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Gaddafi, Galliano, and Abortion

2 Mar

It’s one of those things that just happen, somebody becomes a mass murderer and it’s not headline news until 40 years later.


Justin Bieber Appeared on Rolling Stone

It’s already a bit strange that magazines use underage kids as front covers, even if (or exactly because…) he’s an entertainer, Who are the only people who could care?

Most people share the same points of view, especially if they are from the same social group and have a similar background, and this is probably even more accurate for teenagers.

But certain topics are guaranteed to cause a polemic no matter what the other person says, and that usually happens with a subject as tragic and horrible as rape.

It was that easy:  Ask a 16 year old BOY if he’s pro-choice or pro-life, sit back and enjoy the show.


Galliano Got Fired

At this point it’s completely irrelevant if people no longer have any privacy to enjoy their racism, sexism or be a total idiot in general, the situation is: it’s been a while since I last heard any kind of ‘celebrity’ say anything to the effect of ‘Free Palestine’.

Condemning Nazism is expected, the other side of the story must be terrorist propaganda, Why would nobody care that so many innocent civilians are getting killed every day?

If it was true somebody would be doing something about it, but on Oscar’s night a few actresses decided not to wear Dior dresses;  they did what they had to in order to make the world a better place.


Gaddafi Is Still There

Germany and Austria have decided to stop giving money to ‘The Colonel’, and I have to say it was quite sudden and unexpected. The guy has been doing what he pleases with Libya since years before I was even born, I wonder if they decided to make a change out of fear of being condemned by Libyans via twitter.

That was probably the only thing that made the USA support Egyptians anyway.

Say my name

10 Mar

When I heard Nicola Sarkozy, was going to visit Mexico I knew nothing good was going to come out of it because the headline said “Tourists were taken out of the Pyramids due to Sarkozy’s visit”.

México has a long history of racism and discrimination, not always from foreigners (just ask the millions of Spaniards who helped create the “Hispanic” race) but the worse always come from Mexicans, whether they are in Mexico or in other countries.

For several hours, both locals and foreigners weren’t allowed to return to the Pyramids, there wasn’t an official statement as to why the government allowed it or, even worse, suggested it, but the media didn’t make a big deal of it either, I guess nobody remembered when Charles de Gaulle visited the same place and didn’t have a problem with it remaining open to others.

But that happened during the morning, what happened during the evening?. He went to the Mexican Congress and requested the government (different jurisdiction) the extradition of a French woman accused of committing 9 kidnappings, one of them being against a 10 year old boy who recognized her as the woman who, with a needle, drew some of his blood in order to send it to his father (along with a corpse’s ear) so the father would pay more money thinking the kid was being mutilated, but Sarkozy was having none of that sentimental non-sense, in France the woman wouldn’t have to serve 60 years in prison (like in Mexico) and could be released after paying a fine.
The Congress was fine with that too, they were too afraid to say anything, so they also instructed most massive media to report that it was a perfectly legal and perfectly okay thing to do because there are international laws allowing it, not that they care really, the french government was going to do whatever they wanted but it was best to make it sound like the mexican authorities at least agreed.

And that wasn’t all, whenever he had some spare time between sending kisses and making sweet faces to his wife he also asked for support, not for himself and definitely not for his country but for the United Nations, he informed us that troops had to be sent, the reason?, Mexico had an obligation with the rest of the world that could only be paid with the “blood of their soldiers”.

I don’t know why I feel like Sarkozy (not France, of course) gives a controlling-lover vibe, all the yelling and beating (check the constitution, creating a “binational commission” is illegal) hurts him beyond words but there’s no other way things could get better. So even when he has a lovely wife, money or popularity his good and humble side enjoys picking up scum to try to create something beautiful out of it, whatever he says will be done because he knows better and if he asks for some hardcore no-lube anal followed by a gagging deepthroat culminating with a close-up polaroid shot of the dirty sanchez and black eye, well…, is there a place for a “no”?.

He brings shame to France and I swear I’m choking here.

Obama and the skin colour

5 Nov

“The first black President of the United States of America”, that’s today’s favourite headline all over the world.

