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These tears I’ve cried.

30 Ene

Last night I saw a movie, a very sad movie, I was very tired and sleepy when the movie started, when it finished I couldn’t sleep anymore.
I’ll write about that movie/documentary here, as I suspect nobody that reads my journal (nobody reads my journal…) is likely to see it, as it was a very local, low budged movie.

Homeless-Street kids

I think the first world name for people that don’t have a home and live in the streets is “homeless”, in most 3rd world countries the name is that too, but there’s also another category, “The Kids From the Streets”, such name is for kids AND young adults that sometimes do have a home but prefer to live in the outside: parks, abandoned buildings, inside the drain or under sewers, and more commonly under bridges.
“Kids from the streets” aren’t new, they have existed as a group “of” society for about 30 years, I don’t know how it started, I don’t know why it began, but right now in countries like Brazil there are thousands of
kids and teenagers that live and work in the street, in Brazil the amount of kids in that situation is so big that there have been several movies about that, just like in Mexico.

Those kids are seen by half of society as a plague, they must be destroyed, they make everything ugly, they are ill, stoned, dirty, they steal to buy PVC (a chemical substance that can be inhaled like “thinner” and other substances to induce a drug-like state), they remain unconscious in the pavement, the sight is awful, they should be taken to a special place where they can be taught how to be productive members of society.
The other half believes they are a result of a big problem with families, with society in general, they shouldn’t be ignored, they are part of humanity and humanity should help them, nobody should look away, they must see them, know them, feed them and put them to school, and later allow them to be eligible for a job.
The only truth is that governments come and go and the “kids of the streets” population keeps growing, their ages keep decreasing, everybody, the ones that ignore and the ones that want everybody to see them know they are still there.
The movie I saw was about 4 of them, Marco, an 11 year old that had been living in the streets for several years, had parents, brothers and sisters, a half built house in the suburbs, he inhaled, and said the worse thing about living outside was the cold.
He sometimes got food from some Christian association that went to the public square where he lived, they prayed, danced and asked the kids to dance and chant too, then they gave them food.
Then there was Erika, she was 18, inhaled, had a family and her mom was paying for a “house” in the suburbs, she cried, she wanted to help her mother.
Erika had a close friend, around 3 years youger that her, she was pregnant and inhaling PVC.
Both of them had been raped, but before that, on a night they were together with another girl they were captured by the police, they were beaten up and taken to a motel, the police officers threated them with taking them both to jail if they didn’t agree to have sex with them, Erika’s friend was very young, Erika didn’t want them to rape the girl so she told them that she wasn’t going to do anything against them if they left the other girl alone, they did, 5 policemen raped Erika that night, she said that ended with all her dreams and illusions but she also said that she didn’t regret her decision because her friend was very young and like a sister for her.
Later came the interview with “The Rat”, a boy of around 9 years of age, had been in the streets for around a year, he inhaled and said he liked it but could leave it whenever he wanted as he was not a junkie, when he inhaled he described how he felt like floating and saw things that weren’t real.
The Rat was from a remote place, he arrived to the city with other 2 friends, one returned home, and he hadn’t seen the other one in a while.
He wanted to go back to his house, “start a new life”, be with his mother, but he had no money and was thinking that a priest might help him, that priest had been very good to him he said, the priest gave him food, clothes and money that The Rat used for a bag of potato chips, food and PVC.
Finally there was Juan, a really nice looking boy of around 10, one of his legs had been amputated, he explained that he had cancer, that before having the surgery his leg looked horrible from the toes to above his knee, he said one night he was lying on the street in a lot of pain and a woman with a car stoped by and took him to the hospital, the woman paid for everything but the doctors told Juan that the cancer had spread to his lungs because of his lifestyle and because he had used so much drugs.
Months later the people filming the documentary went to the same place, trying to find him, nobody had seen him in months, they found him in the suburbs, with his mom and brothers, lying uncovered over a mattress, couldn’t breath or speak, could hardly be thinner, his only leg looked as think as the arm of a 12 year old, he had tanks of oxygen, half of his face was paralyzed, he couldn’t move.
The next day he asked the peop
le of the documentary to take him to see his friends, they did, Juan’s mother put a bed cover in the park, she also put a pillow, little by little his friends arrived to see him, touched him, kissed him, he didn’t say anything. A while later one of his friends held him, others followed with the cover and the pillow, they put him inside the taxi very carefully then waved good bye, Juan left and his friends stayed in the middle of the street crying.
I had always believed the philanthropic version: “Those kids want freedom, they can’t be adapted into rules, they need help but also support in living in their own terms. That’s why they always go back to the streets, they run away from home, from shelters, foster homes, they can never give up that way of living”.
Yesterday I got my own theory, those kids choose to get raped if that saves a friend from the same, they like helping each other, they want to be together, need to say good bye before they die; Could it be that these kids do that because they live true relationships? true love? They need each other to survive, their relationships are stronger, and due to the lack of material possessions, more truthful than the ones of even most families.
I’m starting to believe these kids don’t want to be free of rules or authority, they want to be free of a society that’s not based in a true, strong, emotional, “for better or worse” fraternity. They might not want to put on a fake smile for a stupid boss or nice words for that best friend that will betray them, Could I be wrong?
Marco went back to the streets a Sunday night, Erika went back too, Erika’s friend gave birth to a dead baby girl, “The Rat” didn’t return home, Juan died 2 months later, in February 2003.

