Galai was expecting an important payment for the book cover, he may have to begin making new plans.

Finally, I think Noam’s face resembles the one that comes out of the Wall during Pink Floyd’s aforementioned film, could it be that they’re, perhaps, related?


Noam's Work.

His weblog can be found here:


Empty Spaces From Pink Floyd's The Wall.


Can’t unsee

23 Jun

Her camera screamed “I’m insecure because I have no discernible talent” and it was nothing but the truth.
She was another person who sold herself as an artist to people who couldn’t understand art but were willing to pay to pretend they did.

Her work consisted in taking photos during art exhibitions (at galleries of course), and I was able to spot one single decent photo, the rest were about anything any person could see at any day during any visit. Trivial, ordinary.

The comment of one art gallery owner (or critic, can’t remember) when glancing through this woman’s work revealed the obvious: “Oh look, there’s XYZ, and there’s also a photo of ZYX”.

Gabriele Heidecker likes to promote her photos as “works of art themselves” because it’s obvious that if she didn’t try so hard to create a hype nobody would give a DeviantArt’s Favorite to her pictures.

This is what it sounds like, when hard drives die

2 Jun

A cyclic or clicking sound, better back up everything stored there or be ready to pay huge amounts of money to try and have it recovered.

It's already a regular for Sunday nights that an interesting film begins on TV when it's too late for me to watch it but sometimes the film looks interesting and I can't help myself.

The Village (contains spoilers)
I heard it was a horror movie, I kept watching until we viewers were informed there was no such thing as a monster and the people living there weren't in real danger, most had been lied to as a way to live in a quiet and friendly community.
A group of adults who had suffered the loss of a loved ones to violent acts generally attributed to people living in big cities decided to isolate themselves in a small village a la 1800, it was a brilliant idea except all the ones being born in it were completely ignorant to the plot, since an early age they were taught in schools that what they saw was their only reality and if they didn't like it they couldn't leave because there were monsters surrounding them.
In the end one of the residents gets severely wounded after being attacked by one of his friends due to jealousy, the female in dispute is sent to get some medicine across the woods into the nearest town, they sent her because she was blind thus making it more difficult for her to be prone to stay in the nearest city after being told by her very own father there was no such thing as woods' monsters.
The whole story is absurdly dumb, thinking that a person is better off believing they can die at any moment to the hands of some strange creatures than living inside a city is not even challenging, the worse part is that after the film is over and the disappointment gets mixed with disgust the director was heard saying the whole thing was meant to criticise governments that use fear to control people, too bad the film never even hints at it, it ends with the bride returning with some basic medicine for her future husband and lots of images of an idyllic place that gives people the chance to live from their everyday work.
Without a doubt this is the worse movie that has ever been made.

American Psycho (now with spoilers)
For years I heard a lot about the book and the film that was made based on it. I started looking for a film made in the 80's (after seeing some scenes during the 90's) and had to settle for the less than a decade old version, there was no other.
It's still unknown to me why so many people would consider a serial killer their idol or why would his murders be remotely funny, I thought the scenes were ridiculous, that the amount of detachment this guy showed towards the rest of humans was normal, so, are we all serial killers?, maybe just potential, which is why I don't know why there's people out there pushing their limits to get themselves in a complete psychotic mode.
The barriers between fiction and reality are quite well defined but that doesn't stop even the most incredible scenarios from happening, our world is big and globalized, anything is possible so this is the story that we have read in the newspaper more than once, why dwell on it?.
Some of the dialogues are extremely well made but never hilarius, my shock wasn't hearing them, it is seeing them written ad-nauseum by 19 year olds who like to think there's a brilliance to every detail put into the story. I saw nothing more than a mad guy living in a sick society that accepts and admires him.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose (spoilers for the first 15 minutes given)
“Inspired on a true story”, that line's most accurate meaning is that if there is a cat on screen a real cat might have be used and not a cow.
There is not a single truth in the whole exorcism, the scenes move back and forth to the trial of a priest accused of murder to the last days of the victim, it's supposed to be accurate and believable, it's supposed to make believers out of sceptics and it ends up being just like any other movie. Friday the 13th could be closer to reality than what we're shown and if that wasn't enough the timing and tension are a complete mess, I had to stop watching after only a few minutes and ended up reading an online review on it instead.

Photo finish

9 Feb

Winners of the World Press Photo 2007 were announced. Some of the photos, as usual, were magnificent, but why in the world where some of them awarded?, let’s try to understand.

First place in the news category was a blurry image of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, great news, I can’t see a thing. Second place in that same category is a photo of “post-electoral violence in Kenya” and shows the angry face of a man and a hand of another person holding a knife, wow, they take electoral frauds seriously, those Africans are always so aggressive, but the photo wasn’t great because it lacked the cauldron where surely the white reporters were cooked right after.

There’s also an “Everyday Life” category and it was won by an image showing the back of a person and a shadow of another, superb!, the composition, all the different shades and textures, depth of field, oh but I think there was a story behind it, the woman had HIV and the human back belonged to her son, she was a great woman, a very good woman, a marvellous woman who also happened to be homeless, so the photographer did an outstanding job at asking for all of that information and then getting a photo of those involved.

