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Hush Bush

26 Oct

Why vote for Bush?
This world has seen and tolerated terrible atrocities, in the past year most were provoked by a single man, President of the U.S.A. George W. Bush, knowing his country was going to be attacked by terrorists on September 11, 2001, he did nothing to stop them as he needed an excuse to steal the natural resources of several Asian countries.
Bush keeps reminding his citizens that this war is an excuse for him to put the world back in peace, but no peace can arrive soon, he has to be president indefinitely so he can keep his troops in several different countries, in other words if he’s the president he’ll keep murdering who he says are a threat, a threat that he himself created and allowed when he did nothing to stop the attacks at the twin towers in NY.
Who can vote for Bush?
Basically any person that believes the rest aren’t free, the others have the wrong religion, the world needs they to be saved, anybody who believes their morals are above the ones of others.
No person can be judged by another, no sovereign country
has to be saved by somebody else’s government, people are not weak animals in fear, women who decide to abort can’t and shouldn’t be stopped by any other person in the name of God, God asked people to give love not prejudice. Nobody is right, nobody is wrong as long as everything being preached is love and understanding.
Who can’t vote for Bush?
Any person that believes in equality, freedom of speech, freedom to believe in any religion, in any political system different from theirs. Any person that believes everybody has the right to choose over their life and beliefs.
Why not vote for Bush?
Bush has murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq, he allowed his own people to be murdered in NY, fire-fighters, policemen, adults, young people who believed in their president, people who wanted to do the right thing, good people who were doing their jobs, all of them dies believing their government would never kill them to steal oil.
Bush has censored TV channels in his country, he has gotten personal profit from the oil and gas he has been stealing, he has made a business out of a process that he called a fight for democracy, he has sent his own people to murder innocents, he has lied, he has cheated, he has murdered.
Who will save the world and the unborn children?
The world was spinning happily before Bush was elected, the world wasn’t facing Armageddon in 1900 before both Bushs were born, countries fought for their independence 500 years ago, the USA had never had a terrorist attack before Bush was elected president, the world didn’t end after Lincoln was murdered.
Abortion is not right or wrong, it is, it’s possible, a president is not responsible of all women who abort or don’t abort, same as presidents are not responsible for battered wives, what can be done is a law to help women who want to abort and a law for women who don’t want to keep their children but don’t want to kill them either, same as some women don’t want to leave their abusive husbands then can have options so they can make the decision.
If we don’t want women to have abortion the solution is not ban it, it’s not make it illegal since it’s clear that in most countries where it’s illegal women still have abortions, the solution is to build a society that’s not based in ignorance, fear and violence, so no women ever feels the need to “get rid” of her own child.
Is Bush willing to make that kind of society for the USA?
That question will be left unanswered for now, but we will know the answer soon, Bush is likely to win the elections in the same way he won last time. I can’t vote so I can only hope the world will still exists after Bush leaves, one day.
References & Further Info:
 What really happened September 11th at the Pentagon
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 Bush lies
 Israel and it’s anti democratic invation to Palestina.

Cleaning out the closet

26 Oct

In the past few days France launched the first TV channel made for homosexuals.

I’m clueless as to what homosexuals could see there that could be of interest only to them, and more clueless about what is wrong with TV (beyond the obvious) that homosexuals could prefer not to watch anything but the homosexual channel.

Am I to believe that an homosexual person has different tastes in TV shows?, Maybe I should believe they are different from, say, other humans?.

How about a TV channel for people with no legs, or even better, a TV channel specially for black fat drag queens from Israel, they are a minority, they need support from every group in society so they can be understood and live a happy life with no discrimination.

Last week was Latin MTV’s Music Video Awards, they were pathetic and I think so even if I didn’t see Paulina Rubio’s ar#e, Why wasn’t Justin Timberlake the host?, Why was a special host and a special audience needed?, If MTV believes music in a different language should not be included in their regular programming and if singers that sing in spanish believe they need MTV to be successful then the future will not only have Russian MTV or Urdu MTV, but also Jewish MTV, Fat MTV, Women’s MTV, and a fantastic MTV version especially for Fat Jewish Women between the ages of 15 and 30.

Shampoo for black hair is nothing.

“We’re half way there”.

16 Oct

Mis días de pato vivo en días de cacería han sido hurtados, espero regresen pronto y, mientras espero, unos comentarios.

El PRD esta peor que nunca (y eso ya es mucho decir), ya tener como militante a la señora Padierna que si hubiera ensayado toda su vida la cara de mustia que tenia que poner al tomar el congreso no le hubiera salido, y la señora es esposa de Bejarano, que ahora que se le ve mas fuerte que nunca (digo, antes no hacia que su esposa le hiciera ni unos huevos) no puedo evitar temer por la vida de Arath de la Torre por aquello de que lo imito con todo y liga en un programa dominical.
Con militantes así ya ni aunque fueran el único partido.