29 Ene

Last night I heard some interesting news on the radio, it wasn’t a news programme (for once) but the hosts were reading news all the same.
One thing that called my attention was the regime that Saddam Hussein is under thanks to the U.S.A. government.

It said that Saddam was kept in a small room, hearing the national anthem of the U.S.A. (I think it’s the one that goes “My home sweet home…”) and also hearing some of Bush’s speeches all day long, the only decoration of the room consist of 4 images in the wall, one of George Bush, 2 of I forgot who and one of his 2 sons, Saddam’s sons, in their “dead version”, As Seen On TV.
Saddam is also requested to read the Bible, a Christian Bible I suppose, and it was said that the bible had a “U.S.A. Government” print at the cover.

I know I should have been looking for the whole news article at this moment, but I can’t be *rsed, so it’s time now for my humble opinion.
The government of the U.S.A. finally accepted what everybody already knew, they lied to steal Irak’s oil and it’s products.
They accept it about a month AFTER “capturing” Saddam.
Now they “know” there are no weapons in Irak they are not abandoning the place, also they have their ex president and they’ll keep him.
Saddam will continue being a prisoner of the U.S.A., he might be judged later, he might remain in jail forever or even murdered in the name of freedom and democracy.
Saddam is a prisoner, is he trying to be redeemed? Is the U.S.A. government trying to clean his soul, his mind? If not what’s the purpose of making Saddam listen to the anthem of a country that’s not his?, Are they trying to make him a loyal american citizen?, They want Saddam to believe in the american dream?
And, what’s with religion? Why not read the Quran? Is he more capable of asking for forgiveness as a Christian than as a Muslim?, Is being a redeemed Christian more important than being a redeemed Muslim?
Is it legal, moral, human, necessary, or just plain stupid and sick to make Saddam look at the photos of the dead bodies of his 2 sons every day while he’s a prisoner?.

Now my main question is: Whose idea was it?

Sangre de mi sangre

29 Ene

Ya hablando de espectáculos pobres, escuché que en una parodia se hizo un intento de parodia del intento de suicidio del actor Miguel Pizarro.

Osea que para ese programa de porquería el suicidio es solo una situación mas de la que se puede hacer mofa, todo es raiting, no importa gracias a quien o a costa de quien.
Siendo así, ¿Por qué no parodiaron también la muerte del Sr. Raul Vale?, hubiera estado chida también, ¿no?, el cáncer, como deja de hablar, luego que entrara en coma, la viuda, las hijas huerfanitas, las cenizas, uyy, mucho material.

Yo nunca veo ese programa, me parece demasiado predecible, solo escuche comentarios de lo que salió apenas la semana pasada, ahora espero que en un futuro no muy lejano tenga yo la oportunidad de escuchar comentario de una parodia de la muerte del Sr. Vale quien era (porque ya se murió) parte de una de las participantes del programa, o tal vez si algún otro miembro tiene algún pariente o amigo que acabe de morir también estaría interesante, un aborto, un secuestro, no se, que le llamen a Laura Zapata que a ella si que le encanta lucrar con el dolor.

