Archivo | octubre, 2005


4 Oct

I was reminded recently about the performance of Robbie Williams at Live 8, which also reminded me I never made that post I intended to: Why do people like Robbie Williams?.

And, I must point out, European people mostly, as I don’t think he’s even as popular in the USA.
I shall begin.

European societies are known for the high amount of “coldness” to most pop figures, those have to prove they are the best at something, otherwise people are not going to become their fans only to not hurt feelings. Europeans ask a lot of the people they admire, they have to be winners, perfect, deities, and maybe because it sometimes has seemed to succeed (say, with sports people that retire before failing) that could explain why they are mostly not very religious, their Gods, the souls they put their hopes on, live also with them.

But, it’s rare to find such images, flawless examples of human “perfection”, examples of who they want to be like, often they are however they want, their societies are very free, not much standards, everybody is in their own thing, they are happy doing whatever suits them and being very independent of their acts, thoughts or interests. Still, sometimes there’s a person, trend or philosophy that can fill them up completely, they become followers, they become fans or they fall in love with something that can take away that individuality forever.

Let’s give a couple of examples, soap operas, they can stop a whole country at the end of the season. Another one?, football, the world cup can influence several countries at a time almost completely for days.

And the UK had Robbie Williams, during Live 8 we saw dozens o different styles of artists, famous Madonna, talented Pink Floyd, legend Paul McCartney and still people only gave their heart out to Robbie Williams.
Personally I think it all has to do with this “God” impression again, he sells himself as free, he can have tattoos (clear sign of being rebellious) and sing love songs, and more importantly he can sing “FEEL”, a song that basically says he’s so in control he can decide when to feel or not, which is both “a sign of power and a burden”. He says he’s the ultimate modern man, no need for a God, just a need to be strong himself, he can look however, he used to be whomever, he can say, drink, smoke, dress, dance in any way he prefers, people will still love him, because he is not tied up, to anybody or anything.

Again, in my humble opinion he can only be popular in places where people get rid of the “chains” human nature gives them to put themselves chains that nothing in this universe can get rid of, because, for bad or good, you cannot deny the self.