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La linea

29 Abr

Hoy por la tarde no me sorprendió ver la caída del personaje Daniel Bisogno, tiene días intentando terminar con su corta carrera de conductor de programas en TV Azteca y hoy se clavó una daga más.

Al dar la noticia sobre el triste fallecimiento de una madre de familia dijo algo parecido a que debemos unirnos contra la inseguridad, y dejarnos de “marchas estúpidas” para trabajar en combatir el problema de la criminalidad.

Bisogno, creo que la señora que te invita a comidas y que te dicta linea política (Martita, o Patricia Chapoy, como tu quieras) no te avisó que hasta la esposa de Fox ya no esta en contra de AMLO, y que esa marcha fue la que ocasionó que se viera la necesidad de estabilizar el país, porque, un país sin democracia no nos sirve, ni te servirá a ti una vez que Marta Sahagún hubiera terminado su gobierno.
En distracciones, el vestirse de mujer y hacer payasadas en la TV no te funcionó, las personas no se olvidaron que la política y las decisiones las tomamos todos, y no es mas importante ver como expresas tus emociones muy personales a luchar por el fin de las dictaduras en este país donde tu, también vives.

Claro, lo ideal es que todos viéramos TV Azteca, apoyáramos los atropellos contra el 40, no nos enteráramos de los fraudes en UNEFON, llamáramos muchas veces para votar por los de La Academia (de a $25 por llamada) y viéramos en Fox y Marta el sueño de la realeza y el amor a los desamparados, pero ¿qué crees?, que se necesita más que una mala parodia de un híbrido de mujer para lograrlo.

Silent March

25 Abr

April 23rd .-. A silent march was held in Mexico City, it was a protest to the anti-democratic actions the president and his people took against Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

According to a newspaper* 1,200,000 people attended, according to the government it was 1,200. The event was covered by at least 30 international newspapers and news agencies, in national television one channel showed live excerpts, two others showed nothing and one broadcasting live the whole event.
In Europe around 400 people manifested simultaneously, with Mexican students in countries like France, Great Britain and Germany*.

What did I see?, what do I report?. It was a beautiful event, it brought families together for a fair cause, the streets were full of families, kids, old people, and I even spotted a newborn. The “White Revolution” (a civil organization of elders) was present, so were “Movidig” (Movement for a deign life), as well as several different non and government associations, but mostly I saw people from different social scales, all with home made signs, a baby had “Babies against the desafuero”, dogs wearing yellow shawls (yellow being the colour of AMLO’s political party), old women with sings like one that read “Fox, Creel, Marta, I’m your mother. Yours sincerely, The Bitch”, girls with yellow balloons yelling “No al desafuero” ignoring it was a silent march, I saw at least 100 different signs of people condemning the end of democracy and Fox’s actions as well as his relationship with the USA government.

One of the biggest groups of people were from the UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), but there were also people on their own, like a guy with a sign in french protesting against the massacre of students during a protest in 1968.
This was just another step in getting the country back to be administrated by it’s owners, the best is yet to come.


Ain’t it Fun?

25 Abr

Don’t know where I was when I didn’t find out Vince Neil had made his own porn movie, and I must have been sound asleep when I didn’t hear a word either about him getting a face lift in a reality show as part of his Pre-Motley-Reunion-Show.

What’s the new album like?, I have no idea, I have only heard one song when I watched a video, both are depressing, they lack energy, but who knows, if they keep playing they might get better at it.
I’m still a fan of their old stuff anyway.

I also watched the new video of “Velvet Revolver”, one inside a train, it’s quite good, animated and stencil-like, just like the Mötley one, similar but one clearly better than the other, it’s a shame the video is so good seeing it’s wasted in such a mediocre and generic song, can’t even remember the chorus, but I do remember Slash looked pathetic in that leather corset, even worse than Scott Weiland’s Rotten/Vicious look, that’s saying a lot.

Personally I prefer Scott Weiland with his own “I’m so high I’ll die any second” look, no need to copy what has already been proven AND, dropped. But, I still think Slash used to be a good guitarist and Scott Weiland will keep being a good singer.

“Turbo Negro” was the disappointment of the month, with song titles about ar*es I thought it could still be promising, how sad to find out they looked like the posse from “Clockwork Orange” but sounded like a low budged “Whitesnake”, thumbs down.
Hanoi Rocks.

Resistencia Ciudadana

8 Abr

Yo, como parte del pueblo me manifiesto públicamente en contra del desafuero y del gobierno federal corrupto que hace tratos con las “víboras tepocatas” para no dejar nacer una democracia en este país.

Apoyo a Lopez Obrador y pido que el Presidente Fox renuncie por haber cometido un crimen contra la nación.

¡Fuera Fox! ¡Arriba la legalidad!
Carton Helio Flores sobre Fox publicado en EL UNIVERSAL

Crisis in a “democracy”.

