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5 Jul

An certain image finds its way to most of the world's newspapers headlines. A group of savages found in the Amazons, unaware of any kind of modern civilization and throwing arrows at a helicopter.
Most recent discoveries have proved the image to be quite funny but seriously, wth?!.

Couch potatoes all over made sure their opinion on the Human Zoo Document was known, “OMG! They're so dumb!”, some outstanding philosophers enlightened us in the art of progress, change and general breakthrough events.

“We've made it to the moon and these fags are terrified of an airplane, they're like animals, I bet they would die if they came in contact with us because they're weak”.

Our marvelous way of life, not going into the “filming the moon from a TV studio” fiasco we have less than 100 people who actually made it possible for humans to travel outside this world, what's up with the other billions?, using an airplane or switching the PC on is something any monkey can do, hell, even a dog was sent into space (and returned in such a bad condition that it had to be “put to sleep”), but it must be said that they really put human race to shame, what with their methods of living without producing any garbage, of being able to survive without the knowledge of a gastric bypass or asthma inhalator, their daily activities consisting of being self-sufficient with their food and clothes, pff!, losers.

Can't phantom to live in any way that sends our culture backwards, I refuse to be told science is unnecessary, it's the best time to be alive, our jobs are not physically demanding and we have a lot of free time that we use for our improvement, we have advanced forms of amusement like”The Biggest Loser” and “Cirque du Soleil”, our democracies are strong, we can find out what's going on at the other side of the world with just a click, there's feeders, “”, recreative drugs, pepsi, most things can get cured so we can live long prosperous lives, then there's this thing called “lolcats” that were created by a bunch of teens who bring the lulz by mocking dead people but they're so omg funny, it's this pic of them animals and they put letters like theire talking, the have the greatest punchlines ever, repeated over and over again and mispelled cuz that's like very cool because animals don't talk so you send 'em to friends and your family and my mum sends them to me and mah friends and we also use them for myspace and say hi to ppl && be random kekekeke lol!!!!1!!1111.

Bitch please

12 Nov

The King of Spain (XV century much?) told Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez “Why don’t you shut up” during the summit of leaders from Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

This was the King’s reply to a speech in which Hugo Chavez called former prime minister (of Spain) “fascist” and we all know that when a prime minister decides to bomb a country’s civilians and then invade it to steal their natural resources for years they shouldn’t be called anything but “world saviours”. So maybe Chavez should have had bowed down to the King, that old man descends directly from God as we all know, nobody elected him but this world is so full of democracy it doesn’t matter, the King should be respected, just like Aznar, Bush and Blair because they are humans, not under-animals as Chavez wants us to believe.

Nicaragua’s president also showed problems bowing down to Spain’s philanthropic royalty, what’s more, he accused Aznar and the King of plotting against left-wing governments in Latin America and getting involved in the USA coup d’état against Hugo Chavez during 2003.

Aznar’s “democracy tour” (when he was still prime minister) had no other interest than to teach people in those ignorant countries full of oil that only right-wing political parties were qualified to guarantee a good economy and stability.

Can be blame the Spaniards for wanting to exploit LA countries?, with no gold, diamond mines, oil, gas or even a good location, where are they supposed to find the economic means to be a first world country?, if their own companies earn more money overseas, what’s a XXI Century King meant to do???, become a physiocrat?, a worker?, that’s so outdated!, establishing their monopolies in poor countries is the road to liberalism and freedom, no indian full of communist ideas should get in the way of progress.

Chavez is a dictator waiting to happen but, he called Bush “devil”, he called Fox “the emporium’s puppy”, he called snakes “more human than fascists” and now I can’t wait to see what will be the spaniard’s king new name.
Long live Chavez!.

Reflections of reality

9 Ago

Watched the beginning of an atrocious film the other day, Sag-haye velgard, it won some award in France and it’s very easy to understand why.

The film begins with a couple of kids (brother and sister) picking up garbage inside a city in ruins, they are in a hurry but suddenly a dog starts being chased by a large group of small kids, the kids throw stones at it and yell some clever lines such as: “That dog is from Russia / That Dog is owned by the evil western emporium / We must kill the evil american dog”, the brother and sister decide to risk their lives and save the dog from an imminent death, they manage to rescue it from a bad fire inside a cave and take it with them, they are “midnight prisoners”, kids who sleep with their convicted parents inside a cell but leave early in the morning to find books to make bonfires with and junk for sale.

