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My english susks

21 Jul

Then I saw my lips in the mirror; Purple. Only thought of two options, either it was because of that grape juice that I hadn’t dream about the night before or I was about to die.
Were my prayers finally going to get answered via e-mail? Probably not, that’s why I’m still here struggling to make an update post out of this weak english language I pretend to understand.
Chinese Star
The results of the knowledge test applied to young students all over the world were definitive: Chinese students were in the first place with the most accurate knowledge in many subjects like mathematics or reading comprehension.
Where are the detractors of the Chinese Nation now? I believe they ranked at #9.
Now I want to see another western on communism movie, I need to laugh.
Of course 80% of this continent talks about the recent death of the “Queen of Salsa”, a Cuban exiled singer that passed away last week.
Nothing too surprising, not even more than the also recent death of musician Compay, well, that’s how mercha
ndising is, right? Wrong! It’s not just music sales here, it’s also political ideas the ones that were being sold in the name of music and art.
Compay died in Cuba, no special TV broadcasts were made about it, Compay didn’t need them, he never did, he was a free musician.
The “Queen of Salsa” died, her dead body flew from NY to Florida, in the northern part of the continent, and from Florida to NY again. During her flights she was taken to “important” places for the anti-cuban government followers, all because she was a strong critic of the Cuban government and she was an active member of the anti cuban government, she spoke openly about her feelings against the current president of Cuba.
All of the events that have been happening after this death, the one of the “Queen of Salsa” are full of statements against the Cuban government, as usual, funerals become everything but a good-bye to a loved person.
One of the most important newspapers in Cuba only dedicated a few lines to the death of the queen of salsa, all of them only to report how she had always been an opposite of the Cuban government, but readers in many countries got surprised.
How can people expect Cuban government to feel proud of a person that was born in Cuba but preferred to live in a different country, and from there attack her old government?. I suddenly remember when 4 months ago 2 Nobel Prize winners expressed they were against their government for attacking Irak and they both ended in jail, I remember about the movie director that also expressed a disagreement with these attacks against Iraq and was repressed by his colleges that saw in him a traitor.
If that happens in a democratic country with people that only expressed disagreement with a decision, Why are they shocked when a citizen that wanted a complete government to be overthrown is not shown as a role model?
In their fundamentalist minds it’s either black or white, evil or sacred, nobody has the right to disagree with the consumerism way of life.
Ash Saturday (Adela dixit)
I heard about an interesting old TV production that was a documentary for a certain kind of Buddhist Monks, so I thought “Why not watch it?” and I did, at least the last 20 minutes because I had forgotten about it.
This recording was going to show how the yellowhat buddhist live, but I won’t give the glorious details, I won’t talk about their teachings, abstractions or spiritualism, because that’s the job of the buddhist follower/researcher, to find out about the new discovered religion. What I wanted to mention is how, after being touched by human hands, everything becomes dirt.
These monks are from a very new order (or whatever the way that’s called), they use yellow hats and call “red hats” to all the rest of buddhist. And, once inside their order social class is important, if a monk arrived in a good economic situation to the monastery he’ll live a nice life inside, but if the person was poor he’ll remain at the bottom of the “scale” and will forever have to work for other monks, help them clean their clothes, rooms, prepare the tea and the food, it doesn’t matter if the poor servant monk is , 60, 79, or 85 years old, he still has to keep working for his superior.
I’m not a buddhist and I have nothing important against Buddhism, on the contrary, if I could ever leave myself I would become a buddhist even before a materialist, but sometimes I feel like remembering how the problem can’t be God or a religion.
Oh, and of course I had to get out of my grave to clean the ashes, very black ones I have to say, but not so many fortunately, living at the north of the city still has it’s advantages.


