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16 Oct

Today is World Food Day, and for whatever reason that’s supposed to make the world make a pause to think about those who don’t have anything to eat, because by raising awareness others can start eating daily.
As a mere coincidence it was announced that scientists (who have plenty to eat) discovered a part of the brain that controls people’s eating habits and they are hoping this information will help them fight obesity.
Nobody elaborated on why millions of people in Africa and other regions don’t seem affected in the slightest by this brain issue that makes people continue eating even if they already had a meal big enough for five, but I guess that information wasn’t going to save lives.
But the biggest news of the past few days is not food related and it hasn’t been the meetings Russia has had with several leaders of the world either, it was the name of the Nobel Peace Prize winner: UN aka Al Gore.
The United Nations worked hard to make this world a more miserable place to live in so it was easier to give full credit to Mr. Gore saying he had done a lot for the planet, not b
y stopping his country from polluting, not by making his country change its position about environmental issues and definitely not by avoiding any kind of natural disaster, he won the prize because he travelled the world raising awareness on the biggest threat human race has faced since the 90’s.
We can absolutely ignore how during the time he was vice president of the USA this country bombed Bosnia, Serbia and Iraq (this causing the deaths of around 1 million), we can ignore the USA invaded Haiti and Somalia during the so-called “Clinton administration”, we can even ignore Al Gore’s prize was the one for peace, but what happened during the fraud Bush committed with the elections?, is the world supposed to believe he handed the presidency over to a mass murderer because ecology was more important?.
What’s next?, the Iraq-is-best-invaded wife of yet another murderer winning the elections with the consent of Baby Bush?.
No, of course not.


21 Sep

Aproposito de este articulo y porque ya me anda, aquí un correo que le mande al autor.

“Señor, he leído su columna varias veces a través del sendero del peje, me parece siempre muy acertada pero sus dos últimos escritos los veo imprecisos.
Las personas no dejan de existir cuando se les niegan créditos, la vida no depende del dinero que los bancos o supermercados ofrezcan.
No es absurdo que las personas después de los 70 años ya no sean consideradas en edad productiva, prestar un crédito de cualquier tipo (en los de vivienda hacen lo mismo) en ese momento de la vida de las personas significa que tienen menos de una década para liquidarlo, y los bancos e insituciones de préstamo son negocios.
Lo terrible de todo este asunto no me parece que tenga que ver con los bancos que hacen dinero a costa del arduo trabajo de las personas o con los gobiernos que se los permiten, mas bien el problema es que no haya mas oportunidad de ahorro por parte de los adultos mayores, que se haya abusado de ellos durante medio siglo de sus vidas y que en todo ese tiempo las empresas no se ocuparan de proveerlos con un salario justo o guardar el dinero de las jubilaciones en lugar de gastarlo para su beneficio personal.
Créditos son deudas, y eso no me parece algo a lo que se deba aspirar, a ninguna edad.”

Nada más eso faltaba.
Actualización: ¿Salí en el periódico?
En esta nota sale esta cita: “De las decenas de misivas que el tema provocó en nuestros leyentes, sólo una, anónima por cierto, defendía a los bancos por sus execrables prácticas discriminatorias.”, y dado mi enorme ego ¡¡¡creo que se referían a mi!!!, aunque mi correo no fue anónimo (duh!) me inclino a pensar que mis palabras fueron tomadas como ofensa (o banco defensa) pues no dije: “¡Si, en las universidades discriminan a los que no saben leer!, ¡¡¡intolerancia maldita!!!”.

En las preprimarias no dejan asistir a los viejos que quieren aprender a pesar de que están mas dispuestos que muchos infantes, para las cirugías de “bypass” gástrico ningún medico opera si no eres obeso, ¡aunque tengas el dinero para pagarlo!, ¡¿por qué nadie nos defiende?!, ¡¿dónde esta la justicia!?.
Dios, se llama sentido común.

Otra actualización fuera de temporada.
Me enferman los comerciales de “adquiere tu terminal para tarjeta”, sale un chamaco berrinchudo pidiéndole a la madre embarazada comida chatarra, después de unos momentos la madre cede y entran a una tienda, ella sin ver si trae dinero empieza a comprar compulsivamente (¿como embarazada con antojos?) para después descubrir que la tarjeta, la única que puede solventar todos sus gastos no planeados, no es aceptada en dicha tienda. ¿Quién pierde?, solo el de la tiendita, claro, la señora seguramente ira a otro lugar a despilfarrar el dinero.