De niña cirquera y de vieja…

29 Ene

Mientras el gringo de oro le da a su gente atole con el dedo sobre el ser lunático en México se habla del redondeo “Danos tus centavos, a ti no te sirven, a nosotros, al juntar muchos nos sirven para muchas cosas.”
Ya por default la idea es terrible, “tu le compras el supermercado, si te sobra cambio de 99 centavos para abajo regálalos”, una especie de robo hormiga.
Luego viene la culpa “Tu tienes centavos, hay gente que no tiene computadora, regálalos, no seas come solo, gandalla, bazofia.”
Y al final el paraíso si das tus centavos: ” Que bueno que regalaste tus centavos, con tigo y miles de personas como tu hasta puedes alucinar que en el lugar de la cajera del super estará una niña muy bañada y peinada con una computadora a un lado de ella (para que no pueda ver el monitor) y un teclado a su lado también (por uso practico) golpeando con los puños las teclas a diestra y siniestra en señal de que la sabe usar y la esta usando.”
La burra volvió al trigo, y no me refiero a Martita Sahagun con su fregadera de los
centavos, me refiero a que a fuerza le quieren meter a los niños (y a sus padres) la compra de una fregada computadora, atragantada en el gañote cuando el fregado chamaco escribe a los 16 años “Mi caza esta bonita & pintada de asul”.
La educación es primero dicen, yo lo dudo, y que sea de primera lo niego categóricamente.

Cannibal Corpse

24 Ene

Old news, some guy liked eating people, some guy wanted to be eaten.
Recent old news, some people like to eat other people, some people like to be eaten.
News, a bit more recent, some people like to be eaten, I still can’t figure out why.
Let’s see, some people have fantasies, of being thin, of having a special piece of clothing, driving a nice car, making heads turn. Some others, have fantasies that are more private, wearing black underwear, getting their nipples pierced, getting spanked.
But then there’s people, a supposedly small amount of people, that have what some call “perversions”, they daydream of being raped by green men, of having sex with a spider or about mad clowns holding a yellow flower.
Probably most of those fantasies have existed since forever, but let’s go one step beyond fantasy, let’s talk about making dreams come true.
Some guys indeed have worn black tights to go to the grocery store, some girls have indeed had sex with 5 firemen at the same time, but fantasy-gone-reality not only involves sex, people have bought the house of their
dreams, the face they weren’t born with, they hold hands with the person they wished to, they eat, yes eat the food they saw outside a restaurant’s ad, there are things in life, “big” and “small” that make everything more enriching, precious, special.
Now, I do understand what status is, beauty, flavour, power, money, all of that are common terms, but, what do you feel when dreaming about eating people? What can you feel? Power? Strength? Domination? I won’t keep asking, I think it has a connection with hunting, that horrible crime that has already been analyzed by many.
But the questions can head (yes, head) to another person, what do you feel when dreaming about being eaten? What can you feel? Can you actually feel you are being eaten? And in reality? Can you feel something when you are about to be eaten? Can you feel when you are being eaten?
I have an empty space, somewhere.
My dear reader is right when asking “Why the hell is that important?“, it’s true, cannibalism has probably existed since forever, there’s nothing new to learn, nothing special to see, it’s just people eating people, or, Is it that in the old days some of that people didn’t want to be eaten? Since when is people interested in being eaten?
There was an article, I took it from a web page, I’m only going to cite a few lines, if you’re interested in the whole article ask:
Cannibal reveals man-eater network
The sheer volume of evidence has taken the court by surprise. Mr Meiwes had earlier talked of a cannibal network of at least 800 people across the spectrum of German and European society, including dentists and teachers. He admitted being in contact with 400 people.
But after a year’s investigation, the police have managed to track down only 200 of those. They include an American who was looking for a victim to chop into three segments and then dine on, and a German who wanted to be eaten around the table on Russian Orthodox Christmas.”

