Archivo | abril, 2003

Drug acts

26 Abr

Yesterday on the radio was a discussion about which cartoons seem to act like they were consuming drugs. Among others they named the “Pwrpuff Girls” as possible cocaine addicts because they said the behaviour shown by the 3 girls seemed to fit the one of a person with an addiction to cocaine.
Of course it let me thinking, specially when I remember the ads of those new toons like Cow&chcken, I’mweasel, and such whose insanity and perturbed mind states like neurosis, paranoia, schizophrenia, psychosis or mental retardness are proclaimed as “The most schizo fun around”.
Their mental problems seem to be the main ingredients in the programmes, jokes about stupidity, body reactions or maniac tempers go on forever and with no particular guilt or concern.
After thinking about it for a while I still have no conclusion, is a morbid cartoon the only way to attract a kid these days?
Is the curiosity for an ill or deformed creature a main interest again among people?
Is it part of a plan so kids look up to those toons so as adults they’ll do anything to be “as cool” as them?
Are toons like Ed, Edd and Edy trying to reflect how kids are these days?
Those could be easy questions to answer, but I’m not sure if right now somebody could know what would happen if a kid ignores watching those sort of cartoons and what kind of adult would that lead him to be.

What tha…

25 Abr

I thought I had gone clinically brain dead when I saw a deck of cards on TV the other day.
It was a bloody game!!! A stupid gambling game!!
I had never (or can’t remember because of the anger) seen such a cynical stupidity being taken serious!!
The front page news today? “Black hearts card captured”.
My god, my god, my god, the creators of the universe have gone away and left this bunch of “4 legs good 2 legs better” alone to face the cruelest of their miserable essence.

So gone

25 Abr

I said I was going to update this page like almost every day (like?!) but I spent 2 days building my new page, 4 days away from the computer, 3 days fighting with a code and 2 more days finishing my page, and probably now I’ll spend 3 or 4 days more with that code and 2 away.
Fortunately I made it half work by now…almost 20 hours later.
But oh do I feel stupid, I’m worrying about a page, losing sleep over a piece of flash code and the world is about to get to one of those dark points.
Wish it were the end, but it’s just a downhill.
So, here I am, doing a useless page, trying to make it look a tiny bit decent for no reason and the pneumonia spreading like a pest, I heard 2 weeks ago that in a few years 80% of the country where it started would be ill, I worried then, yes, but now? In the news nobody mentiones it, why? Panic. They fear (with good reason) that when they say that in a few years or in just months a considerable amount of the world population is going to be infected people are going to get mad and not controllable anymore.
Is that it or maybe I’m too pesimistic?%0
I don’t think I am, the truth is that the disease is a real threat, and I wish I could say that I’m calm and intelligent when I say that in 6 months there’s going to be whole countries infected and that when it happens it’s not going to be important whether my page works or not, or whether my country and my people are sold (were?) to a money rich mob country or whether the population of lower mesopotamia is by then forgotten, if the pneumonia spreads, would anything at all matter? has it ever? should it really?.
Sometimes I’m glad I’m not a visionaire or a person with knowledge, and oracle or even a tiny smart person.

Healthy living

14 Abr

At first it was food, the less natural the better, then the use of the toilet, getting ride of processed food was only possible with a good investment, now it’s sexality.
Buy magazines, take pills, the miraculous potion.
It’s always said that science or progress are made in the name of society, so then, is it really necessary to buy food in can or an orange juice in a petroleum container? And lately, is it really necessary to take a 20dlls pill to feel something for your partner?
As well as whether it is or not necessary a shampoo that dries your hair faster, or a shampoo for black or blonde hair, an unnaturally shaped porcelain toilet, the sunscreen that tightens the skin, the frozen cakes, the sunset postcards, dry cereal in a box, shoes designed in series, clothes from the maquila, yes, all of that and millions of products more are really necessary to get there, at that speed and in such state.


14 Abr

Just wondered, does every creation has the god they deserve?

Days away

10 Abr

Just a few days away from the next inmoral take over I wonder were the voice of the voices have gone.
The voices were shut down, they were cowardly murdered, and the ones responsible to let the world know about those who are silent now became silent too.
Just a few days away from the next massacre.

Making things up

10 Abr

A part of me feels like it really saw it yesterday, that the people who were thanking for the recently given freedom were the ones that were using the freedom to steal everything they could from the old goverment buildings.
I didn’t see any of the burnt people happy to be freed of their skin.

New World

9 Abr

The new order has been established.
There’s a new emperor and a new distribution of the world.
Shamelessly it has been informed to us, there’s a new leader to whom we pray for (and send the cupon back to his home so he knows we’re there for him).
Most of us probably never even feared that we were going to live to see another Napoleon or Neron, but we not only see it now, we also fear him.
Are we too going to suffer from this new dictatorship? Or has it been going on since before we were even born and just now it became public?

New god

9 Abr

We do have a new god in this earth, I didn’t think it possible if I’m honest, but it’s here and at least for a few weeks it seems like it’s going to stay.
The new god is actually a group of human beings, that can feel pain in the same way that the rest of us, still this new god believes differently, his followers belive it different and that’s why it has this place.
There are not many things to be done to avoid the new god to take over millions more of people’s lives around the world, we’ll see more death, more stealing, more lies, more censorship and torture against the ones that think different from it, but I once again say that I’m hoping for the human part of this god to be present so we can go back to our past sense of freedom in a land created by the real God.

That was fast

9 Abr

Just a few minutes ago I was watching the news, most news channels and non-news were showing the same image of some 200 people and a few soldiers from an invasor country trying to pull down a statue of the last president of old lower Mesopotamia.
The place got invaded once again.
And even if the image was rather pathetic most TV channels were broadcasting it in a similar way to the image of the fall of Berlin Wall, but in a version that was missing thousands of people in a happy crowd.
I do understand why the violent invation of a country became a TV show, I do understand why the invaders put their flag in the land they just conquered, what I do not understand is why the people giving the news to the world actually seem to believe that putting down a statue of a president means more than what we have seen in the past few days, the children with 99% of their bodies burnt by bombs, the women crying for their lost babies, the murdered journalist.
When less seems more.