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26 Nov

Mi amable lector habrá de disculpar (por favor) el que este escrito este tal vez no muy bien redactado pero ya es tarde y esta entrada no puedo seguirla posponiendo.
El Sacrificio
¿Que se puede esperar de Marcelo Ebrard?, se suponía, se decía, se anhelaba que mucho, muchísimo, un hombre de ningún partido y quien supuestamente no tiene necesidad de andar en líos, de robar, honesto, bueno, preocupado por ser un buen ciudadano y como diría AMLO ser un buen servido publico; Falla pero su cabeza no es la que va a rodar, “¿Por qué el?” como diría Fox.
Vox Populi, Vox Dei
Digan lo que quieran, para mi son unos malditos.
¿Donde esta la primera dama en la lista de potenciales víctimas en Juarez?, ya se, es muy viejita para eso, pero ya que la vemos tan interesada en las mujeres por aquello del dia del no abuso no estaría mal que ella misma diera el ejemplo.
Mas sobre violencia
¿Quien quiere un prínc
ipe azul que a los 6 meses de divorciado del amor de su vida vaya a la televisión con una mujer vestida de dorado piñata y diga “Mientras dormía con mi esposa pensaba en esta”?. Si, que padre, esta hace de todo, cocina, lava, plancha, ¿Qué necesidad hay de que nos demuestre lo que ambos valen?.
Yo al menos no necesito saber de como esta si se presta al chivito al precipicio.
En primera fila
Una joven que tiene un tatuaje en la nalga, se lo(la) enseño a Ricky Martin como “fan especial” cuando subió al escenario y ahora se rumora que le dio un beso de lengua a un cantante europeo quesque muy famoso en un programa de la tele.
Pues si, su mamá la groupie de los pobres y la niña salio igualita.
Estoy hasta la coronilla, y nada mas porque no es mi uso ni costumbre sino incitaba al linchamiento.
Y para colmo ya llego el narco al D.F.

Fake Fur

21 Nov

The contest started, the winner was going to be on the cover of one of the newest magazines available, still it was supposed to be a big event.
The contestants were from 5 or 8 different countries, each looking waify with silicon (or salty water) boobs, Who in the world could be attracted to that?, Lesbians?, Teens?, Men?.
That’s a mystery that has been occupying a great amount of my thoughts, What in the world is a “Maxim Girl?”.
More mysterious that the reason behind calling gay men metrosexuals is who would buy a magazine who has girls wearing swimsuits and fake breasts.
So far what I have been able to understand is that, this magazine is a homogenized version of Playboy or even the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, it’s the “perv from hell’ out of Playboy, the sinister guy being exchanged for a successful business man who can enjoy the pleasures of seeing beautiful woman who are not humiliated* like Penthouse pets, and not morally forbidden like a wild amateur.
So they are fake for the fake, now, why w
ould that be successful?, nobody wins here, it’s all pretending, or is that the logical next step of the politically correct and the light culture?.
*Sarcastic cliché

The crime of the century

11 Nov

As usual I was bored, it was Saturday before 8am and not much to watch on TV, oh, but I spotted something, a strange 90’s movie, I just had to keep watching… for 50 seconds, after that I got disappointed and couldn’t spot the real message behind the movie, because it seemed to have a message, but it wasn’t very clear.

Let me explain, the scene I watched was people being told to get out of what seemed to be a school’s gym for some reason, at first I thought they were there because of a school event and were being told to get out because of a fire, so out they went, wearing elegant clothes like for an important school/family event. And there they were, innocent children being evacuated, it was a cold and extremely windy night so I thought “Ah, a hurricane evacuation” but oh no, it wasn’t a hurricane, it was a bomb threat, so the woman star of the movie was asking the police officers “What’s going on!?, It’s cold!!!! Nobody tells us anything!” and after the police people say “We’re only following orders” she decides to gather the herd, I mean, the crowd and says “Let’s go there! Let’s go to that building to look for cover!” and so they run from the parking lot and enter a hospital.

Now, so far, everything is like any drama movie, but then they enter the place and one of the doctors says “You cannot stay here, you risk the other patients” and that is the perfect moment for the woman’s speech.

She started with a “You are denying shelter to your brothers!” which is fair enough, I don’t think many of us are fans of staying in a place where we’re not wanted, unless we have no shame or unless we have a very good reason, which these actors has and was unveiled seconds later at the speech with the woman going “the brother” to “the jew brother”, “You are leaving your brother in the cold outside, what did God say?, You clearly know nothing about love to your brothers, Oh, I see a memoriam there in the wall, I see jewish names, those jews that helped build this hospital, jews that made this place what it is now” and the face of the doctor was down in shame and the woman goes out of the place with the crowd following her.

Something became clearer then, it wasn’t a “love your brother” movie, it was yet another “validate the jew” propaganda, I got even more bored and turned the TV off.

But I think next time I fancy a special treatment instead of going to my house I’ll go into any place and scream that I’m jew, so that everybody can be ashamed to follow the procedures and embarrassed not to put their lives and other’s lives at risk so I can sit comfortably to drink a cup of coffee.

Oh yes and, Arafath is dead RIP.

Popping in

10 Nov

According to a magazine Kylie Minogue has the “Best Derrieré” and won a title for it, but I have one question: Where is it?.

Now a little joke: What’s more boring that listening to “Personal Jesus” by M.M. and “My Prerogative” by Britney Spears? Answer: Nothing.
Oh well, I wonder who told them to even bother.

La aburrición

10 Nov

Fue genial la entrevista que dio Derbez a proposito de la demanda que ya resolvió por aquello de una canción que usó en el doblaje de la película del ogro.
Decía algo como*:
– No pues yo pensé que a ese grupo le iba a dar gusto que me robara su canción y yo cobrara regalías por el doblaje pero ellos no.
– Esos del grupo vieron “Dreamworks” y dijeron erróneamente “Ahí hay dinero”, no, si esa compañía y yo somos bien pobres.

Hilarante, el señor Derbez pensando por los demás.

*No, no dijo eso, no me demande señor derbez, yo pensé que le iba a dar risa.

The Final Countdown

3 Nov

It is official now, the King of the Infidels remains in the throne.
As last week’s Rayuela said: “Everybody run for your life”.
The Sin
I can only imagine what goes on inside Bush’s supporters mind (not Bush’s, I know nothing goes on in there as he’s the Devil’s Sock Puppet), and I imagine is a mixture of panic, the one that makes people wet their bed, and religiosity, the one that asks you to condemn the sinner to save your soul.
God Please, Make Me Blind
The ignorance the USA has goes beyond Obscurantism, sure they both enjoyed not knowing, let God’s will explain everything, but these days people in the USA enjoy the blinding power of idiocy.
In Life, You Get What You Deserve
Finally this is the end for the USA, Bush managed to do great in destroying and murdering thousands of his own people in only 4 years, now he’s given all the impunity he needs to keep doing it, the USA people are digging their own grave.
The Land Of Freedom
America is the Land Of Freedom these days, we are witnessing the triumph of democracy versus dictatorship, in Uruguay with Tabare Vazquez, Hugo Chavez still going strong in Venezuela, the almighty Kirshner in Argentina and the lately not so mighty Lula in Brasil, Is it ironic that the south gave all the power to the people now? No, the USA’s power has been mostly in their murder minds, since it was created, until it ends.
Heads Are Spinning
The world won’t stop to see how Bush drools, it will keep changing and moving forward to a more democratic society, with no globalization and no imperialism, whether the NBC and Fox News inform it or not.
The New World Order has begun.