Obama’s mother was of white race, why isn’t he consider white?, why doesn’t he considers himself a mulatto?.
There seems to be plenty wrong with analyzing race “too much” but somehow nothing wrong with using race to make empowering statements.

It must’ve been very nice to feel a black person was finally going to have an enormous power in a nation that always saw blacks as nothing more than slaves, and I’m sure it’s a lot easier to identify oneself with a minority race if the skin colour is not exactly like the one of the majority, but even then, Why make race such a big issue in a country built on and by immigrants?.

Obama deserved to win, he has a more humane plan to rescue his country, whether he succeeds or not is a different story. The bad news about the triumph of all those who wanted something more than a “good old traditional white guy” is that if the USA never recovers from their severe economic, social and military crisis then nothing but Obama’s appearance will be blamed.

It would have been better if Obama had won to be just another president, but at least a great amount of people in that country proved to be less dumb than those in nations where racism was sowed and it’s growing at a worrying peace.
“Millions of Americans are not idiots”, that is the day I never thought I would see.

Las Glorias

5 Jul

Yéndonos muy lejos de la division creada por los malos gobernantes (y sus colaboradores) creo que este es un muy buen momento para hablar del trabajo de Marcelo Ebrard como Jefe de Gobierno de una de las ciudades mas pobladas (y con menos territorio) en el mundo.

No estoy de acuerdo en que México sea el D.F. y se le trate a nivel nacional como si lo fuera, mueren una docena de jóvenes en un antro y se le da más importancia que a los miles de ejecutados (inocentes, narcos y civiles), no estoy de acuerdo que la noticia estelar para todo un país sea una avenida cerrada o una obra que no tiene señalamientos adecuados para los invidentes que por ahí transitan, no son primera plana y no tienen porque considerarse relevantes cuando hay estados donde los ciegos no pueden ni caminar porque están inundados.

Habiendo entendido las justas proporciones iremos ahora a las contradicciones.

Ebrard populista, construye cosas para las personas que tienen automovil (minorías), no arregla los problemas de todos los ciudadanos que llevan años migrando al DF de toda la república, da ayudas económicas a las personas sin empleo, esta apoyando al narco, sus elementos mueren por luchar contra el narco, los operativos en Tepito le han dejado enemigos, hay terrorismo en la capital, todos están tranquilos porque reciben dinero del narco para sus campañas, los taxis pirata son de sus amigos, ya no habrá taxis pirata en 4 años mas porque les quiere quitar el trabajo a la gente honesta, los ambulantes son una mafia que le da dinero, quitó a los ambulantes del centro histórico por pactos obscuros que tiene en contra de los comerciantes, va para el 2012, apoya a AMLO en el 2012, es el títere de AMLO, va a matar a AMLO.

Ahora si, el Hoy No Circula Sabatino, ¿de quien fue la estúpida idea?, ¿van a disminuir el costo de la tenencia por ese día que no se permite usar el auto?. Aumentaron las tarifas de muchas rutas de transporte publico, ¿qué esperan que haga la gente?, el automovil es obviamente aun mucho mas caro pero si los microbuses van llenos de choferes neuróticos, mal pagados, amenazados por drogadictos que se suben a pedir dinero, si el metro esta lleno de mugrosos (realidad, no insulto) ciegos que quieren dejar a la población sorda (para compensar) y si el metrobus no se da abasto, ¿Cómo esperan que se eleve el nivel de vida?.
Es un conjunto y en lugar de encontrar soluciones las opciones siguen disminuyendo, ahora no hay carro durante una semana al mes y el doble de automoviles que se tenían antes, el transporte publico es más viejo y por supuesto más caro, ¿cuál es la siguiente solución prometedora?, ¿destruir los automoviles viejos?, ¿comprar mas automoviles y mas nuevos?, ¿seguir aumentando los pasajes sin mejorar los servicios?, ¿ampliar las vías rápidas aunque no sean adecuadas o no puedan usarse?.

Tiene mas de 30 años que se sugirió a las fabricas en la zona metropolitana dejar de operar, que los camiones de carga solo circularan por las noches, que no se obligara a las personas a no usar sus autos sino que estos ya no fueran una necesidad, ¿por qué seguimos entonces con lo mismo?.


