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27 Jul

Por si no se ha dado cuenta el señor que dijo nuestros intelectuales eran terroristas, estamos en Mexico, aquí hay libertad de opinión, si protestamos en contra de los asesinatos a civiles inocentes en Libano eso no nos hace terroristas.
Tal vez en Israel todos tienen que pensar igual para no convertirse en “un peligro para Israel” pero aquí no y tan es así que en este país nunca se ha atacado a un Judío por su religión.
No hay necesidad de recurrir a los calificativos, si este país ofende su nacionalidad o sus creencias es libre de irse.

31 Minutos

26 Jul

En una programación plagada de llamados al sexismo, el odio, la intolerancia y la estupidez siempre se agradece tener acceso a un programa como 31 Minutos.
No recuerdo cuando fue la ultima vez que vi en la TV algo tan valioso e interesante.
David Lynch podría aprender unas cuantas cosas sobre el verdadero surrealismo a partir de esta serie.
La perfección existe.

The not so useless president

22 Jul

As seen in this article there are many reasons why Mexican president Fox is one of the worse totalitarian “leaders” America has seen, the only thing that puts him under Bush or Pinochet in the list is that he hasn’t murdered thousands of citizens against his methods of control, why?.

Let’s remember why he’s a bad president first:
– Whenever the congress didn’t authorize something he wanted (expensive “globalizing” trips, etc.) he went on national TV to say congressmen were corrupt and wanted to ruin the country.

– He didn’t respect the agreement to do an institution in charge of the elections consisting of only citizens with no political affiliations, the president and the party that spent 75 years controlling the country used people from their respective parties to lead the institution so they could manipulate the results.

– He used his power, influence, money and position as the president to try to put in jail a man who wanted to be president and had people’s support to do so. He also used all those resources so promote the candidate of his own political party.

– He approved a law in which most massive media will report only what the government authorizes.

– He allowed his wife and his wife’s family to use and abuse the money from people’s taxes as well as giving their companies contracts to do “services” for the government.

– He started the now traditional advertisements or slogans that say whomever is against him is evil or a criminal.

– In exchange of privileges he asked companies to promote voting for the candidate of his party, workers were threatened to be fired if they voted differently.

A different article to this one said, soon, the only way the government will have to keep controlling people is with strict fascism. When is that going to happen?.

Honestly, why would somebody need democracy when you have TV saying everything is good and stable?, if the government is asking people to wear a white ribbon to support peace in the country, who would want to ask that government to do something about the policemen’s heads appearing every week as warnings by drug dealers?.

I always thought Zedillo had been a democratic hero but now I think he was on too much drugs when he authorized the opposite party to win the elections.

What’s the world for?

17 Jul

It wasn’t even funny how Zidane went from being “the greatest player” to “one who has always been a dirty player” within hours, do I care?, possibly not, humans are likely to be hypocrites by nature (Totti spitting on Roberto Carlos anyone?), but it calls my attention the different theories that have appeared after he “Zidaned” the Italian player. A few have said Zidane just had to leave with a statement of disagreement towards that big industry who used him, some more have said he needed to protest against that merchandising system that voraciously swallows sports and those who play them, and others simply said he needed to leave destroying his image, we will never know what he really wanted, but he’s likely to become “Maradonna famous” now, his actions were took as preachment and he did something most humans wouldn’t even think about, there’s myth, speculation, the man is no longer an idol or a hero, he’s an inscrutable icon.

Wahoo, I would define it as the ultimate moral crime, abusing others in those moments and places where they are at their most vulnerable. It’s going to the forums where those who are ill, weak or alone go to only to make fun of them, it’s visiting the forums of those who like something “sinful” and judge them, it’s messaging cutters to challenge them to end their lives, it’s bullying people in their personal pages or journals.

And they feel sorry for those who are sensitive because being the opposite is having power, because when there is no remorse there is no limit and everything has the possibility of becoming an amusement, others’ misery and suffering has been re-discovered as the endless source of entertainment.

Only humans could have created a society so twisted that makes the life of some humans more valuable than the one of others.

Israel has morals yes, but they have two sides, one for them, one for the “others”. The chosen ones decide who deserves to live and who deserves to die, no leader in the world is willing to go against them, they murder, the rest sit and watch.

I’m starting to wonder if they’re really just using religion as an excuse to their fundamentalism. So I’m sure that if Jews were being murdered not one civilian would stay home and do nothing, but civilians can’t do a thing if others’ kids are the ones being bombed.

What did Materazzi told Zidane?