Que tal la versión del comercial de la “monografía de la vaca”, ¿una señora que compra aretes en una papeleria?, ¿esas son las que tienen tarjeta de crédito?, ¡claro!, ahora todos tienen acceso a ella, ¿para que ahorrar si puedes endeudarte?.

Anyway, what in the world is that “Pussycat Dolls” thing about?, ever since that “Don’t cha” rubbish appeared I’ve been wondering, their videos look like 3 minutes long commercials saying “I’m a whore and I’m available”, wouldn’t it be easier (cheaper) to go into a porn page of those that include bio and blog of the girls?.
Yeah we get it, you can give good head and allow changes at Bakerloo, what else?, musical porn gets boring after a while, seriously, just look at Vanity.
And talking about “cats”, there’s this show about baby animals being “rescued” by different associations showing the joys of finding an ill or endangered animal to be raised in captivity for all humans to admire.
I saw the episode of a woman who “rescued” some baby panthers. She took them away from the mom because it was “necessary”, she kept them in her home for 2 months, later they were going to live in a zoo somewhere for the rest of their lives, but, it had to be done!, nobody knows how many of them are left in the wild!, they are not fond of being seen by humans, jeez, I wonder why.

People, leave animals alone, you don’t need to study them to see how they behave, to understand their nature or help them breed, just leave them alone, don’t hunt them, don’t eat them, don’t experiment with them and don’t stalk them, they’ll manage, and if they disappear forever they won’t suffer, humans will suffer, but they always do with good reason damn it!.


2 May

There will be several topics in this post, I’m going to begin with a comment on the nationalization of all energy resources by the Bolivian president.

Evo Morales had promised that if he became president then petrol, oil and gas were going to be taken from foreign companies and become property of the Bolivian country again.

There are many opinions about it, about how it’s going to affect Italy, France and to a lesser extent the UK and Brasil, and again there’s an opinion that stood out, that one said petrol got to its last peak, and natural resources will now be more local, not in a national level, but they will be sold and bought inside the same continent they come from.

I had to wonder why would people stop using petrol, even if the people interviewed said gas was more “ecologic”; Why on earth would a place like the USA could think of stop buying cheaply (or stealing) petrol when there are millions of USA-ians who depend on it?.

But then there’s the fact that the sun can provide energy, for free, no need to use a war for it (so far) and rich countries have never considered that option because they like getting money out of selling anything people feel the need of buying, but if Russia is nationalizing their oil and so is Bolivia and Venezuela is not selling any to the USA, why would they want to buy it?, why make a business in something that will give you no profit?.

Presidents these days only case about popularity, they won’t do something that’s necessary if millions don’t agree with it, who cares what position their countries en up being, they just want to be liked. In any case I can’t see a lot wrong with the actions of the Bolivian president, if you are going to get sold to foreigners or to your own people I think most would prefer the latter, ignoring the dream of many to become slaves of the rich, I believe bonds do matter.

And continuing with the bond topic, yesterday the USA had their “One Day Without Immigrants”, which basically meant all immigrants were still there but not working or studying.

There are mixed versions all over of how it went, but what I saw is a bunch of people, mostly Mexicans, desperate to get a green card, and some people are amazed at the level of “unity” this movement has reached, they speak of a historic day, a day when thousands got together, but, for what?, sure, it was a surprise because we all know the “hispanic spirit” which is basically “everybody for themselves”, so we know they are all moved not by solidarity, they just want their green card and to hell with the rest, like Cubans, who don’t support immigrants for anything, they can be legal USA residents any day they learn how to swim for hours. There is nothing inspiring in what immigrants are doing, many legal residents in the USA will eat worms for less than a job offer, so what is there to say about the success of those marches and the ones that will follow?, nothing.


10 Jul

Last week was the highly advertised final of BBVIP2 II, as I already mentioned it was a circus and being such they had an elephant as a special attraction. I also previously mentioned that the elephant got so confused that began to run all over the tv studio with the host still sitting on top of him.

What I haven’t mentioned is that google removed me again from their URL search results, thank you, I feel great now…

So, animals as a source of entertainment keeps proving to be a bad idea, why keep doing it? Who wins what here?.