Y como estoy que muero del aburrimiento hablare de Niurka, que buena idea el calendario, sin necesidad de lanzarlo como una traición de alguien cercano, ellos no tienen empacho en hacer dinero con sus fotos pornos, que Paris Hilton ni que nada, que vídeo de Pamela Anderson ni que las arañas, ellos lo hacen en publico, lo hacen para embolsarse una lana, los hacen sin pudor alguno, ¿y por que?, si es un desnudo artístico!.

Nada más eso me faltaba, de cuando a aca una foto de una vieja enseñando la arruga del silicon y su esposo posando desnudo junto a ella es arte, por todos los cielos, desde cuando Niurka es arte!.
Veamos, pareja desnuda, fotos que se trasmiten censuradas, poses, todo en venta, me suena a pornografía.

Pero bueno, AMLO ya no llega a presidente, Martita una vez mas hace su retorno y un diputado PANista llamado Raúl Chavarría dice que los indígenas son ignorantes y agrega: “No considero un foco rojo a los indígenas desnutridos”.
Por cierto, al CISEN, anoche soñé que desgreñaba a la Martita, me deba la mano en un “mitin” y me decía el discurso de la tele, el de las damas, donde hace bien a compararse con una ancianita tortillera, y yo le recordaba que a ella nadie la escogió para dama ni para primera, ella se trepo al presidente cuando ya lo era, así que si me la encuentro un día, pastelazo.

Ah y, ya me gusta otra vez BonJovi, aunque las letras ya dicen otra cosa de lo que decían antes.


Something of an explanatory, text.

14 Oct

Regarding my post about Tibetan Buddhists and how much I didn’t believe in the way I was supposed to believe in them (not in what they believe in which is quite different to what their followers believe in, I mean, the poor monks having to be forever servants of the rich ones, jeeeez) I thought it was better to let something very clear:

I know the Chinese government has subjected those monks to the most atrocious and violent acts to ever be committed by humans. Probably (very probably) not any other government has used at much cruelty against his “enemies” like the one of China used to torture thousands of innocent men, but, that doesn’t mean we can allow a Israel pt. 2 can we?.

Israel took and has been taking advantage of the pain suffered by jews in the hands of totalitarian governments to make others suffer, to steal, manipulate and murder, not for a second I believe the Dalai Lama wants to do the same in the name of his exile but let’s make sure we remember the events as they happened and in the right proportion.

Yes, the suffering of those monks shouldn’t have been tolerated, no, I don’t think the Dalai Lama is the reincarnation of Buddha.

(In memoriam A.A.A..)

Trend whores should be ashamed!

5 Oct

I’m discovering the secrets behind 3D with non 3D programs, there are no tutorials, and I can’t blame the people that now rule Deviantart for it, because if I made a living (as in “A life” as in “I’m a 14 year old and in my school everyone calls me l33t m4st4”) out of something so simple I wouldn’t want to let the world know about it either.
So that link is dead, it was taken down 3 days ago, I can’t believe my luck, but maybe that link just like most “abstract tutorials” are full of “after” effects that anyone can do, so I won’t keep worrying about having bad luck or needing a lucky charm.
I need the render, oh gosh do I need the render.
But so far the abstract is almost there, a few more ideas and I’ll be the trend whore and you know what? I won’t share what I did!.
Well, I might, the world needs another of my 3D Max tutorials.
Ah, the joys of knowledge…

Damn it!

5 Oct

Let’s get this straight people, the person known as “Dalai Lama” is only a spokesperson of the “Tibetan Buddhists”, he’s not the spiritual leader of Buddhism and Buddhism doesn’t has a leader, it’s not a religion, it’s a philosophy, so Mr. Lama is more like a version of Dr. Atkins or the person behind “Women are from Venus Men are from Mars”, any person no matter the religion can follow it without staying out of their church.
Now, Mr. Lama is supposed to be Buddha’s reincarnation, and about that I have a few questions:

  • If the soul finds peace after a life in which illumination is found, Why does Budha has to keep reincarnating?.
  • If that man is Budha, What happened to all his illumination?.
  • If that man is Budha, Why is he so materialistic as so fight for his temples in China when he should be understanding that all things are not permanent, material things keep us from finding The Truth and this world is superficial?.

My questions surely have a logical answer, but until I can read a convincing explanation of why this man can’t even speak english properly and has audiences with people like Richard Gere and the first lady of México, who is known to be doing illicit businesses, then I cannot believe the guy is Budha himself.
Would Budha give conferences for the “rich and famous”?, Honestly, let’s be honest about this, Who was Budha?, Why did he decide to stay in this world after he was illuminated?.

Real Buddhists don’t have religious images, they know it’s all in the mind and spirit, why are Christians gone Buddhists so different?.

Oh and the Lama guy said yesterday “There’s no conflict between the occidental word and the Muslim world”, no, of course not Mr. Lama, it’s just that suddenly thousands of Muslims decided to commit suicide, at the same time.