The mother was in jail because after her husband disappeared for five years she married again to avoid starvation of her and her family, the old husband could get her out if he wanted (even if he was a prisoner too), if the kids told him the new husband had beaten their mother up more than he did the woman could be forgiven

It’s atrocious the level of manipulation used in those 15 minutes or so of the film, it not only shows a total lack of understanding towards Afghanistan’s social and political problems but the film portrays all western decadence as only existing elsewhere.

How can kids be so evil to kill (with fire!) the symbol of loyalty when there are already guns available for youngsters to solve their problems in a civilized way?, who can be so stupid as to believe there’s such a thing as a wicked country that corrupts everything that’s sacred for them?, we can forget the is USA one the countries with the highest rate of domestic violence with an emergency call every minute and every 15 seconds a woman being abused by her partner (I know the film is French) but it’s a mystery how presenting Taliban stories will help now Afghanistan is nothing but dust.

We can always count on movies to show us remote realities. The other day I watched a “Real Life Pretty Woman” story (I call it that), an interview with a couple of old prostitutes, one 75 years old, the other a bit older, this one had been sent to work by her mother at the age of 14, she also had a family of her own but after they discovered about her job (and she had finished paying for their education) they refused to see her again. The first one never had kids but she now lived with a group of elderly prostitutes in a big house donated by the local government, they still had to pay for their food and clothes, so a few of them still worked as prostitutes, the rest, like the subject of this entry, sold cigarettes every afternoon. She said it was very difficult for her to walk around the city trying to sell sweets and other small things, specially during rainy days because her legs ached badly but she was sometimes able to go home early, before 10 pm which was an advantage because it’s not safe to be out alone in certain places. She was kind enough to show the interviewer her only friend, a toy lion, it was the only one that listened to her when she felt lonely and wanted to die, during her birthday the lion had been her only companion but she wished to not be there for the next one.
Ahh, romanticism.

Time flies

28 Abr

It should be pretty damn obvious by now that “grandma jeans” are no longer so and a trend again, so it would be great if people stopped acting surprised.

And I definitely won’t be talking about fashion right now, even if I’ve been wanting to say that Mary-Kate Olsen, so harshly criticized, did create a new look, not only for herself but good enough for others to copy, so, anorexia aside, she looks great.

Pathetic, that’s how it was to see TV5 Monde reporting that Mexico was now ahead of other countries in what human rights are concerned because abortion had been made legal, but today, when the usurper announced a new law that would consider protests as acts of terrorism there was just silence.
Freedom of speech is boring, specially if it’s not regulated.

Anyway yeah, I was watching music videos and out of nowhere it was U2 doing “One”, again.
I know Bono is never going to read this but, seriously, that song was a failure since the beginning, it was the first single of a highly advertised album, there were three different videos made for it, and it still failed, that alone should be enough to know nothing was going to happen with it, but Bono wants to be the next John Lennon doing Imagine and he can’t let it go, so now he hired this woman (who’s supposed to sing with a passion) to make a duo and yell the last part of the lyrics as if the song actually meant something, well, it doesn’t!, it sucks and Mary J. Blige sucks but I fear the next version will be a sort of “We’re the world” and several different singers will be invited to say one liners during some festival for poverty.

I honestly don’t get it, Mary J. Blige is considered an important artist?, when has she sang outside the USA?, I always had to change the channel when “Real Love” appeared, it seemed like any pop artist gone wrong and it’s a surprise to find out that song is supposed to be a break-trough for hip-hop, don’t know, the music was like a rhythm box trying to imitate LL Cool J..


10 Abr

Terminaron las vacaciones de Semana Santa (que los ateos e infieles no perdieron oportunidad de aprovechar) y aun no he escuchado que se hará con las playas artificiales de las diferentes delegaciones.

El viernes pasado de plano dormí con el estomago torcido, pasaron una nota sobre un grupo de diputados del PAN que fueron a inspeccionar las instalaciones de las playas ubicadas en los deportivos, sus palabras fueron: “Solo tienen 5 baños para mujeres/Una tapa del escusado esta rota/No había necesidad de la agresión/Yo soy diputada, soy una persona seria” y la preciosa frase “Venimos a medir la calidad del agua” acompañada de un maravilloso frasco de jugo del Valle en el que tomaban la muestra, sin sellar, porque para las cosas legales el (des)honor es suficiente.

