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El nùmero de hoy es

30 Nov

Talking turkey without a voice.

26 Nov

Moving on to very relevant info, the latest ad for Directv features a 3d designed dancing turkey.
The whole point to the ad is to invite people to buy Directv instead of eating a (previously bought) turkey for Christmas, I’m sure the people of Directv have nothing against those millions who eat turkey but thought it was a nice idea, last year I seem to remember they did something like that with a Santa Claus version.
So out of nowhere the viewer gets on TV a white screen with a turkey standing still in the middle, the turkey is wearing a short and tight “Directv” t-shirt leaving a bare belly.

Then music starts, very quietly, a 70’s disco song that makes the turkey dance, little by little until he almost becomes John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever”, the turkey’s 3d feathers move to the music along with his huge fat tummy and his arms/wings, he SEEMS like a happy turkey, he even smiles to the camera.
I’m officially opposed to people who pretend to see a human out of an animal and to the ones who see an animal out of drawing, BUT, I love that turkey.
Designers and publicists that come up with simple ideas give me faith in humanity, talent used to sell a product, like a musician who sells songs, like a painter whose work is known and sold at good prices, like a TV ad that might not sell to a specific person but is free for everybody to see.
Ads use whatever they can to become memorable, sex, blood, happy kids, happy families, successful business buildings, but Directv decided to use, for the biggest campaign of the year, a Turkey that likes to dance on TV to disco music.
I really love that turkey.

Who is my neighbour?

26 Nov

News should only be important to the people directly affected by them, same as gossip, if the news are about an unknown person or concerning activity that has no influence in us then they should be irrelevant, not news to us, but another priceless gift of globalization is making people believe that if the prime minister of Germany changes his hair colour is important, we are also told about the latest changes in economy of Japan, the royalty in the UK and some pedophile in the U.S.A., when the truth is that only around 20% of the whole wide world population knows where are such places and who are those people, probably only a few hundreds are actually affected by the info becoming news.
And at the same time, when news that aren’t so take 70% of the news-space the important information for a country, a town or a county are not told, they are kept as unimportant, nobody talks about it because, it’s not even known that it’s occurring, it usually takes years or an emergency to finally realize that something concerning us was happening and action needed to be taken.
Today there are no news and I’m here left wondering what to post about.

Don’t you ever get tired of failing to write in decent english?

20 Nov

No, I don’t, and I’ll prove it.
Last week a “famous” Scientology follower-believer died, and some old interviews of him appeared in different media, in one he said that bugs shouldn’t be killed because they were part of the world, the universe, the “us”, it was actually his 4 year old daughter who said it, because even at her early age she was full of wisdom.
No, I won’t go back to the pretexts people use to abuse kids, I’m going to talk about Dianetics and not about it as a whole or as an investigation, just about that little detail: “Universe as bugs in us”.
Ok, so the father of this girl was committing murder if he killed a bug, but, What was that same bug committing when he killed a worm the previous days? “He was just trying to earn a living” some will say, yes, fine, bugs kill bugs to eat because in their world that’s what they are supposed to do, so, What happens when a human kills a human? “The same in some cases, environments just change” I hear some others of you say, but, When humans kill animals? “, “That’s murder!” Ok, so humans don’t need to eat animals to survive, they can eat fruits, vegetables and each other, good, And if an animal kills another animal? In a fight? To eat? Is that cannibalism? Are animals going to be prosecuted by the “Humans For Animal Rights” associations, taken to court and be pointed at with chants of “Meat is murder-I don’t eat my friends”?.
Ok, they won’t, Why not?, Animals have privileges because they are not humans? Humans are not animals too? Are germs and diseases part of that perfect universe too?.
Paranoia will destroy you.
And, Scientology doesn’t seem to be a good religion either, they believe people don’t ever die and their souls remain in this world with their loved ones, Do I sense a fear of loneliness, fear for individuality and panic for lack of control here? Like, a fear of being human?
Pheew, I want my deceased ones to come back to this world and I’ll do so until I’m deceased too because I’m spoilt like that (“Who stole my cheese, give it back you bastards!”), but I hope I never have to pretend that wish to be a reality based on an advanced way of seeing “modern life”