8 Abr

Yesterday, Mexico finally stopped trying to lie to the world and the government decided to show itself as what it truly is, a dictatorship with no laws.
It all started with three political parties beginning the fight to win next year’s presidential election, one party is the one of the current president, the other one of the ones who where presidents for 75 years and the last one is headlined by the man who is the popular option of the people: Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.
Knowing AMLO was going to win the next year’s election, president Vicente Fox decided to get him out of the way, and he didn’t need laws, he didn’t need anything else but the power that gave him being president, he asked for the help of the other political party, just to make sure this crime was going to conclude with no problems, that’s how PRI and PAN (the parties) decided to accuse AMLO of a crime that doesn’t exist in the constitution and therefore he couldn’t have been guilty of.
The crime was opening a road in a high class area for a hospital, according to the accusers the place had an owner, a rich company,
and he couldn’t have made use of that place to make a road, according to AMLO, mayor of the city where the road was made, and according to the law the place had no owner.
And the Supreme Court agreed, the place had no owner, still AMLO was prosecuted of it, found guilty and is now facing 10 years in prison for that “crime”.
AMLO is no longer mayor of the City of Mexico. The political parties that agreed to get rid of him at any cost also had other agreements, they wouldn’t prosecute each other for the multi billion dollar crimes they have committed in the past.
Crimes as “Amigos de Fox” where the current president asked received money of drug dealers for his campaign, crimes as “Fobaproa” in which all banks in the country claimed bankruptcy to get money from people’s taxes and then once “saved” got sold to international bank companies, the government and bank leaders keeping all the money from those buy/sell operations, crimes as the ones of at least 5 men in Fox’s presidential cabinet whom have used insider trading to make themselves rich, those and many others are now forgiven.
It’s interesting to read what international newspapers are saying about this, while countries like Spain or the USA (which isn’t really a country but that’s another story) see this event as some other funny episode in the story of a country with no laws, in places like Chile or Argentina, where they know what it’s like to have freedom taken away from them and democracy being a capital crime, understand that despotism has taken over Mexico, the left wing revolution might not reach this place, and being so close to the USA we have to wonder if it was actually never meant to be any other way.
For now, the fight has begun, for now I ask again president Fox to be overthrown for his illegal acts and elections are held this year.


8 Abr

The Pope of the Christian church died last week.

The whole weekend documents about his life, his work, his legacy where being shown everywhere, nobody wanted to stay behind, radio, TV and newspapers were full of information about who The Pope had been.
Several things call my attention and I’ll comment on those.

.- The Pope was criticized for not following the revolution in Latin America, as he did in Eastern Europe, to put an end to communism (dictatorships in the first), historians, sociologists and researchers in general, said the Pope lost his chance to bring change to that area and, one went as far as to say “He’ll have to live with that”. What do I say?, that he won’t because he’s dead now, and in any case, whomever wants to change the governments in several countries of two different continents can go ahead and stop being a historian or faculty teacher, Why not better become The Pope and do whatever improvements the world is needing?.

.- One of the things mentioned as a problem for the Pope to “recruit” m
ore young followers was “chastity”, the whole Roman Catholic Church was concluded to be “behind the times”, that a new upgrade meeting like the one in the 60’s was needed because religion can’t be outdated and see how people catch AIDS because condoms are condemned by some priests.
There’s nothing wrong with the church.
Being in 1400 or 1900 makes no difference to what people see as a “regular” behaviour, Catholicism warns about premarital sex, about divorce, abortion, murder, and some others, there are points of view behind each one of those subjects, whomever doesn’t wants to follow them can safely stay out of that religion (same as Judaism or Islam, as they share opinions in those) but the end of this church that’s now so announced, if anything, will come from the infection of society in the church.
Whatever the situation and as an example, The Pope told George Bush to not start a war against Iraq and added that Bush’s war wasn’t in the name of God or freedom because God was life, I don’t think that made it into the headlines, why is abortion and what The Pope thought about it so important then?.

.- Answering to that last question I’ll declare here that most people are morbid. Two million went to Vatican City this week to “say good bye” to The Pope, what I saw and what I’m sure everybody saw was just a crowd of people drooling over the image of a dead man AND, taking photos with their digicams.
No sign of the cross, no kneeling down, no words to him, just flash lights and people pointing their cameras, I’m sure now there’s like 1 million personal photos of The Pope’s dead body, to be shown to the friends and family during reunions, the bad news is that everybody got the same photo, just from a slight different angle, The Pope, sadly, didn’t move, his expression didn’t change, it was like reproductions of a statue for a brochure of tourist attractions, but of course, it’s better to have a photo, that way everybody can see we were there.

In my humble opinion this man was important, should have been respected like most humans deserve and the amount of pain he suffered is equal to the amount of sincere love he received from strangers, if you want to criticize somebody go and do it to your mother.

End of the story.


1 Abr

PAN y PRI votan a favor del desafuero.
Como que me viene a la mente el nombre de Lula da Silva.
Una vergüenza que no exista la democracia.