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28 Nov

The Mexican government said: “Tolerance is over”. Since when is having different thoughts, meetings, protests and marches a calling for tolerance?, and to what was the government “tolerant”?, the people they work for?, hearing critics?, human rights?!.
I have no words.
And now hundreds were sent to jails, kidnapped and three others murdered, today many more are being arrested and charged with “federal crimes” which are consider worse than murder in most cases.
But disappointment is big, just as this posts says, Saramago let many of us down, and Sique is right, we cannot blame the writer for this, it’s our fault, for having a different image of who he was. I had present in my mind the day when his books were burnt by Jews because he dared to criticize their attacks to Palestinians, today I just have his words saying “I don’t know who won the elections but I think…” and his silence regarding those attacked in Oaxaca, and yes, Sique also said that.
The Mexican Parliament was taken by the leftists, they say they’re not letting go of it until December the 2nd, one day after the illegitimate president becomes legal, he won’t be able to do the latter if the place remains like this:

So there might still be hope.


28 Nov

I think when I started using a blog my posts used to be a lot longer, it’s a shame these days my posts are only huge when there are different subjects involved. Or perhaps it’s all in my head?, quite possibly, but I have a goal now, I’ll make a really long post.

It turns out most of this continent called America wants a change and thus is getting rid of politics that involve paying more attention to other countries than their own, in other words, “no more globalization please”.

Most areas of globalization are failing, some others still active will collapse in the next few years but there’s one which future is uncertain: Corporations.

Getting involved in others’ wars proved to be not only morally wrong but plain stupid, it took the USA about 40 years to see this, and maybe the lesson is still not learnt (we know how humans are, specially the ones living there) but so far they no longer want the latest version of those “Hero” ideals, the TWAT went wrong and the worse is yet to come, the USA won’t be able to leave Iraq in once piece, and after all the crimes committed there by them, it just couldn’t have been differently.

Then we have Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil and Nicaragua, people there are tired of making other nations rich, so they chose (are choosing) leaders who won’t try to sell the country (citizens included) to the first company that requests it. No more “friendly investment” or “world bank loans”, what is in their nation stays there and countries like Spain will have to manage without exploiting the poor, something unheard of in modern history, or they of course can look for another poor country whose leaders are so corrupt they can be willing to sell their own mother for a million dollars.

It sounds good, the beginning of a new era (decade?), all countries are self-sufficient, nobody predates the needy, chosen leaders have dignity and people no longer want to sit at home watching a soap opera about a girl who used to be poor and ugly but then meets a rich guy who sees her inner beauty and helps her get out of her shell to show the world her real value, unless it’s Mexico, of course.

Mexico used to be respectful of human rights, many longed for the “american dream” and many just dreamt of living in Europe or being european, but, all disagreed with the invasions and massacres started by the USA, the UK and Spain, Mexicans didn’t approve Pinochet’s dictatorship and even less what happened in Spain when Franco took over, many Spaniards took refugee from the persecution in Mexico, they brought the torture and murder stories with them, there was no way those crimes were going to be approved, and when several countries in Latin America suffered from decades of “Guerra Sucia” (the government torturing and murdering thousands of those against them), Mexico wasn’t one to support it.

But then President Fox arrived, and same as Bush in 2004 there was no way his political party was going to be re-elected so he had to do something big in order to make people want a criminal, that’s when the help of a Spaniard and a USA publicist were used to create his own “War on Terror” but this time the threat was at home, some groups needed to get erased, they were dangerous to democracy, to the good people who work each day for the minimum and live off credit but feel they’re ready to start using dollars as their local currency.

Now, just like in Chile and Spain some people feel they need a dictator, one who controls “those who are bad”, the others don’t need human rights, fair trials, it’s okay to beat them up, to kill them, to have them disappear, they fail to see democracy, they are blind and can’t see the only truth, the government is here to protect.

Many countries are finally understanding that nobody can save them from the abuse, they have to get up and fight themselves, the “world police” (aka IMF) will iss
ue alerts, write critics and throw tantrums, but they need the masses to make them rich, the masses don’t need a thing from them.