Circle of Circuses

20 Nov

For the ones who don’t believe in the eternal return* here’s a story:
Singer Michael Jackson appeared on most news shows last night, not personally, but on a note that said the government of the place where he currently lives is going to arrest him in order to prosecute him for child abuse, sexual one.
It reminded me of almost 10 years ago, when a book about Michael Jackson was published and in that book was written that Michael Jackson sexually abused kids and had been doing so for a long time.
The book became quite famous, and suddenly dozens of people started to give interviews about the subject, suddenly everybody had always known or suspected something but never said it because they feared nobody was going to believe them, and as this “gossip” grew bigger and bigger the police got involved, on a day I don’t remember from about 10 years ago a group of policemen entered the mansion of Michael Jackson to obtain evidence against him, I remember clearly the report the police gave to the sensationalists programmes like “Hard Copy” and “E.T.” which said that inside Michael Jackson’s roo
m they found a mysterious box, the box was fire proof, bullet proof and didn’t seem to have a door or any way to open it, the police thought the box must have been the place for all kinds of incriminating evidence to be kept, the police and investigators were able to open the box after several hours of attempting with different methods and all they found inside was a note with instructions of how to open the box.
How cheap is that? Years go by and people still fall for the same tricks.
If a priest was charged with sexually abusing children, who is Michael Jackson to be above (not literally) him?

I’m not going to write about Mr. Jackson’s innocence because I have no idea if he’s guilty or not, but it seems to me this is not a case of bribery, it seems more like some parents agreed with giving away their kids to a famous pop singer without worrying what the real intentions of this pop singer were by wishing to be surrounded by kids all the time.
My conclusions:

  • If Michael Jackson is guilty of sexually abusing children then somebody please put him in jail and stop making a show about it.
  • If Michael Jackson is innocent of sexually abusing children then somebody please stop making a show about him being guilty.
  • If Michael Jackson is innocent of sexually abusing children then Mr. Jackson should start to behave himself and not act like he’s completely crazy and perverted.
  • If a man can’t see that a kid or teenager is not “oh so mature to be a kid” and says to be impaired to find wisdom outside kids or teen then it MUST die.

Thank you.
*This time, with this idea I was joking.


16 Nov

Should be adding that word to my interests, because as many of you have noticed, I have a dark interest in commercials, any ad is interesting, TV, Radio, Newspaper, “Spectacular” it’s all an interesting part of society, what they are buying, what they are believing, it’s all there.
This week’s “The Black Box” was about advertising, I wish I could get the text transcribed here, but I can’t, and I forgot most of what was said (hmm) but I’ll make an attempt to share what I remember with you, my dear reader:
“Lately advertisements are becoming more and more aggressive, companies don’t think about individuals, companies don’t care about your needs, they don’t see a person in you, they are violent at exploiting people’s fears and insecurities. You don’t buy a perfume any more you buy acceptance with men, you don’t buy clothes you buy a level inside society.
The Campaign “You don’t exist” was an experiment, to make people stop and think about that line (inside the MaccyD ad or the Levi’s ad e.n.) suddenly read “You don’t exist” and ask themselves about it. Man
y different opinions came out of that experiment, it was like a virus, it mutate and the creator was no longer able to do anything to control it.
Advertising is an option to analyze society, seeing the ways campaigns are being changed, the words they start using, trying to see from where they are coming and to where they’re going, there’s a secret interest in paying extra attention to commercials”.
I wouldn’t be able to say which of those words were actually used and which are mine, and I apologize for that, but the talk also had some elements that I can’t change and will mention: Barbara Kruger & Adbusters.
No pretentious attempt on my behalf at saying a word or two about Adbusters would be successful, I better leave all the info for whomever wants to know about them to their page, but I will say something about the work of Barbara Kruger: I don’t think it’s that good.
And I’m afraid I’ll mix two different subjects as an example of my statement, according to Barbara Kruger women have a right to abortion because they have every right over their bodies, any woman who thinks a baby is a part of a woman’s body shouldn’t call herself a woman interested in woman’s rights.
Of course, every woman has every right over her body, so does every human being, no law can or should stop them on doing whatever they want to their bodies, if an arm gets in their way at finishing their education they can cut it off, if a leg is threatening with making them spend too much money then cut the thing, or if an eye is making them see something they don’t want to see they can simply remove it, it’s easy really, I don’t think anybody in this world would complain (or complains) about self mutilation or self injuries, people might not be the owners of their bodies but they sure can do whatever they want with them.
It’s fair enough if some say a fetus has no rights because in a few days of being conceived they have no gender, and it’s ok if others say unwanted babies should not be born, I am an easy going person, I can understand if a mother prefers not to have a baby and stop the thing from living, but there’s a difference between that and saying a baby is a part of her mother’s body, like an extra bum or another ear.
I would like to see an ear growing, falling off and getting a life of it’s own, as much as I would like to see Barbara Kruger (ew, what a family, Freddy?) use her brain for something productive again, even going back Cosmopolitan would be a good option.
Well yeah, criticizing adverts is a great activity, even for the ones who are willing to buy any product whose publicity they don’t like, but if it’s going to be a trend then it might be good to draw a line somewhere in order to leave the modern-artists-elité out of it.