19 Mar

The Colombian version of a concert for the masses requesting homogeneous thoughts happened last weekend.

A group of the most hilarious group of musicians were in charge of asking people to support peace. Peace in favour of the USA, peace in the name of the drug-dealer president of Colombia (Uribe), peace after that government killed at least 10 Mexican students in Ecuador. After a government violates the rights of others the best the world can do is put on a show in the name of peace, it doesn’t matter if it’s organized by the instigators, things would get violent otherwise.

Nobody knows whose idea was to do the concert but it was lead by Juanes, a Colombian singer who has been fighting for an end of the (narco-sponsored?) guerrilla in his country, and there were other participants like Miguel Bose, the world famous Spaniard who has made a career (fortune) in Latin America and claims the area’s attempts for independence are threats to world democracy. Another guest was Alejandro Sanz who didn’t want to give concerts in Venezuela because he didn’t agree with who people elected as president for their country, he had no issues playing in the USA or living in Spain under Zapatero’s government, of course.

At some point during the concert a “chavista” took the stage (“and with a red shirt, no less!”), the media claimed he had nothing to do there, obviously his opinion wasn’t important because he must have been pro-terrorist if he wanted to express himself during the event.

But a welcomed guest was Alvaro Uribe, being (DEA) linked throughout the years to the biggest drug cartel in Colombia and the reason why this business is now better than ever was no moral issue for Juanes, Bose and Sanz as they only see a war threat in governments complaining when their territories get attacked.

Nationalism is disgusting when they’re not the beneficiaries. The names of all the innocent victims who died during Colombia’s attack are still not known and many doubt they’ll ever be released, the few survivors have expressed fear and concern after the constant death threats from various governments due to their reluctance to refer to themselves as humanity workers instead of terrorists in training.
Music can still save lives.

In other news, yesterday was the anniversary of the Oil Expropriation in Mexico, bombed with advertisements asking people to “go get the hidden treasure” (which is nothing but allowing foreign companies to exploit a few deep water resources in exchange of marvelous never before seen goods for everybody) millions have started to agree that if others do the job the benefit will surely arrive this time, if soap operas are saying it can be no sham.

Foreign investment is the answer for poor countries, a sick sense of patriotism is stopping them from reaching their true potential, why have their own place after all?, they could sell the land too and after it’s being administrated by the richest nations of the world then poverty would end, god knows why colonialism had to disappear, they must have given awesome results and complete equality to everyone involved.

Good God, y’all

4 Mar

Rushed headlines scream all over right-wing newspapers “WAR!!!” when reporting the result of the attack made by the Colombian government (USA Inc.) inside Ecuadorian territory against the FARC, who happened to be there negotiating freeing eleven hostages.

What the USA can’t seem to understand is that a terrorist has a very different definition in their society than in the Latin American one, even in Spain a terrorist can still be a thread to an anti-democratic regime, not the ultimate remedy for any free thinking outbreak.

Most illiterates in the world simply can’t agree with their territories being invaded with the promise of a better life for god knows who, even less if such invasion has USA’s seal of approval.

I don’t want to suggest that certain countries want to sabotage the end of Colombian terrorism to avoid a stable government that will stop making decisions based on what rich countries needs, and I wouldn’t even think about the USA being interested in showing that all terrorists are crazy muslims always planning better bombs because I’m sure most Hillary Clinton/Bush followers don’t even have a clue who Uribe is or where’s Colombia located, the biggest issue is popularity; They bomb bad ones = the world applauds, They are left out of successful negotiations to free a French hostage = Whoops!.

So who are those people killed?, a leader from the FARC movement and a bunch of others, one of them a young female, from Mexico, who was there doing humanitarian work.

The unlawful president of Mexico had the only reaction the world could have expected from him, he wants to be the mediator between Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia.

I’m sure the identity of the Mexican victim will soon change to “undercover terrorist” so nobody has time to feel bad for her or wonder why the fake president didn’t even ask for a fake explanation.