Elephants, should be said, have to be trained for years before being able to appear in front of a crowd, the process is long and painful, they have to be physically injured every single day many hours a day for years until they learn who the master is, the purpose of hitting and yelling to an elephant whilst he/she is chained down is to make him(/her) believe he no longer is in control, he has to know he’s not strong, he can’t do anything to save himself, he’s a slave now, he must be submissive and obey, he has no dignity, he’s worthless, a waste that nobody wants. Almost like a battered wife in the hands of her own abusive husband.

After a while, if the elephant is strong he’ll obey all the orders of his trainers, if he is not he’ll die in the process, but there’s a 3rd option, that he will believe he’s not an elephant but a pile of junk for a while and one day he’ll remember he was born free and can walk and move as he wants.

That could be what happened to the elephant on TV last week, got scared with the people, the flags, the lights and shiny pieces of paper falling down everywhere, he no longer wanted to be there so he tried to get out, indifferent to the beating of his trainer or to the fact that his trainer started to climb up his nose.

I thin it’s obvious that the elephant didn’t want to be on TV, he didn’t appear one day outside the TV studio and said “Hey I want a chance for people to see me”, I think it’s obvious he enjoyed being a free elephant and didn’t try to be part of the show business, elephants are not humans, humans are not elephants.

If I ever see another elephant being killed after running over people at a circus or show event I think I’ll thank god.

Sealed with a kiss

15 Abr

For several days I tried to avoid watching the videos of the Canadians murdering seals, I already knew the information, What else could I learn from a violent video?, Well, I did learn something.

If a human, any human, can’t survive without the “help” of money from selling animal work, animal suffering or animal skin such human deserves to starve, so humans can reproduce but cannot live without oppressing others, and according to the government of Canada it’s necessary that at least 2,500 seals are murdered as fishing isn’t going well and Canadians need to survive…with $40CanDlls. of fur per fleeced and murdered seal.

And it seems that according to Canadians and the Canadian government the only way to kill a baby seal is with a hook, hit them in the head, no matter if they scream, jump, convulse or try to run away, save their lives, hit them until they leave the white snow red with blood, it’s a party, a celebration, everybody is rich now, the country is saved, humanity is saved thanks to those brave souls that can kill a 4 week old seal with a smile in their face.

Humans are monsters, monsters are humans, the government of Canada says it’s not wrong to kill baby seals (they must be babies as the skin is better) because the population is big and if a million seals are murdered in the next 3 years the animal is not in danger of extinction, ok, humans aren’t either, Does that makes it right to kill them? Because if the government of Canada says it is I’m sure there are a few thousand volunteers that can help with the overpopulation problem of people in risk of starving in Canada.

There’s extra people that cannot seem to do anything better to earn a living than kill a baby seal for 40 dollars, and there’s people willing to get rid of them, deal?.

These tears I’ve cried.

30 Ene

Last night I saw a movie, a very sad movie, I was very tired and sleepy when the movie started, when it finished I couldn’t sleep anymore.
I’ll write about that movie/documentary here, as I suspect nobody that reads my journal (nobody reads my journal…) is likely to see it, as it was a very local, low budged movie.

Homeless-Street kids

I think the first world name for people that don’t have a home and live in the streets is “homeless”, in most 3rd world countries the name is that too, but there’s also another category, “The Kids From the Streets”, such name is for kids AND young adults that sometimes do have a home but prefer to live in the outside: parks, abandoned buildings, inside the drain or under sewers, and more commonly under bridges.
“Kids from the streets” aren’t new, they have existed as a group “of” society for about 30 years, I don’t know how it started, I don’t know why it began, but right now in countries like Brazil there are thousands of
kids and teenagers that live and work in the street, in Brazil the amount of kids in that situation is so big that there have been several movies about that, just like in Mexico.