Democracy has failed, and I’ll add here something I probably have already said (same as most things this post has, sorry to say) it’s amazing how after 800 years not a single government system has worked.

I have a suggestion, make sure each group of 100 people in this world have self-sufficiency and you’re done.

Legitimate vs Legal

21 Nov

Mexico has a new president now, elected by millions of voters and “re-elected” by over a million people representing different groups of society (natives, the elders, students, and each one of the 32 states Mexico has).

But, why are some foreign countries and the media so angry about it?, shadow cabinets exist in other places, what’s the big crime here?. Well, we’ll have to say it’s going to forever remain a mystery why Spain is fiercely attacking the Legitimate President’s movement [/sarcarsm].

The Legal president introduced a few more members of his cabinet, it was already known the one in charge of “administrating” the country’s money had been (is still?) working for the International Moneraty Fund (how convinient), and today it was made official that a man who has shares in one of the companies behind Irak’s war will run the Communications and Transportation Department.

Many of those announced for the cabinet had already served in past administrations, their skills were made clear when, for example, they caused two devaluations and a few severe economic crisis which
affected the whole world (Tequila effect anyone?).

Nevermind, TV says everything is going great, they also announce every week that kids in Oaxaca will go back to school “next week”, after 180+ days, one can only trust.

Anyway, Botero finally did something good with himself, his series of paintings about the events with USA militaries torturing Iraqi citizens (prisioners) were specially good, nothing hidden, nothing added, nothing judged, just reality gone wide.

Oh yes, for those who don’t believe AMLO really won the elections, promote what this says: Count all the votes properly.

Juicy Fruitcake II

15 Nov

New President of Mexico next Monday. The legitimate that is, the illegitimate one is still wondering how he’ll arrive to the ceremony and if he’ll be able to enter the building, he has been using the back doors (in more than two ways) since he “won” the elections 4 months ago. And he’ll fight terrorism!, oh yes he will, he’ll beat the bad guys.

Meanwhile our new president (the legitimate one) celebrated his birthday, well, it wasn’t really a celebration, just a few hundred people singing “happy birthday” to him. Rumour has it he is expecting a baby (well, his girlfriend is) but some of his supporters believe that doesn’t change anything to his movement, I disagree. He lost his wife to cancer a few years ago, he has been raising 3 kids (a couple of them teens actually) on his own since then, many women have an image of him as a person to be “looked after”, at least on a personal level. Most of his followers are very old people, mainly because he was the first person to care about them (most politicians see them as the least important group in society), and those followers hold abig group of ladies who don’t miss his events and are willing to give their lives for him, I believe those ladies do want a better country, but I also think they feel it’s a maternal responsibility to make sure he feels sheltered.
Which means: New baby + New wife = Less love from big crowds.

Talking about new crowds, TV is doing its best to make people dumber, but I’m well aware that’s now new, just lately I got reminded again.

A local “Dance with the Stars” decided to arrange as winners a couple of actors (acting as “real people”) whose role was to play the mean and aggressive partners. The judges, the “star” in charge of dancing with them (yes, sometimes groups of 5 or more danced together) and basically anybody near them was attacked, the highlight?, when the groom said to another competitor “If a woman is happy being beaten up nobody can tell her she’s wrong, she’ll live happy that way if she enjoys it”.

Then “Lost” those TV series that have been going on for 2 years with the same plot and little changes. What I found funny is that those in charge of the (lame) story claim some things happening in their show are “mythology”, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had no clue what the word means, but really, if a bunch of rubbish has to be sold as “too good if you don’t get it” then I can call the story of my flip flops mythology.

We’ll see how it goes.


10 Nov

 Ayer fue aprobada la ley de sociedades en convivencia y los representantes de la Iglesia Católica en México, al igual que los representantes del pueblo, dicen todo menos lo que nosotros pensamos.

 Como fiel creyente de la Virgen de Loreto (una representacion 100% Católica) doy aquí mi opinión sobre el comunicado que envió el episcopado.