16 Nov

Nuevamente llega este momento en la vida de mi bitácora en línea en que le toca ser actualizada con información pasada.

  • Isabel Madow triunfa por el mundo, me encanta y me da gusto, antes la vieja me caía como bomba al hígado y hasta deje de ver el multipublicitario “Mañero” con tal de no verla, pero después de comprender lo horrorosa que es la envidia ya la amo. Y que quede claro, le deseo lo mejor pero yo NO soy una persona mas que solamente AMAMADOW. Ah, si, y la razón principal de mi admiración por ella llego después de que ese remedo de vieja llamado “La Platas” se estaba ahogando con ella misma y la UNICA persona que la ayudo fue Madow, pero para como resulto el asunto mejor la hubiera dejado que se ahogara sola por otro ratito.
  • Bernardo Batiz (adulto) dijo que una buena opción seria legalizar/controlar las drogas dentro de los penales. Le dijeron que se expresara propiamente, que si no era legalización no hiciera escandalo con que lo era, pero es obvio que eso es l
    o que quería el Sr. precisamente, armar escandalo, estar en boca de todos, llamar la atención a su proyecto con el recurso que fuera, e independientemente de si es una buena propuesta o no creo que en la reforma que todos coincidimos es QUE A LOS PRESOS SE LES PONGA A TRABAJAR, el deporte, la salud y la comodidad son después, si, DESPUES, no es una escuela, no es un reformatorio, no es un manicomio, es una prisión para miembros violentos e inadaptados así como no productivos para la sociedad, si no quieren cambiar y no quieren entender que son nocivos para la sociedad que se queden adentro, acá afuera no muchos los extrañaran.
  • Zinser se ha ido, lo extrañaremos como enemigo de castañeda, lo extrañaremos como el anti-diplomatico, lo estrañaremos por su peinado y nos dara pena que hayan corrido a un miembro de la ONU solo porque le caía mal al presidente y a los gringos, que vergüenza.
  • Jordi Rosado, el rosado, digo empleado favorito de Adalberto Ramones dijo a una española “Nosotros (refiriendose a los mexicanos) somos indios”, y pocas frases dichas o transmitidas por un medio electrónico me han dado tanto orgullo al escucharlas. Esto ultimo lo dedico muy especialmente al cholerio que se autodenomina “moreno claro.
  • Gael García dijo en una entrevista al preguntarsele su opinión sobre pedro infante, negrete y actores/cantantes similares: “No hay un puente que nos una”, y me resulta extraño que a los miles de nosotros que no encontramos un solo caminito (ya no digamos un puente) que nos una con los mariachis, con el cine “de oro” mexicano y con los antiguos “ídolos del pueblo” se nos tache de malinchistas cuando solamente no hay nada que nos una, que nos identifique o que nos llame.

Para esas mentes cerradas va dedicado mi siguiente comentario: En mi vida, mucho esta conectado directamente a Elvis Presley.
Ahora si, todos canten conmigo: “You ain’t nothing but a hound dog, crying all the time, well you ain’t never caught a rabbit and you ain’t no friend of mine“.