Those kids are seen by half of society as a plague, they must be destroyed, they make everything ugly, they are ill, stoned, dirty, they steal to buy PVC (a chemical substance that can be inhaled like “thinner” and other substances to induce a drug-like state), they remain unconscious in the pavement, the sight is awful, they should be taken to a special place where they can be taught how to be productive members of society.
The other half believes they are a result of a big problem with families, with society in general, they shouldn’t be ignored, they are part of humanity and humanity should help them, nobody should look away, they must see them, know them, feed them and put them to school, and later allow them to be eligible for a job.
The only truth is that governments come and go and the “kids of the streets” population keeps growing, their ages keep decreasing, everybody, the ones that ignore and the ones that want everybody to see them know they are still there.
The movie I saw was about 4 of them, Marco, an 11 year old that had been living in the streets for several years, had parents, brothers and sisters, a half built house in the suburbs, he inhaled, and said the worse thing about living outside was the cold.
He sometimes got food from some Christian association that went to the public square where he lived, they prayed, danced and asked the kids to dance and chant too, then they gave them food.
Then there was Erika, she was 18, inhaled, had a family and her mom was paying for a “house” in the suburbs, she cried, she wanted to help her mother.
Erika had a close friend, around 3 years youger that her, she was pregnant and inhaling PVC.
Both of them had been raped, but before that, on a night they were together with another girl they were captured by the police, they were beaten up and taken to a motel, the police officers threated them with taking them both to jail if they didn’t agree to have sex with them, Erika’s friend was very young, Erika didn’t want them to rape the girl so she told them that she wasn’t going to do anything against them if they left the other girl alone, they did, 5 policemen raped Erika that night, she said that ended with all her dreams and illusions but she also said that she didn’t regret her decision because her friend was very young and like a sister for her.
Later came the interview with “The Rat”, a boy of around 9 years of age, had been in the streets for around a year, he inhaled and said he liked it but could leave it whenever he wanted as he was not a junkie, when he inhaled he described how he felt like floating and saw things that weren’t real.
The Rat was from a remote place, he arrived to the city with other 2 friends, one returned home, and he hadn’t seen the other one in a while.
He wanted to go back to his house, “start a new life”, be with his mother, but he had no money and was thinking that a priest might help him, that priest had been very good to him he said, the priest gave him food, clothes and money that The Rat used for a bag of potato chips, food and PVC.
Finally there was Juan, a really nice looking boy of around 10, one of his legs had been amputated, he explained that he had cancer, that before having the surgery his leg looked horrible from the toes to above his knee, he said one night he was lying on the street in a lot of pain and a woman with a car stoped by and took him to the hospital, the woman paid for everything but the doctors told Juan that the cancer had spread to his lungs because of his lifestyle and because he had used so much drugs.
Months later the people filming the documentary went to the same place, trying to find him, nobody had seen him in months, they found him in the suburbs, with his mom and brothers, lying uncovered over a mattress, couldn’t breath or speak, could hardly be thinner, his only leg looked as think as the arm of a 12 year old, he had tanks of oxygen, half of his face was paralyzed, he couldn’t move.
The next day he asked the peop
le of the documentary to take him to see his friends, they did, Juan’s mother put a bed cover in the park, she also put a pillow, little by little his friends arrived to see him, touched him, kissed him, he didn’t say anything. A while later one of his friends held him, others followed with the cover and the pillow, they put him inside the taxi very carefully then waved good bye, Juan left and his friends stayed in the middle of the street crying.
I had always believed the philanthropic version: “Those kids want freedom, they can’t be adapted into rules, they need help but also support in living in their own terms. That’s why they always go back to the streets, they run away from home, from shelters, foster homes, they can never give up that way of living”.
Yesterday I got my own theory, those kids choose to get raped if that saves a friend from the same, they like helping each other, they want to be together, need to say good bye before they die; Could it be that these kids do that because they live true relationships? true love? They need each other to survive, their relationships are stronger, and due to the lack of material possessions, more truthful than the ones of even most families.
I’m starting to believe these kids don’t want to be free of rules or authority, they want to be free of a society that’s not based in a true, strong, emotional, “for better or worse” fraternity. They might not want to put on a fake smile for a stupid boss or nice words for that best friend that will betray them, Could I be wrong?
Marco went back to the streets a Sunday night, Erika went back too, Erika’s friend gave birth to a dead baby girl, “The Rat” didn’t return home, Juan died 2 months later, in February 2003.

Who is my neighbour?

26 Nov

News should only be important to the people directly affected by them, same as gossip, if the news are about an unknown person or concerning activity that has no influence in us then they should be irrelevant, not news to us, but another priceless gift of globalization is making people believe that if the prime minister of Germany changes his hair colour is important, we are also told about the latest changes in economy of Japan, the royalty in the UK and some pedophile in the U.S.A., when the truth is that only around 20% of the whole wide world population knows where are such places and who are those people, probably only a few hundreds are actually affected by the info becoming news.
And at the same time, when news that aren’t so take 70% of the news-space the important information for a country, a town or a county are not told, they are kept as unimportant, nobody talks about it because, it’s not even known that it’s occurring, it usually takes years or an emergency to finally realize that something concerning us was happening and action needed to be taken.
Today there are no news and I’m here left wondering what to post about.