18 Jul

Jacobo.- Spanish translation of Jacob.
The Neo-Nazi movement has spread all over the world, México, an openly racist and discriminative country is now also the newest home to members of the nazi movement.
It all started not long ago, when some brave news reporters informed about “nazi cells” that were not only living in México but were also mexicans, a clear defiance to the poor roots where nazism was raised.
The mexican nazi group that made it into the headline news is known as the “Jacobos”, because Jacobo is the name that 2 of their biggest members share, and they are formed by a group of wealthy young men ages 21-24 that come from the most expensive universities in Durango, Mexico. They recruit other youngsters from those same elit% universities and many are the sons of Governors or Senators of the mexican government.
The “Jacobs“, rich, young, full of privileges and power terrorize the city of Durango, with violence, rage and hate acts, all following the ideal of their leader, a young mexican man that sees in Hitler the person he want
s to be.
This movement had a webpage, before being removed it held photographs of the members, their ideals, nazi images and all sorts of lines that, in Spanish, proclaimed their admiration for Hitler and nazism.
Who could have thought the nazi movements was just for people with white skin?
Many months ago I started fearing the counteract of this dangerous chapter in history, I was in the subway and suddenly paid attention to a very low class (poor let’s say) kid that stood there, he had a very old and dirty back pack with him and he had a flag with a swastika sewed to the back of the bag, he seemed proud with his crowd of very poor friends showing to the world his little red and black flag that apparently had nothing to do with Hinduism or Buddhism and plenty with nazism.
In a place where the mind is so free that it can see no harm in movie-style terrorism, nazism becomes little by little a big threat.

I nearly died

18 Jul

Got out of the grave, trying to forget my close encounter with death, only to post that I’m still here, in the material world, alive but not kicking.
Now, half dead and half alive, I move on to the real post.
Latin Mensa
Many days ago I heard about a group of people that liked to include themselves as part of the “Mensa” association, a group of people that only allow as members the ones that when measured with the own association methods, prove to be part of the top 2% of world population to give the same answers the oldest members also gave.
In short, Mensa is an association that claims to be able to measure human intelligence and to accept as members only the 2% most intelligent human beings.
Forgetting the fact that anybody could make such a pathetic organization out of the 2% most blonde, 2% tallest, 2% fattest, 2% fastest, 2% most religious, 2% most retarded, 2% most discriminative, or 2% whitest people in the world, or of course, categories out of very not measurable things like 2% most talented, artistic, nicest, su
ccesful, imaginative, good looking person, etc. Ignoring all that, we can analyze just the first fact of the organization, their tag, their label that announces “Mensa” as a genius group.
Why mensa? why such name? “Mensa”, as they explain in the association’s pamphlet, comes from the Latin word mensa which means “mesa”, table in english.
What this people didn’t count with but nature did is that “mesa” is still the world for table in Spanish, because as I’m sure both nature and genius know is that Spanish comes from Latin, and here is where we reach the interesting part, according to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy “mensa” or “menso” depending on the gender of the person to whom it’s applied, means “stupid, a person that lacks intelligence or reasoning”.
Looking carefully “mensa” meant “table” over 4,000 years ago, mensa in this century where Latin is no longer practiced as a language anywhere in the world means plain stupid.
It could hardly be any clearer.

Ah, the craziness

16 Jul

A few days ago (hadn’t had the chance to update before) there was another “shooting” scene where one person goes to work or to school as usual but instead of working or studying the person murders the ones that were close.
It’s strange to hear so many people saying “the guy went crazy” as the reason of why the person decided to shoot his work/schoolmates, and as long as we keep thinking these people are crazy the crimes will never stop.
A person that doesn’t know how to handle rage is not crazy, and a person who’s envious or racist is not crazy either, they are incapable of living in a society, but they are not crazy.
A crazy person is one that sees people, hears voices, and that’s called crazy because it’s supposed to make the person unable to understand what reality is or to apply common human sense to and every day life, they are simply considered to be in a world different than “ours”.
But a person that goes to school or work is not crazy, the person knows how to read, write, it learnt how to speak and it knows how to walk properly, they know the meaning of murder and they k
now what’s like to feel offended and how much offense they want to cause others.
People shooting others only for social reasons are not a sign of craziness, it’s a sign of a spoilt society.