Ok, ok, I really need help understanding this, why?, Why in this world would there be a person that wanted to be eaten?, When he was a small child did his teacher went “What do you want to do when you grow up, a doctor, a lawyer?” and the kid went “I want to be eaten around the table on a Russian…”???
What’s that passion? What moves a person to wish being eaten?
I once saw this…movie or TV series, about a group of old men who had a club, none of them had legs and every new member needed exactly that for his initialization, of course, the new members didn’t know it, and once they were chosen they were tracked down, they legs were amputated and all the members ate them (the legs) at a special initiation ceremony.
And I think I might be able to have a rough idea of stuff if a persons tells me “Hey, I enjoy the idea of a part of me being eaten, I enjoyed watching a part of me being eaten, it was great, it was perfect” but I still have trouble with the image of a dead person saying “Hey, what a lovely dinner, I enjoyed being eaten, how was I? Oh, fantastic, thanks for the delicious compliments“.
Is it me again or sometimes humanity seems to go too far on self-destruction?
My conclusions so far?, “What the fuck?!”.

Hasta que la muerte los separe

24 Ene

Casi puedo asegurar que este tema ya lo he tratado antes, pero dada su relevancia y la falta de entendimiento de algunas personitas debo repetirlo.
Pregunto: Si una mujer se casa con un abogado, ¿puede la mujer esposa ir a representar a su marido a los tribunales?, Si una mujer se casa con un doctor, ¿puede la mujer esposa entrar a las consultas, atender a los pacientes y expedir recetas?, Si una mujer se casa con un cirujano, ¿puede operar a los pacientes de su marido?, o mas sencillo, si una mujer se casa con un policía, ¿puede salir a ejercer labores policiacas?.
Pongamos otra pregunta aun mas sencilla: Una mujer se casa con un maestro, ¿seria correcto si la mujer proclamara, y cumpliera en estar debajo de el, junto de el, detrás de el, en todo?, ¿durante clases, juntas de maestros, reuniones académicas y eventos escolares?.
Martita Sahagun, seguramente, aun no ha entendido estos ejemplos, es mas, ella diría que es correcto que los esposos se conviertan en siameses gracias a la cirugía estética moderna, que es junto con pegad
o, no es el uno sin el otro, son marido y mujer, para estar juntos se casaron y si el marido hace mal si trabajo es un inutil como lo decia su madre, y si obtiene un gran puesto no es solo gracias a su esposa es también PARA su esposa.
Convoco, alguien que se quiera casar conmigo, de preferencia en la rama del ballet o la medicina ya que ambas siempre me interesaron bastante.

Or Summit…

22 Ene

I know the yearly “Summit of the Americas”, that’s supposed to help governments reach agreements faster, was last week, but there are a few things that I wanted to give special mention to, even if late.
This year’s summit missed one member that was the most important last year, no, I’m not talking about Bush as he unfortunately attended this year too, I’m talking about Fidel Castro, nobody knows if he was not welcome (again) or if it’s his precarious health state that kept it from visiting Monterrey.
Mr. Castro was missing but his good friend Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela was there, he wasn’t welcome either and that could have been the reason why, this year, he kept saying and doing things that made other president’s hold their breath for a while, like when he cancelled his meeting with President Fox, or expressed his disagreement (again) with Bush’s government and illiteracy.
Other presidents that expressed their disagreements (at the very least) with Mr. Bush were Lula and Kirshner, the biggest part of this continent respects what they said and hope they don%2
7t change their mind.
They believe the U.S.A.’s proposals are abusive, most people believe the same, nobody dares to say anything, except for those two, I heard the Peruvian president also expressed discrepancy but to be honest, I don’t know if it’s true.
What I do know and what it’s true is that the Peruvian president won’t be attending the World Economic Forum at Davos which can only be good, but what’s great is that president Kirshner is not attending either.
Kirshner rules.

No thanks.