Hay ejecutados en promedio de 7 al día y estos hombres “de honor” utilizan su tiempo, su puesto, el dinero de su salario no para resolver el problema del narco o de los asaltos en la ciudad (de México), ni siquiera para hacer su propia playa en Los Pinos, en su casa de polanco, en un deportivo
de CU, nada de eso, ellos van a medir que el agua de una alberca no vaya a causar una epidemia al estilo Biblico, o que las personas no vayan a tener problemas por no tener acceso a un baño con tapa completa, no es para nada humano que una persona haga sus necesidades biológicas en un vaso desechable, ni que decir de un árbol, eso no es digno del primer mundo en el que vivimos, si la persona sale y es asaltada o atropellada por un chimeco, un primo alcoholizado del usurpador o hasta por un micro al menos ya no tendrá el intestino lleno y su ultima visita al baño habrá sido agradable.

Ya hablando de cosas felices, parece que siempre no atacarán a Irán y parece que la economía gringa aun aguanta unos 6 meses (¿o hasta un año?), lo único que me duele es que Jalife me haya fallado por primera vez, y lo mas triste es que ya viene la segunda pues el esta convencido que Obama no sera el nuevo presidente mientras que es evidente el gran apoyo con el que cuenta en diferentes grupos étnicos, sociales y económicos.

Finalmente, hoy en la mañana lo primero que hice fue revisar que existieran pruebas de un cierto asunto del que no me constaba fuera mas que un sueño, al no encontrar nada me vi en completo estado de paralisis intestintal con nausea y tuve que presenciar con mucho dolor como la cena, comida y desayuno de ayer (así como los de hace 4 días, mi digestión es pésima) se regaban por toda la porcelana del lavabo, ¿qué tiene la ficción y la mentira que es mas corrosiva que la realidad?.

Bad Apples

15 Ene

“Gold and caviar”
It’s the corn crisis, and as usual it’s all used as an excuse to criticize whatever goes against capitalism, why do people still eat something so primitive?!, with so much junk food around it would make sense that at least transgenic corn could have more popularity, but when there’s no logic or reason behind a statement all it can cause is chaos, and the world knows that cannot be subjected to any rules of the market.

“But now we’re down in the deep end”
A devaluation of the Mexican peso is inevitable now, I possibly wrote about it months ago but I don’t think anybody thought it would arrive so soon. In less than a month it’s -1.7%, the worse is of course yet to come, and instead of paying attention to the HUGE BRIGHT RED warning signs the government is having the time of their lives, planning trips to Europe, getting money from drug dealers and even murdering for a better place in the cabinet; All wild, all free.

“Where they’d love to watch you drown”
Faux president fecal (as his friends call him) is indeed doing everything he can to end with poverty, he’s giving the finishing touches to a beautiful plan he has on how to finally help the poor end their misery, he increased the price of basic foodstuff (bread, milk, vegetables) by an average of 30%, same thing happened to petrol, all in less than a month, the next step is medicines, then all food and finally electricity, he claims all of that will end as soon as the country goes on a big sale of natural resources, foreigners will help us. Unfortunately for him, it’s too late.

“I said your laundry could use washing”
Leaders of the Catholic church are desperately asking people not to make a revolution out of something like an economic crisis, or, out of a corn crisis which would be so much worse, very embarrassing.

“We’ll hang it up all over town”
Slowly, too slowly for their own good, Mexico’s population is learning that the elections were a trap and they fell on it head first, the good news is that finally those debates on Fecal being The-brown-nazi-leader-to-the-first-world are over, those who supported him had a harsh awakening and understand nobody else but themselves put the rope around their neck, I can rest now.

“And you’ll be suckin’ down the Clorox”
So I’ll end with a different subject. As I was looking for a specific Zen thought I found this gem:
“In an age where the UN and many secular multinational organisations have more strength and much willpower, social Buddhism has passed its hey-day as a useful tool of humanitarianism and global welfare. Although still instrumental in many peace movements across the world, Buddhist groups could be replaced with secular organisations with little real change.”

“‘Til your life’s all nice and crisp”
Yup, Why would you want a philosophy or a school of thought when you can have an institution full of non-elected leaders deciding for you?.

Changing the channel

21 Sep

It’s quite amazing to see how many things changed within a week for big groups of people all over the world. We have Hungary not wanting a liar for a president and the media failing to keep control, we have Thailand getting rid of their president and the media, we have Mexico not wanting an imposed president and the media fighting to win until the end, and we have the USA and Catholicism seeing the end of their life as we know it.

I’ll just talk about the last two.