9 Jul

Not even 4 minutes.
Well, yes, just now I’m able to update, many things going on lately but I forgot most of them.
I’ll post just a few things. It was minor news that the invaders accepted to be also liars and murderers, I guess it was something the whole world knew and that’s why it didn’t made it into the headline news.
Human Rights people in Mexico complained about Judge Garzón’s intentions to investigate the “Juarez Deaths”, I cannot believe it, 500 women that were kidnapped and the president of Human Rights said it’s a crime if judge Garzón investigates, he says it’s illegal and he’s not going to allow it.
I’m glad the mother of those teenagers (well, most of them were 16-19) don’t care about what people working at Human Rights say, and will keep asking for Garzón’s help.
Finally a gossip, Salma broke up with Norton (both actors, I would never have as friends people with such names), so a woman that gives the news goes weird and says “Norton gave Salma all the fame she needed, now that she used him she can get rid of him”, aha, as if Norton didn’t need to clean his Neonazzi image after he acted, produced and gave money to make a racist movie where he made the role of a neonaz.
Now Norton’s image is clean, because he “dated” a Latin American actress, he can go on with his life without people calling him a Hilter follower.

Justice for all

5 Jul

I find it terrible what’s happening in old Rome, I know I have cited in the past that every country has the government they deserve but does Rome actually deserves/wants a leader like Berlusconi?
They knew before the rest of the world that Berlusconi wasn’t an educated person, he wasn’t honest either, rumored to be involved in many dangerous business and with criminals, he won anyway, people voted for him knowing that we was with the right and wanted the decently called “nationalism”.
Then he became, as german diplomats said, “different to the eyes of justice”, he had privileges that no person should have in a free world or country, still he was accepted as the new president of the UE, what happens then? On his first day there he shows his best side: When questioned about his “justice inmunity” he says the first thing that his racist mind told him to, he fights back not with words, not with thoughts, but with low insults that he knows would only humiliate in a senseless way, after he said it he gets asked to excuse himself, he gets angrier and refuses, he thinks he’s right.
Two days later he says he’ll never say he’s sorry about calling a german citizen a Nazi Kapo, called only because the guy is german and Germany was the country with more Nazi followers than any other place in the world, that about 60 years ago.
Berlusconi thinks, feels, believes is right to call any german he doesn’t likes a nazi, a murderer, a member of a discriminative group of people.
If the german politician that was insulted had thought exactly the same way then Berlusconi he would have replied back instantly calling him a fascist, why didn’t he? What stoped him from falling down into a fight of such levels? .
And now we see fundamentalism again, all Muslims are thought to be terrorist, all jews to murder Palestinians, all chinese to be repressed, all Africans to be slaves.

It’s a dangerous moment, not for me, not for most people, only for a few that never stop learning this single lesson, BushBlairBerlusconi, 60 years later, and in 60 years, where are they going to be?.

The door is open

4 Jul

Yes!! The door is open and waiting for many to get in! Judge Garzón just said he’ll take care of the Juarez crimes, finally we’ll see justice!
I couldn’t believe what the news said yesterday (not today, oh boy), but I heard it very well, Spanish Judge Baltazar Garzón is going to investigate the murders of 500 women that were kidnapped, raped, tortured, mutilated and then thrown all over Juárez City, in México’s north border.
I know that this judge, who has prosecuted Pinnochet & Cavalho is going to solve this case no matter who is involved, and this country will finally know who’s behind those atrocities.
Thank God, thank whomever I need to thank for bringing Judge Garzón into this world.


4 Jul

The “funny news” section told the story (4 times in different news programmes) about a certain messenger dove that was supposed to fly from France to the UK and lost the way somewhere so it ended up in NY, and a resident from that place found the dove and sent it to the UK by plane.
I feel sorry about that poor dove, I mean, the little bird, dinosaur survivor, flew all the way across the ocean only to be reached by the sight of some mail-dove expert, so, What if the poor dove just wanted to be free? What if it was only trying to escape from the long exhausting hours of work? Not only did the post-dino creature flew for days in the search of freedom in vain, now it’ll be a slave again, working for no pay.
I feel terribly sorry about that dove.