10 Jul

 I can’t believe in this time and age nobody has been able to sit for 10 minutes and decipher what in the world Materazzi told Zidane earning the first one a nice headbutt.
 All that’s necessary to solve the mystery is a person with access to the replay of the discussion and/or the original video footage, this person should also speak Italian, so, in a world with billions of people, is that too hard to find?.
 I’m going to guess, Materazzi said something to the effect of “My goal was legitimate unlike yours”.
 I don’t like Zidane, I don’t even like football but I feel bad for the guy, he was the best player in all the games he participated in at the WolrdCup 2006.
12.07.06 Edit – “son of a terrorist whore”.
It just doesn’t get any worse than that.

TWAT, it’s all about success

7 Jul

It got so popular, that TWAT is now applied in other countries who don’t even have a War Against Terrorism.
The elections in Mexico were a fraud, in less than 24hrs the official candidate went from being -2% away from winning to actually winning by +1%.
Newspapers all over the world are talking about how successful the elections where and how the loser gone winner used a great campaign to win votes. I don’t know how’s life in France but here a campaign consisting of “My rival is evil/You may lose your belongings and your home if my rival becomes president” slogans only created chaos and fear.
Of course, fear is important to win an election, otherwise, who in their sane mind would vote for a murderer or a criminal?.
To the world this is good news, to me, no matter who had won, it’s bad news, because there were no laws controlling the horrible attacks all threw at each other. Nobody cared about what laws or projects could help the country, it was all about destroying the reputation of the rest.
And today some guy from a newspaper said “Do not protest!, we must respect the results from the elections, if you take the streets the country will suffer, the economy will become unstable, the situation will be dramatic!”, I remind the newspaper guy, those who protest did not use the media to spead panic and neither commited fraud in the first place.

The many senses

6 Jul

This is a story about a woman who claims to see and talk to dead people.

It turns out a known TV host lost her daughter a year ago. The daughter was 39 and left 3 kids, one of them an 8th months old baby.

After the murder (by robbers) the mother had to go through a very publicized grieving process, a fascination by the media of the details surrounding the life of the murdered woman (she was an actress) and the scandal of the widow finding a replacement only 4 weeks after he lost his wife.

Today somebody who gave that mother strength to deal with the death of her daughter appeared on TV, it was a medium, and it has supposedly given messages to the whole family since several months ago.
Today, that woman (Concetta Bertoldi, a USA citizen) visited a show to meet with different mexican celebrities and a few members of the audience, I saw the show for around 15 minutes, this is how it went.

– The first person was a man whose 22 year old son committed suicide. The medium said “Your son was around 17, he wasn’t
little, he died in an accident, he always took your car for a drive around without your permission and you pretended to be angry but really weren’t, all his friends gave you support, he sends messages to all of them”, the man’s answer was “No, we didn’t have a car but he liked music a lot”, to which she replied “There’s a song your son sends you, the one you often hear”.

– The second person received a “Your son is with somebody else from your family”, the mother of that son simply said “Yes, my father is also dead” and the medium said “He loves you very much”.

– The third person, from the audience, wanted to know who had murdered her son the medium said “Nobody from your family, but a friend knows something, she loves you and calls Jorge”, last time the medium was there 3 years ago she also mentioned a Jorge to another person and it turned out to be right, there was a Jorge somewhere, this time the mother didn’t know anybody with that name but agreed her son had been reckless as the medium pointed out.

– The forth person had disappeared the medium said she was dead, murdered but there was no way to know who had done it and said a person dead in July from her family was with her, the mother didn’t have any relatives dying on this month so just ignored her and kept weeping because she didn’t think her daughter, who left 2 kids, was dead.

I hope I don’t get a visit from either of those “contacted” today, but I believe it’s not to difficult to guess and be right less than half of the time.

If somebody liked music chances are there’s a special song that reminds us of them, and if they were young the chances of them dying in an accident are quite big. If the parents are not old chances are their kids were not old when they died and if you name a “John” each time or mention a birthday/anniversary/special day/”or something”(as the medium said) it’s likely to work on a high percentage.

What is wrong with people who pretend to see “beyond this world” to be so mean and cause a bigger pain and confusion to those who have lost a loved one and can’t get over it?, I think they pay more attention to the times they “hit” and tell themselves what they do is beautiful because it brings peace to those who suffer, for example, this medium told the father of the guy who committed suicide to forgive himself because his son said he needed that from his father to move on.

It can’t be that bad, or can it?.
The woman said she has 5,000 clients, I can already imagine how many of those have felt better with the same “He/She’s right behind you” line.