The USA won’t be able to sustain itself much longer which will surely cause a world crisis (sup globalization!), the good news is that we (the people) have a chance to start all over again without having to worry about big debts, big banks and big companies owning our lives, the bad news is I don’t think anybody knows how complicated the situation can get in different places or if things will get so bleak that basic needs such as food or water will be available.

And personally I owe nothing to banks, it’s been years I avoid big companies or big prices for my regular shopping (as much as possible) and I’m not even addicted to any legal substance. Since the boycott started I only had to get rid of two guilty pleasures: Bisogno’s show and cheese crisps. And even if it was difficult at first I managed to find alternative food which didn’t have things like aspartame or fructose.

But I know millions can’t live without coke, I know millions don’t have access to purified water and I understand billions live thanks to credit cards, how is their life going to change?, how is their life changing now?.

For years I’ve been saying the era of plutocracy (such a popular word these days) is getting to an end, millions all over the world are tired of working their whole lives to give power, money and control to others, economic globalization failed, we might see if the people’s one doesn’t, because, thousands of years later, it’s still utopic a civilization that won’t collapse after a period of only a few hundred years (or less).

Jodorowsky said: “in a few years (less than a decade) all barriers between people will disappear”, there would be no race, religion, gender, only people, and modern kids are making me wonder if it’s true after all, at least in what sexuality is concerned, all teens seem bisexual now.

Moving on to religion, the institution where sexuality is oh so appreciated (not), it turns out Ratzinger made his opinion on Islam public, was it on purpose?, surely!, did he know what it was going to cause?, of course!, do I agree with it?, damn right I do!, he can say whatever the hell he wants about other religions, he can just not expect others to accept them, and I don’t think he had that in mind, but when Catholicism has been attacked nobody asked for the attacker’s heads, it’s just religion, we’re allowed to have a different opinion, we should respect others’ of course, but if Ratzinger wants to cause more religious wars, who am I to protest?, religions should disappear anyway, or at least the idea that they are not a personal but massive matter, if the leader of a religion promotes discrimination what then?, they all do, ignore them all and carry on with your life, love, respect, think for yourself.

Another reason why religions should stop having such a big influence and control over others is to protect society from things like child abuse. The Cardinal of Mexico, Norberto Rivera, was accused two days ago in a Californian court of hiding information about sexual abuse against kids in Mexico by Catholic priests. For decades hundreds of orphan children were abused with the knowledge (consent?) of the Vatican and/by dozens of priests.

Thank God people in the USA are Christians and Catholics, being only a minority, have no weight in court like they do here.
Now, honestly, how much is necessary to understand something isn’t working?

What’s the world for?

17 Jul

It wasn’t even funny how Zidane went from being “the greatest player” to “one who has always been a dirty player” within hours, do I care?, possibly not, humans are likely to be hypocrites by nature (Totti spitting on Roberto Carlos anyone?), but it calls my attention the different theories that have appeared after he “Zidaned” the Italian player. A few have said Zidane just had to leave with a statement of disagreement towards that big industry who used him, some more have said he needed to protest against that merchandising system that voraciously swallows sports and those who play them, and others simply said he needed to leave destroying his image, we will never know what he really wanted, but he’s likely to become “Maradonna famous” now, his actions were took as preachment and he did something most humans wouldn’t even think about, there’s myth, speculation, the man is no longer an idol or a hero, he’s an inscrutable icon.

Wahoo, I would define it as the ultimate moral crime, abusing others in those moments and places where they are at their most vulnerable. It’s going to the forums where those who are ill, weak or alone go to only to make fun of them, it’s visiting the forums of those who like something “sinful” and judge them, it’s messaging cutters to challenge them to end their lives, it’s bullying people in their personal pages or journals.

And they feel sorry for those who are sensitive because being the opposite is having power, because when there is no remorse there is no limit and everything has the possibility of becoming an amusement, others’ misery and suffering has been re-discovered as the endless source of entertainment.

Only humans could have created a society so twisted that makes the life of some humans more valuable than the one of others.

Israel has morals yes, but they have two sides, one for them, one for the “others”. The chosen ones decide who deserves to live and who deserves to die, no leader in the world is willing to go against them, they murder, the rest sit and watch.

I’m starting to wonder if they’re really just using religion as an excuse to their fundamentalism. So I’m sure that if Jews were being murdered not one civilian would stay home and do nothing, but civilians can’t do a thing if others’ kids are the ones being bombed.

The many senses

6 Jul

This is a story about a woman who claims to see and talk to dead people.

It turns out a known TV host lost her daughter a year ago. The daughter was 39 and left 3 kids, one of them an 8th months old baby.