In the contemporary images category the winner of the first place was an image of an improvised shelter made out of some sort of plastic canvas and surrounded by a forest, we’re informed the forest is in France and was made by refugees, sometimes images are not worth a thousand words.

The first image of them all wasn’t less spectacular. A USA soldier in Iraq has to rest for a moment, it’s not easy attacking innocent people, it’s not easy to leave a family behind in order to kill other families who are a big threat to our own, it’s hard following the orders of a maniac, but it’s harder to think about quitting because the world counts with them to save them from evil, those terrorists are envious of the free way of life and they hate how Canada is so stable and prosperous, they want to destroy countries like Sweden and Norway, if nobody helps them the Muslim world will take over, just the way they are doing now, fighting to stop the invasion when all the USA wants is to look after them and give them a nice and understanding government. Oh, so many poor victims.

But not all the photos were this good, some were mere strikes of luck in which the photographers managed to get one in a billion images on various subjects, like dead gorillas or intense emotions during sports games.

Quite evidently I know nothing of photography, but it’s also clear the jury panel is made of an equal share of “connoisseurs” and blind Braille students. Now, if only somebody could explain to me why all the Wal-Mart commercials have a song similar to “Toxic” by Britney Spears my life would improve infinitely.

Let’s get together and feel alright!

5 Dic

The world is being informed that one day, in 40 years, we humans will be able to marry robots!. There are almost six and a half billion people in this world but when it comes to relationships nothing beats a nice little plastic figure that can remember your name and will never have a different opinion to yours.
A genius dedicated to science announced that instead of using his advanced intelligence for say, a cure for cancer he wants people to be able to experience feelings for objects as intelligent as him. Of all the news appearing in the past month this is the most important because it represents a breakthrough and the biggest intangible improvement human race could dream of right now.
WWIII?, irrelevant!.

Continuing with important matters and bright minds, whose idea was it to make an addict record a song that goes “They tried to make me go to rehab, I said no”?. Was the point the big freedom only a substance dependency can give?, the romantic image of self-destruction?, the passion behind a person about to die?, because if it’s the latter then somebody should make the new “Idol” franchise with those suffering a terminal illness.

It would be healthier if it only were a fascination with death and not trying to erase all traces of anything human.

Bitch please

12 Nov

The King of Spain (XV century much?) told Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez “Why don’t you shut up” during the summit of leaders from Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

This was the King’s reply to a speech in which Hugo Chavez called former prime minister (of Spain) “fascist” and we all know that when a prime minister decides to bomb a country’s civilians and then invade it to steal their natural resources for years they shouldn’t be called anything but “world saviours”. So maybe Chavez should have had bowed down to the King, that old man descends directly from God as we all know, nobody elected him but this world is so full of democracy it doesn’t matter, the King should be respected, just like Aznar, Bush and Blair because they are humans, not under-animals as Chavez wants us to believe.

Nicaragua’s president also showed problems bowing down to Spain’s philanthropic royalty, what’s more, he accused Aznar and the King of plotting against left-wing governments in Latin America and getting involved in the USA coup d’état against Hugo Chavez during 2003.

Aznar’s “democracy tour” (when he was still prime minister) had no other interest than to teach people in those ignorant countries full of oil that only right-wing political parties were qualified to guarantee a good economy and stability.

Can be blame the Spaniards for wanting to exploit LA countries?, with no gold, diamond mines, oil, gas or even a good location, where are they supposed to find the economic means to be a first world country?, if their own companies earn more money overseas, what’s a XXI Century King meant to do???, become a physiocrat?, a worker?, that’s so outdated!, establishing their monopolies in poor countries is the road to liberalism and freedom, no indian full of communist ideas should get in the way of progress.

Chavez is a dictator waiting to happen but, he called Bush “devil”, he called Fox “the emporium’s puppy”, he called snakes “more human than fascists” and now I can’t wait to see what will be the spaniard’s king new name.
Long live Chavez!.


27 Oct

The Kahlo-Bus is out and about, always ready to move people around with style; If a key-ring is completely out of your budget you can still pay what you normally would for a bus trip and feel special.

The designers of the different bus styles mentioned they wanted to give a message of strength to women as well as show some icons related to Frida, I guess it was besides the point how dependant and insecure Frida was towards and without her husband, there’s nothing like some good abuse to say: “You are a great woman”.

There was also no mention on the new book written by Rivera’s daughter in which is stated Kahlo couldn’t even finish her paintings (or start them I would add), and Rivera, the only talent in the family, had to fix them for her.

For some reason I cannot imagine one of those amazing murals Rivera did reproduced all over a bus, I can’t imagine the horror, the abuse towards the working class, the indigenous people holding a wake for those who died during the revolution, the USSR, Land and freedom or the Sunday walk around the park stating God didn’t exist, I suppose it’s easier for the eye to see a heart shape representing the life of a weak woman who had an accident and liked to paint about how miserable she was, because that has passion, bitch.

And talking about cool wives of forgettable males, according to a cheap newspaper the wives of USA presidential candidates are no longer “Perfect shadows”, okay, I reiterate how I’m expecting the surgeon who will be opening my chest because of my future heart failure to bring his wife along, same goes for the rest of the doctors, male nurses and even the guy who works at the door so their wives are no longer anything but shadows to the eyes of society.