According to “the united nations” it’s terribly dangerous (and “wrong”) that Chavez is getting involved and issuing warnings against Colombia invading Venezuela, but if Calderon wants to participate that wouldn’t be seen as an violation of Colombia’s sovereignty but a kind gesture.

Let’s not forget Calderon failed to win the elections even after he used Chavez in his campaign as the evil force to defeat (“intolerance, populism, dictatorships”) so I’m sure Chavez would be pleased to have a neutral party help.

But, where is Sarkozy?, he’s definitely not vacationing in Egypt with Carla Bruni like last time, the xenophobe nouveau riche turned joke has offered to travel to Colombia if everybody there accepts to shake his hand and if that helps with the release of Betancourt (cause he’s like, so cool just to look at) but even for him, popularity has its limits.

Is there any chance the Colombia government realises how stupid they look?, are they going to keep trying to use Ecuador as a smoke screen?, is Betancourt ever going to be released?, is the guru going out with Paris Hilton really an actor? (and where those real diamonds?), Is lard unhealthy?. No, no, yes, yes (huh?), no.


2 Ene

It’s the modern tragedy, a woman who fights against a military government gets killed by two bullets or a bomb; What happened?.

The real tragedy is not that a single woman is the only real opposition to a supposedly hated government, oh no, the worse part can’t be that after receiving life threads she sought refugee in a rich country, it just can’t be that bad that after living in exile she returned to Pakistan only to get dozens of civilians dead because of her decision to return to the world of politics.

She couldn’t help her country in any other way?, the best option was to again become Prime Minister, the same one she had at one point and the same one she used for the same thing she criticised, the one she had been kicked out twice of due to corruption charges. So she basically goes back for more, leaving a trail of Innocent blood behind her and looking to take part in a government that is considered dictatorial.

The world expressed outrage when this woman was murdered, first the government (of president Musharraf, that gave Bhutto an amnesty for the corruption cases so she could return) declared al Qaeda had killed her, then it was also added the Talibans did want her dead despite the fact she had helped them in the past, leaving all of that aside, if the woman was shot in the head, why didn’t the USA or the Pakistani government said so from the beginning?.

Riots have happened since the shooting/bombing/electoral meeting, the person who claimed only wanted to begin a democracy (almost 20 years after becoming Prime Minister for the first time), is probably of more use now to the cause, the only thing missing are the masses wanting the same.

Bitch please

12 Nov

The King of Spain (XV century much?) told Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez “Why don’t you shut up” during the summit of leaders from Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

This was the King’s reply to a speech in which Hugo Chavez called former prime minister (of Spain) “fascist” and we all know that when a prime minister decides to bomb a country’s civilians and then invade it to steal their natural resources for years they shouldn’t be called anything but “world saviours”. So maybe Chavez should have had bowed down to the King, that old man descends directly from God as we all know, nobody elected him but this world is so full of democracy it doesn’t matter, the King should be respected, just like Aznar, Bush and Blair because they are humans, not under-animals as Chavez wants us to believe.

Nicaragua’s president also showed problems bowing down to Spain’s philanthropic royalty, what’s more, he accused Aznar and the King of plotting against left-wing governments in Latin America and getting involved in the USA coup d’état against Hugo Chavez during 2003.

Aznar’s “democracy tour” (when he was still prime minister) had no other interest than to teach people in those ignorant countries full of oil that only right-wing political parties were qualified to guarantee a good economy and stability.

Can be blame the Spaniards for wanting to exploit LA countries?, with no gold, diamond mines, oil, gas or even a good location, where are they supposed to find the economic means to be a first world country?, if their own companies earn more money overseas, what’s a XXI Century King meant to do???, become a physiocrat?, a worker?, that’s so outdated!, establishing their monopolies in poor countries is the road to liberalism and freedom, no indian full of communist ideas should get in the way of progress.

Chavez is a dictator waiting to happen but, he called Bush “devil”, he called Fox “the emporium’s puppy”, he called snakes “more human than fascists” and now I can’t wait to see what will be the spaniard’s king new name.
Long live Chavez!.

Grijalva, Uscumacinta, Carrizal.