16 Nov

“El que entre lobos anda” últimamente anda teniendo otros significados.
Hace como un mes tuve el honor de toparme con lo que parecía ser el primer video musical premeditadamente “Furry”, si usted, amable lector no sabe que es esto déjeme explicarle que no tiene nada que ver con la zoofilia que, en este caso, es un juego familiar comparado con el movimiento “furry”.
Dicho video esta ambientado en una especie de versión moderna de “Caperucita roja” con la diferencia “furryana” de que el hombre lobo hace honor a su ridículamente contradictorio nombre, sí es lobo, y sí es hombre, es un fulano sin camisa portando solamente zapatos deportivos y un pantalón de mezclilla “stretch”, pero con cabeza de lobo.
El video musical muestra escenas de dicho hombre lobo bailando, paseando a un 100% lobo con su correa y en una versión vestido formal de traje esperando y recibiendo a una joven que es presuntamente la caperucita roja, versión adulta.
Hay pocas cosas que no puedo ni quiero explicarme, pero ni el satanismo, ni el ateísmo ni menos aun la homosexualidad, que son temas tabúes para nuestra sociedad, me resultan tan escabrosos como un “furry”, ¿Por qué?, ¿Qué tan malo es ser un humano?, ¿Qué tan deseable es sentir 4 patas de animal?, ¿Cuanto se puede llegar a anhelar ser cruza de humano con bestia?, ¿Como puede alguien excitarse sexualmente con Bugs Bunny?, ¿Como puede alguien tener deseo sexual por Roger Rabbit desnudo?.
Por favor, no me respondan.

Adalberto M´mones

16 Nov

Esto va a ser rápido, tengo demasiadas cosas que actualizar y extrañamente poco tiempo para hacerlo.
Si bien todos sabemos que “BBVIP” esta arreglado no todos teníamos la certeza de que el arreglo llegara a otros programas de la empresa, programas como “Otro Rollo” en el que la duda de que tengan linea con “BBVIP” es existente.
Analicemos las únicas 2 opciones:
1_ Tienen linea con BBVIP – Entienden que el juego esta arreglado y que lo que adentro sucede no es mas que un guión, pero para darle aun mas audiencia y conflictos de que hablar al programa dicen que es malo y que no les gusta así como recomiendan a SU auditorio no lo vea, todo, claro, pensando en aumentar el nivel de audiencia de ambos programas.
2_ No tienen linea con BBVIP – De esta sola opción se derivan varias posibles situaciones, como que se sientan agredidos por el enorme rating de BBVIP y deseen declarar la guerra, otra que como ninguno de los empleados de Otro Rollo tiene posibilidades de ganar dicen que el programa es malo y no sirve, también esta la opción de “la doble moral” vista con Garbiela la empleada de otro rollo que entro a BBVIP donde insultó y agredió a medio mundo además de acostarse encuerada con varios hombres dentro de dicho programa, pero al salir Gabriela ella y su jefe dicen que es un asco y que las cosas que se hacen ahi están muy feas, que no las vean, cuando Adalberto, en el programa que conduce, ha sacado viejas en competencias de playeras mojadas así como burlas y mofas a personas de la 3a edad, homosexuales, mujeres y la mayoría de los sectores de la población.
Adalberto llora, dice que BBVIP es un programa para niños y que promueve valores mucho mas feos de los que el promueve en su programa, ¿Le creemos?.


14 Nov

Metrosexual .- A new tag in the dictionary of economics used to describe a man that, according to their other tags, likes to be in touch with his feminine side.
Continuing with sexuality, I read about “metrosexuality” recently and found it beyond stupidity, the article said things about men, wrinkle cream, designer shoes mania and also something about a new gender; Cosmopolitan, suburban, designer, man who loves to dance, make up, heterosexual, all in the same line.
At first it was money invested in making people believe they were different, “You are a man you shouldn’t wear make up, try this new fast car instead, for girls we have shoes and lovely jewelry, who wants to hear about the new lipstick that lasts for 12 hours with an extra shine?”.

Well, times change and now somebody seems quite interested in making men believe they are not as different as they thought (taught), they could actually be part of a new trend, Oh fortune is smiling at them!, The chosen ones have the right to buy make up, as well as access to most “girly” goods and services, spa, hair c
olouring, nail treatments, all of those marvellous luxuries of modern women, aren’t they lucky?
I don’t know how much exactly was put into making recent society believe that XVI-XVII century men were weird for wearing tights and make up, but this “metrosexual” business sounds like it’s going to be a good one.
David Beckham I heard them say. Fnar, fnar.