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21 Dic

Tengo mucho que decir y poco tiempo de decirlo, me he atrasado, pero hay algo que no puedo dejar pasar mas tiempo sin ponerlo. Las imágenes que me hicieron reír en mis días de agonía.

Y por cierto, el photobucket me borro mi cuenta y todas mis imágenes, ¡gracias photobucket!.

Life at the end of the year

18 Dic

While I was surfing around trying to find a decent photo of Snooty, possibly the most famous guinea pig in the world, a certain headline keep showing up in the page I was reading, it said “Actor dead” and other things. I knew I had no clue who such actor could have been since the headline also said he was from a soap opera, but by the third time I ended up directed to that page I decided to check it out.

It turns out the actor was 18, vacationing in Spain with a groups of friends and during some playing around he had died.
It’s always sad when a young person dies, we are mostly told that it’s right to feel that everybody has the right to live as much as possible, when that doesn’t happen we feel the pain and frustration of a life that didn’t even start, that didn’t grow, that didn’t develop.

This case was particularly sad to me, the boy was only 18 and the way he died wasn’t because he was irresponsible, it doesn’t sound like yet another case of an idiotic teen being drunk and doing stupid things that only drunks do, it seems like he was locked out of his room by his friends, he then decided to get there through the balcony, he was probably having fun, his friends were possibly too, and who was going to think that a 18 year old in a sunny beach in Spain was going to die a few days before Christmas?, no 18 year old thinks about death under such circumstances, having fun, being with a group of friends, they are there to have a good time not to see the end of innocence and the beginning of what could have been, but sadly the teenager fell and died, it happened, for some reason, in a paradisal place, during his winter vacations, his life ended by accident.

My neighbours are having a party, they are 18 and 16, one of them went to the roof and the crowd began to applaud and yell like crowds of teens do when they approve something, he started dancing there, he always does and I know because I recognize his voice and I know when I hear footsteps in the roof that often ends up being of my house too, so when I heard that a few minutes ago I couldn’t stop thinking about how the actor from Wales that died today also heard his friends going happy about his adventurous reaction when being left out of the room, he could have only been a hero to his friends, his actions could have only been fun, at 18, things aren’t supposed to ever go wrong in that way, and what’s more, at 18 happy moments shouldn’t ever go tragic.

Life is supposed to be precious because for any of us it can end any moment.