6 Nov

One million people lost their homes after Tabasco was flooded, how did it happen?. The pseudo-president blames global warming; Is nature cruel and unpredictable all the time?.

During that year (’99) Tabasco got less severely flooded, a project was then created to prevent it from happening again. Several government agencies announced plans such as the construction of floodgates and dams, last year 2 thousand million pesos were given by PEMEX to continue those works, residents complained not all the money was invested and what was built had no use because the materials allowed water infiltrations.

October, 2006
The Supreme Electoral Court admits the elections in Tabasco had several irregular situations but declared Granier the winner, this gave Tabasco a governor from the same political party that has been ruling for over 75 years.

October, 2007
The last governor of Tabasco, Madrazo, was accused of cheating during a marathon in Germany, his walk marked to be seven time faster than an Olympic medallist runner, when confronted he argued all judges knew he had an injury and it had clearly stated he wasn’t really participating but had crossed the finishing line only to get his participation diploma.

October 31st, 2007
Half of Tabasco’s territory gets flooded, the Governor says he can’t force people to leave their homes but will do it anyway if the situation worsens, he also says there’s no risk of the Grijalva river overflowing.
A few hours later pseudo-president FECAL helps filling up with sand a few sacks that will be used in case the rain returns. At night he gives a message to the nation, Tabasco is severely affected and asks for money and food to be given to their “mexican brothers”.

November 1st, 2007
The Grijalva river overflows leaving most of Tabasco underwater, people will remain on top of their homes for days without food. Television does a special coverage, a million people need clothes, food and a safe place to spend the next few days, TV channels and banks are receiving donations 24hrs a day. Three days later most people have not received any help, newspapers report: “only TV crews are arriving but empty handed”.

November 4th, 2007
Information about a National Electricity Board plant being the one to blame for the catastrophe becomes a constant in a few newspapers, apparently the plant was reaching the safe limit of water stored, when they were informed the severe rains could permanently damage the whole structure they opened the gates causing the flood.

November 5th, 2007
The National Electricity Board announces it will participate in the pseudo-president’s request that will excuse Tabasco residents of paying taxes during three months. Some congressmen made public their intention of donating one day of their salary to help people.

Oaxaca and Chiapas are also having severe flood problems, thousands, just like in Tabasco are isolated.
The UN issues a press release informing the floods could have easily been prevented had some “simple and inexpensive” measures were taken.

The government says there’s no risk of an epidemic and compare the tragedy to the one in New Orleans.


16 Oct

Today is World Food Day, and for whatever reason that’s supposed to make the world make a pause to think about those who don’t have anything to eat, because by raising awareness others can start eating daily.
As a mere coincidence it was announced that scientists (who have plenty to eat) discovered a part of the brain that controls people’s eating habits and they are hoping this information will help them fight obesity.
Nobody elaborated on why millions of people in Africa and other regions don’t seem affected in the slightest by this brain issue that makes people continue eating even if they already had a meal big enough for five, but I guess that information wasn’t going to save lives.
But the biggest news of the past few days is not food related and it hasn’t been the meetings Russia has had with several leaders of the world either, it was the name of the Nobel Peace Prize winner: UN aka Al Gore.
The United Nations worked hard to make this world a more miserable place to live in so it was easier to give full credit to Mr. Gore saying he had done a lot for the planet, not b
y stopping his country from polluting, not by making his country change its position about environmental issues and definitely not by avoiding any kind of natural disaster, he won the prize because he travelled the world raising awareness on the biggest threat human race has faced since the 90’s.
We can absolutely ignore how during the time he was vice president of the USA this country bombed Bosnia, Serbia and Iraq (this causing the deaths of around 1 million), we can ignore the USA invaded Haiti and Somalia during the so-called “Clinton administration”, we can even ignore Al Gore’s prize was the one for peace, but what happened during the fraud Bush committed with the elections?, is the world supposed to believe he handed the presidency over to a mass murderer because ecology was more important?.
What’s next?, the Iraq-is-best-invaded wife of yet another murderer winning the elections with the consent of Baby Bush?.
No, of course not.