México, D.F., 8 de noviembre de 2006


Respetar la naturaleza es algo que todos queremos, lo vemos en el acertado cuidado de la ecología que con tanta insistencia se ha sembrado en nuestro entorno. La Iglesia ha sido siempre resp
etuosa de la ley natural, porque es en la misma naturaleza del hombre donde se encuentra su plenitud y no sólo en las leyes positivas. El mismo cuerpo humano expresa la diferencia fundamental y complementaria entre un hombre y una mujer.

 Aquí solo cabe mencionar que no todos los seres humanos del universo nacieron católicos pero si todos deben de ser RESPETUOSOS DE LA NATURALEZA, no hay en el mundo dos personas iguales y las diferencias jamas deben ser motivo de discriminación por nosotros, los que creemos en un Dios que ama a todos sus hijos.

Los obispos de México, apoyamos leyes que dignifiquen al ser humano, que lo engrandezcan y que lo hagan gozar del innato deseo de felicidad que Dios ha sembrado en sus corazones. Apoyamos con certeza leyes cuyo objetivo es perseguir siempre la bondad que hace libre a los seres y que los ubica en igualdad de condiciones.

 Bien, porque la ley de convivencia le da derechos de HUMANO a cualquiera que lo sea, sin importar su preferencia sexual, su color de piel, su raza o credo.

El matrimonio es la base de la familia, como la familia es el vértice del matrimonio. Es imposible separar una de otra. La familia no está en función de la sociedad y del estado, sino la sociedad y el estado están en función de la familia. Es la comunidad humana fundamental. Conforme sea la familia, será la nación, porque así es el hombre. El futuro del hombre se decide en la familia.

 ¿Osea que una viuda esta violando la visión que el Arzobispado tiene de la familia?, atenta contra la sociedad, ¿qué hay que hacerles para evitar esto?.
 ¿Qué hay de las personas que crían a sus hijos con ayuda de sus padres o una madre?, ¿están poniendo un mal ejemplo?, los hijos crecerán con 2 madres y sin padre (figuras), o con 1 padre y dos madres, tal vez hasta con 2 tías y una abuela si ambos padres faltan, ¿la Iglesia los condena por ello?.

 Jesús Cristo perdió a su padre cuando era un niño, según ustedes su desarrollo entonces no pudo haber sido ni normal ni natural y eso no es verdad.

 Que tal las sociedades que tienen miembros imposibilitados para tener hijos, ¿ellos dañan a la sociedad entera?, según ustedes imagino que si, la realidad es muy distinta.

Cuando el valor de la familia esté amenazado por presiones sociales y económicas, la Iglesia reaccionará reafirmando que la familia entre un hombre y una mujer, es necesaria no sólo para el bien privado de cada persona, sino también para el bien común de toda sociedad, nación y Estado.

 Volvemos al punto anterior.
 También los sacerdotes ponen presiones en la sociedad, pues ellos NO están casados, NO fundan una familia (cimiento según ustedes de dicha sociedad) y por si eso fuera poco la dañan al tener amantes, contratar prostitutas y en algunos casos hasta abusar de menores (niños y niñas), pero claro, solo ven la paja en el ojo ajeno.

Esta iniciativa de ley pretende legitimar las relaciones de las sociedades de convivencia, y veladamente quiere dar origen a una legislación que fomenta mecanismos que aprueben los matrimonios entre personas del mismo sexo, incluso con el derecho de adoptar niños, pues la naturaleza les imposibilita engendrarlos entre sí. Una ley como esta, sólo ve y pretende dar soluciones incompletas y momentáneas a un problema que es más complejo de lo que aparenta ser.

¿Veladamente?, las cosas o son o no. Las suposiciones solo dan lugar a pensamientos y actitudes paranoícas.
Yo puedo suponer que las violaciones a niños por parte de curas Católicos son parte de experimentos para crear una raza especi
al de niños que guien al mundo creyente a una nueva era de unidad antes inimaginable, o que la homosexualidad es la maxima expresion de igualdad entre los seres humanos, pero no estaría aportando elementos que lo comprueben.

