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Soft shades of green

20 Feb

I just downloaded “SeaMonkey”, what a cute, easy to use, great browser it is, since the early days of Mozilla (with the fire coming out of its mouth) or the late days of Duke I hadn’t felt so fascinated, of course, Opera is great, the greatest in many ways, but the Mozilla family programs are still offering customizable products.

In the past few days I’ve seen some ads that I just needed to post about, I haven’t done this in a while so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it even more.

The first one is a car commercial (how original), it shows different people seeing themselves driving new cars, and that wouldn’t be bad if the background music wasn’t the song from that silly movie called “Requiem for a dream”.

There you go guys, do it all, do anything, brag and dream about it, and with a bit of luck you’ll get a movie made about how pathetic you made your life.

Oh, and there’s another brilliant TV ad about cars being shown, well, not about cars exactly, it’s about car deodorant, it goes “If you wear the same deodorant for your car than the rest, you’ll be like the rest”, o
f course!, because car deodorant is what makes us different!.

Moving on to that second advert I was talking about, it’s a bus stop poster, it shows a bunch of males dressed up elegantly (probably wearing a smoking suit) showing only their back so they can be seen in a black suit and a top hat, but appearing in the middle and facing the camera is a guy wearing a shirt, a knitted red tie, jeans and a leather and metal belt, the slogan says “Because now it’s about making your own fashion” or something to that effect.

Cool! so the top hat guys CAN wear whatever they want and not be criticized for it, aren’t they fortunate?!.
Finally, the latest campaign from “Barbie”. We’re shown images of girls doing activities such as horse-riding (because every girl has a horse, right?), dancing ballet and playing guitar (another popular activity amongst 8 year olds), and in the back it gets repeated “I’m who I want to be, I’m a Barbie Girl”.

It’s nice they want to keep telling girls all over the world what’s the appropriate look for them, but it seems now having a doll is a life style, like owning a car or a specific kind of shoes, except we’re talking about kids, children who don’t work and who were already pressured to fit into certain conducts to be considered valuable.

Kids no longer have to worry about being rejected, there’s no way they won’t be because same as adults, nobody lives in a fantasy world of eternal youth or infinite admiration, isn’t that sweet?.

Leaving it

15 Feb

Yesterday I read in a LJ community about a Canadian teen who requested “no americans” to contact her, at least two “americans” wondered what was wrong with them, Jesus, they’ll have a hard awakening once China and war stop helping out their economy.

But, it was fascinating to read ONTD after Anna Nicole Smith’s death was reported, I didn’t read through all of the 2k messages, but the few I checked were very significant of the kind of people that use the internet in the USA.
Some comments posted (and repeated):
– “The news are doing live coverage”
– “Is anybody else seeing channel 10?, the news reporter is being an idiot”
– “They showed the body on TV! It’s terrible!”
– “I just woke my friend up in Europe to tell him the news”
– “I made an icon about this”
– “She was a great person”
To them anything is big enough to become a profitable tragedy, people will stay in front of TV and the computer to get shocked at anything they show and however disgusting it is they’re going to remain there, whatever is news there must stop the rest of the world, and light matters is what gives them a sense of belonging.

Anna Nicole had tried to commit suicide many times before, she was addicted to drugs, she did everything to hang on to superficiality but now she’s dead she was considered a good person, lots mocked her, lived to see her fall and fail, laughed at her emptiness but she’s dead now, there’s no time to learn lessons, life is short.

Talking about vain bitches, I looked up Cristina Rosenvinge and I found one of the most vapid information I’ve ever read on any “artist”:
“Madrid-born, Danish-descended singer Christina Rosenvinge owns one of the more singular careers in pop music. She spent the 1980s as a bona fide star in the Latin-speaking world, selling out stadiums and a boatload of records as half of the duo Alex Y Christina.”

What tha?!, Where in the world is Latin spoken now a days?, well, that would explain the “selling out stadiums” part, the girl only used her image to try to make herself known as a musician, but failed, and it’s disgusting when a person tries to sell herself as having a really amazing past, didn’t like who you were?, too bad! you cannot change that, you’re friends with Sonic Youth now?, good for you but don’t complain about what made you rich during your young years, you didn’t hate it when you were cashing in, why should we hate it for you?.

It was 1991 when she sang at a Chilean event, and I use the word “sang” loosely as she could barely speak out loud, just really, what is wrong with people trying to make her known?.

Anyway, it’s said that she has a new album, I haven’t heard it nor do I want to, I love the only song by her band that reached the charts 20 years ago, and the 80’s were nice but there’s no reason to want them back.