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The Stand Up Sleeper

22 May

I was tired but awake last night, I wanted to see the end of a movie, and I found the movie “Madonna Truth or Dare” was also being shown, and with subtitles.

I saw that movie when I was young more than 10 times, in bits maybe 30, I knew the dialogues, what happens, but I hadn’t paid attention to certain words simply because I was younger and am a bit deaf.

After a few minutes of watching, I discovered something, when she plays in Toronto the police threatens (but doesn’t carry on with it) to arrest her for being immoral as she has a quite graphic scene when “singing” “Like a virgin”.
I love that version of the song, the choreography, everything, but if I still was the 8 year old fan of her I used to be I would feel puzzled at what’s going on during the concert, in any case that’s not the important bit, what actually called my attention is that she says “In America there’s freedom of speech”, well, setting aside the fact Canada IS America I found the statement a bit rushed.

The movie is less than 10 years old, does that means in the USA people had and lost their freedom in less than a decade?.

Let’s remember it was that same Madonna who made a video against war in Iraq and she herself censored it, but insisted on making political concerts to criticize her president’s government.
Let’s imagine that because now she’s a mother of two she prefers censorship and no longer says things like “I’m an artist and this is the way I chose to express myself, I’ll rather cancel concerts than change my show”, would that mean there really was freedom in the USA and none of it in Canada?.

I’m more prone to believe that faking a masturbation on-stage is not freedom of speech, even if the recent “Nipplegate” can say something different, people in the USA have shown their bodies and engaged in all sort of sexual activities on TV and for shows for many years, the “Nipplegate” was an unfortunate event in the history of voyeurism, but, is that freedom?, has sexual freedom all that has been given to them?, is this a “have a TV in the name of literature” trap?.

I wouldn’t doubt it, Canada has free health care for all their citizens, racism is virtually non-existent there (not to be confused with discrimination), they have a democracy and I don’t remember when was the last time they went to war or their governmental representatives made an out of place comment.
Well, more wild sex for the USA.