 Por otra parte, mientras la iglesia no haga los matrimonios dentro de sus instalaciones, ¿cuál es el problema real?, ¿qué los demás puedan hacerlo?, ¿es su papel entonces atentar en contra de todo aquello con lo que no estén de acuerdo?, ¿les afecta realmente?. No, los Menonitas han vivido defendiendo sus creencias por décadas, “el resto del mundo” no ha cambiado en lo mas mínimo su forma de vivir y de pensar, a pesar de que para ellos, los automoviles, las transfusiones de sangre, la televisión y otras cosas toleradas por el Catolicismo son graves violaciones de sus creencias.

Ciertamente la Iglesia católica ve con verdadero amor a todos los hombres y mujeres sin importar preferencias ni inclinaciones, pero fieles a la misión de Pastores, nos oponemos tajantemente a actitudes que dañen al mismo hombre en su proyecto integral de vida.

 Bien, lo que sigue.

Proponemos a los legisladores legislar en favor de la dignidad del ser humano y de la familia, ya que la familia es la verdadera medida de la grandeza de una nación, del mismo modo que la dignidad del hombre es la auténtica medida de la civilización.

+ Carlos Aguiar Retes
Obispo de Texcoco
Secretario General de la CEM

 La familia no es la “verdadera medida de la grandeza”, lo que nos hace buenas personas o sociedades con amor y dignidad es la manera como cada uno nos conducimos.
 El “gober precioso” tiene familia, es casado, tiene dos hijos, ¿eso lo hace ejemplo de “grandeza de la nación”?, de ninguna manera, el abusa sexualmente de niñas, la familia no lo redime ni exculpa, la sociedad si exige que sea juzgado como lo que es, y como sociedad habemos muchos que deseamos no se nos malinforme en el nombre de Dios.

 Por su atención, miel gracias.

I’ll be leaving soon anyway

9 Nov

Several days ago I missed the video of President Fox caught saying “I can say any dumb thing I want, I’ll be leaving soon anyway”.
He has around 20 days left before he becomes an ex-president, 20 days he wanted to spend traveling to Australia (where his pregnant daughter lives) and Hanoi, but the congress had other plans, if there were 23 days left and he wanted to travel for 20 all whilst Oaxaca and other areas of the country are having severe problems it was surely not the right thing to do.
Whatever the case the president sent a 5 minute long live message to the whole country expressing his anger at the congress for not authorizing such a trip, he said the image of Mexico was affected, the damaged ones were going to be the Mexicans and, he was being kidnapped.
During the 6 years he was president of Mexico he travelled around 76 times to different countries in the world and several times around Mexico to each state, out of those travels nothing came out, except he spent several thousand million dollars during those trips to which he also invited his friends and relatives to.
in Oaxaca, the governor of the place threatening and killing his opponents, fake bombs all over the country, the so called “clean elections”, none of that deserved a message from the president to his country, but his trip getting cancelled was… a crime.

Even some of his supporters (the media) went mad with the congress’ decision, how can they do that to the President?, it’s been months each and every government institution is immaculate and unquestionable, but yesterday, at least for a few hours, we were told all opposition politicians are evil and want to destroy the country with their selfishness.
And that’s when the video appeared, when asked about Oaxaca he simply couldn’t be bothered to answer, it wasn’t his problem anymore.
He can’t travel but that wasn’t all his job, or maybe he doesn’t has to work anymore but he can visit other countries and somehow do something for the country, if he’s so ready to leave I believe he should do so now, why wait 20 days?, get an temporary president and dump the other one, he’s still getting paid (why?), and if everything we’re going to see is his depressed face at events or his indifference when an actress gives him a document with the names of the Oaxaca citizens that were kidnapped by police officers several days ago then, really, somebody should ask him to leave.

¿Qué dice la Constitución Mexicana?

7 Nov

Artículo 39. La soberanía nacional reside esencial y originariamente en el pueblo. Todo poder público dimana del pueblo y se instituye para beneficio de éste. El pueblo tiene en todo tiempo el inalienable derecho de alterar o modificar la forma de su gobierno.