22 Ene

Again I must agree with Brozo.
Mr. Bush, George W. Bush said “I want to thank the people of Mexico who are cooperating with us to fight terrorism”, he was talking about the infamous process that Mexican tourists have to go through if they want to visit the U.S.A., they are not only examined several times at the airport before getting onto the plane and after they step into the U.S.A. airport, but also about the “record” they are subject to, their fingerprints are taken and they get asked to hold them up, in front of them for a few photos.
Mr. Bush doesn’t know, but Brozo kindly informed him, that Mexican people are not the ones to thank, people are fortunately deciding that, because they don’t start wars, steal oil, threat nations, discriminate or have a way of life that abuses people in other places of the world, are NOT in danger of a terrorist attack, and the security measures being taken against them can easily be suppressed by not visiting the U.S.A.
No reason to thank Mexicans, Mr. Bush should only thank the mexican government that’s full of cowards, chickens and amebae, who care only about
stealing enough money for their friends and families to live like royalty for the rest of their lives and couldn’t care less about their people’s rights or interests.
Again, the only good thing worth mentioning about this “criminal record” thing is that BRAZIL decided that, since Brazilians were going to be put on file as criminals if they wanted to visit the U.S.A. they were going to do the same to U.S.A. people who wanted to visit Brazil.
Funnily enough the U.S.A. government, including Powell expressed their shock towards that decision and called it a humiliating violation of (U.S.A.’s) peoples rights and asked the government of Brazil to stop doing it immediately.
A pilot of American Airlines even dared to do the “BritneySign” to the camera as a very intellectual response to show his disagreement, the pilot, thank God/Brazil, was arrested and left free 5 hours later after being asked to pay a bail for his offensive behavior.
A shame the government of Brazil decided to cancel the trial they were going to start against this Mr. pilot.
Just yesterday we heard of a female tourist, mexican, was going to attend the wedding of a friend, instead her visa was cancelled as soon as she arrived to Orlando, all of her luggage was taken away from her, including her personal stuff and her money as well as her credit cards, she was handcuffed and taken to prison, a female only prison, she wore a uniform and didn’t receive any food or explanation, one day later she was able to get out thanks to the Mexican consulate that went to pick her up, she was put on a plane and flew back to Mexico, nobody knows why it happened.
So that’s how the “putting people on record” started, during the summer we can expect the second part of this project to start, in it’s second phase travelers are going to be measured within a “possible danger level”, red is going to be for whomever seems like a big treat and is going to be deported and not allowed to go back, level yellow will be questioned and investigated, level green with be allowed in, but I don’t know the conditions for that.

Un país de lectores – Gobierno de la Republica

19 Ene

En el pais que se quiere hacer de lectores…poniendole 20% de impuesto a los libros aparece Martita Sahagun como la presidenta que Mexico esperaba.
No solo hace fiestas en el castillo de Chapultepec para usar el 20% de las ganancias en obras de caridad, tampoco es solamente una mujer que va en nombre de su esposo, el presidente, a hacer visitas de estado, mucho menos es solo una esposa del presidente que se dedique a organizar para los niños mas pobres (y mas obesos) del pais un “tronco navideño” (tradicion de Francia) en el que me parecio escuchar se usaron 20 litros de leche, oh no, Martita es mas que eso, es segun Patricia Chapoy la responsable de que se permitan hacer parodias de su imagen, Patricia Chapoy dice que gracias a ella y a este gobierno tenemos la libertad de expresar nuestras opiniones, porque Martita es muy inteligente, por eso nos lo permite.
La libertad de expresion y de pensamiento es algo con lo que todos, TODOS los seres humanos, incluidos los mexicanos, nacemos, nadie nos lo regala, nadie nos lo otorga, es un derecho universal, inalienable.
La Sra. M
arta no nos regala ni nos da permiso de ejercer nuestros derechos, eso lo decidimos nosotros, ya sea que los ejerzamos para opinar sobre lo que no nos agrada de nuestro gobierno y sus familias o para besarles el trasero a esos mismos, al gobierno y a sus familias.


12 Ene

For days and days the newspaper talked about the same thing: “Mars”.
So the U.S.A. sent a transformer camera robot and it worked, the camera took photos of mars and the (same?) photos were later reproduced in every single news program, news portal and newspaper.
A day after the first photos were made public we began to see the second series of photos, now in colour.
“We finally know why it was called the red planet, The first images of Mars, We can finally see what Mars looks like, Thanks to that mission we have this amazing images”.
Please, somebody, correct me if I’m wrong but there are hundreds of photos from mars that have been available for the past 30 years.
Why is this a show again? Because they needed and intro before Bush said he was going to colonize the Moon and Mars? Because there’s nothing interesting to talk about? Or just because everything the U.S.A. does was never done before?
I had seen photos of mars, when I was a child (around the 20’s*) we had this book that was part of a “Time Life” edition where a photo of a sunset in mars was clearly seen, I still think it’s a very beautiful photo.
*Well, not really but you get the idea.