After the murder (by robbers) the mother had to go through a very publicized grieving process, a fascination by the media of the details surrounding the life of the murdered woman (she was an actress) and the scandal of the widow finding a replacement only 4 weeks after he lost his wife.

Today somebody who gave that mother strength to deal with the death of her daughter appeared on TV, it was a medium, and it has supposedly given messages to the whole family since several months ago.
Today, that woman (Concetta Bertoldi, a USA citizen) visited a show to meet with different mexican celebrities and a few members of the audience, I saw the show for around 15 minutes, this is how it went.

– The first person was a man whose 22 year old son committed suicide. The medium said “Your son was around 17, he wasn’t
little, he died in an accident, he always took your car for a drive around without your permission and you pretended to be angry but really weren’t, all his friends gave you support, he sends messages to all of them”, the man’s answer was “No, we didn’t have a car but he liked music a lot”, to which she replied “There’s a song your son sends you, the one you often hear”.

– The second person received a “Your son is with somebody else from your family”, the mother of that son simply said “Yes, my father is also dead” and the medium said “He loves you very much”.

– The third person, from the audience, wanted to know who had murdered her son the medium said “Nobody from your family, but a friend knows something, she loves you and calls Jorge”, last time the medium was there 3 years ago she also mentioned a Jorge to another person and it turned out to be right, there was a Jorge somewhere, this time the mother didn’t know anybody with that name but agreed her son had been reckless as the medium pointed out.

– The forth person had disappeared the medium said she was dead, murdered but there was no way to know who had done it and said a person dead in July from her family was with her, the mother didn’t have any relatives dying on this month so just ignored her and kept weeping because she didn’t think her daughter, who left 2 kids, was dead.

I hope I don’t get a visit from either of those “contacted” today, but I believe it’s not to difficult to guess and be right less than half of the time.

If somebody liked music chances are there’s a special song that reminds us of them, and if they were young the chances of them dying in an accident are quite big. If the parents are not old chances are their kids were not old when they died and if you name a “John” each time or mention a birthday/anniversary/special day/”or something”(as the medium said) it’s likely to work on a high percentage.

What is wrong with people who pretend to see “beyond this world” to be so mean and cause a bigger pain and confusion to those who have lost a loved one and can’t get over it?, I think they pay more attention to the times they “hit” and tell themselves what they do is beautiful because it brings peace to those who suffer, for example, this medium told the father of the guy who committed suicide to forgive himself because his son said he needed that from his father to move on.

It can’t be that bad, or can it?.
The woman said she has 5,000 clients, I can already imagine how many of those have felt better with the same “He/She’s right behind you” line.

Mahoma II

22 Feb

I recently gathered more information on this subject so I feel it an obligation to rectify my last post about this and admit I made several omissions.

First of all I make it clear that Mohamed is not a Muslim God, he’s a prophet, whether my last post gave the wrong idea on it or not I prefer to make that the starting point.

Secondly, the cartoons of Mohamed that I referred to and which are being reproduced by several newspapers (see the hat bomb one or the moon and star one for example) are NOT the ones causing Muslim protests all over the world, those were the originals published by a muslim immigrant living in Denmark with the sole purpose of causing riots, when that didn’t work he drew new ones, this time Mohamed was shown as a paedophile and in acts of zoophilia.

Finally, why would a Muslim do such thing?, the answer is the same as to why Bush allowed the twin towers to be destroyed (and pretended to show the world the Pentagon had been attacked the same way), this guy in Denmark, married to a Danish woman, wants Europe to make laws similar to the ones in Muslim countries, he wants to cut freedom of speech against muslims, and he’s planning to get it by putting pressure on Europeans from Europeans who see them as victims.

It’s a dangerous game, an immoral tactic, but the biggest tragedy is that it is working. People in european countries are actually being supporters of the Muslim way of life, what they don’t seem to know is that if they are not muslims this will affect how they have lived in the past decades.

Right now is too early to see the tragedy this will lead Europe or the USA to, still some countries are already seeing “small” warnings, like Sweden, there’s an increasing problem of rapes from muslim immigrants against Swedish women, and Muslim leaders say they cannot do anything to stop it because women are the ones asking to be raped for they are not wearing the appropriate clothes for them.

It’s difficult to not feel sympathy for a whole country being attacked because of their religion, wars caused by religion cannot be ignored, but sadly the only lesson the Holocaust seems to have taught the world is that anybody can get away with any crimes if they manage to make themselves look as the victims.