4 Jul

I was reading this book and I saw a reference there about this continent (American/America/Amerigo) being one, it was a retrospective of course, so the comment was about it being one again, forgetting those racial differences that don’t actually exist (except for USA/North Pole natives maybe?) and unify our race once more in a huge “country” that would only have the laws that can work for us.
I felt terribly nostalgic suddenly, it had never occurred to me that something like that could happen again, and I was in love, I could almost see people smiling to each other from nearly one tip to the other of the continent, all happy, all full of colours and glorious beaches, happy music and the joy of the reunion with a lost family.
Could it really happen? One day?

Of course, it would be better to have the whole world as one, that might arrive sooner I suppose, if people keep moving countries and getting married amongst different nationalities (and I see no reason for that to stop) then, as experts have said, there will be no more race differences or nationalities, but, in the mean ti
me I have to admit that I really enjoyed thinking about a single continent of brothers and sisters.
We know that all countries in L.A. are friends and stuff, but, could that actually improve even more?
Ah, it would be cute, like the European Union or a big country like China, or even Russia, too sweet.
Sometimes, I guess, children need parents to let them know why they should love their brothers and sisters.

“Queer” shouldn’t be a word

2 Jul

This is going to be a long post, but hopefully I’ll be able to write it clearly and with decent grammar.
Homosexuality is how sexual attraction towards people of our same sex is called, Why put silly names to it then? Why all those words to denigrate a word that is as correct as “heterosexual”, Is it maybe that some people want to leave it outside the “sexual humans” status?
The whole thing to me sounds like when some minds want to use new words to name certain things just so they become obscure and unknown to the rest.
Whatever the case there’s another name for Homosexuals, and that one is “Muxe”.
What is a Muxe? Why do most of us had never heard of such thing? A Muxe is an homosexual, the world is in a dialect spoken by the Zapoteca community in Chiapas, México, the term is only used there.
A muxe is a boy that grows up to be a woman, he learns how to cook, clean, sew, and do all the work that women usually do in small towns inside México or central america, they look after the elderly members of the family and raise the children, they also take care of the animals (if the family has any) and help the mother do her work, if there’s no father the Muxe works, if the mother is old or ill the Muxe looks after her.
A muxe wears women clothes, sometimes the traditional folkloric clothes of the ethnic group, he is not usually rejected by the father and can even get married or have children.
Why are homosexuals accepted inside that community and other communities formed by natives but not accepted in “modern society”? Why can Muxes get married and have kids when outside Oaxaca, in the rest of the world, or in some parts of Europe homosexual couples can’t adopt children or even marry?
I guess it’s just another belief or tradition that was born out of religions like Judaism or Catholicism, before those existed, homosexuality wasn’t persecuted, demonized or considered a sin, in old religions homosexuality wasn’t punished and in some it wasn’t even mentioned as a special “condition”.
Why then there’s a Canadian movie about the Muxes called “Queer paradise”? It’s simple, because this movie director can’t undertsnad any culture different to his; Oaxaca is no paradise of homosexuality, same as most countries are not “booze paradise” just because alcohol is not illegal there.
Juchitan in Oaxaca is no funny place where homosexuals make wild parties, it’s just a town where homosexuality has existed for so long that Catholicism couldn’t make people believe is was wrong. Muxes don’t have an easy life just because they are homosexuals, they are like everybody else, they suffer discrimination outside their community like all natives, they have to work hard to get what they want, they are raped or used as sexual “aid” for younger men in their community and most of the time they don’t get married having to assume the role of the oldest girl in the family to look after the parents and grandparents when they are old.
A community with muxes, if anything, is one of no “modern society” laws but ruled by the actual community needs.