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Children’s weapons

15 May

It was only a few days ago that I heard for the first time about the 11 year old who killed his father’s pregnant girlfriend.

As usual in the USA the blame was put on the weapon, but a big majority of people leaving comments at the news site also considered the kid was old enough to know what he was doing.
One of the visitors mentioned people were wrong in assuming an 11 year old has the maturity to understand the consequences, which (she said) she had already tried to get across during the debate on the child who had killed his whole family.

So I made a little search for that, and it turns out there are dozens of kids who have killed their parents, brothers and even grandparents.

And it seems the only logical thing to ask after something like that happens is “What is wrong?”, as if it wasn’t obvious.

The dead pregnant woman was asleep when she was shot, she was 26 and had two little girls who wandered outside the house to get help from strangers, one of the comments had this said to say about that last part: Why was a mother of two little girls still asleep when she should have been helping them get ready for school?, and I add: What was she thinking moving in with a guy who had a son who could have been her brother?, and taking two little girls with her.
Was she such a fit mother that she was ready to have another one? Did nobody stop to think about all those kids (including the killer) who had to adapt to a new situation?

Family dynamics are already complex when everybody shares the same blood, a family is where we learn how to relate to the outside world, it’s where kids get help and support to survive; from food to clothes and a home, without adults they are not going to be able to achieve much.
If a young person feels his stability is threatened and wasn’t taught how to deal with fear or pain, from where is he supposed to learn that it’s okay if it seems like his whole world is collapsing?

I blame them all except for the kids, and the more we want to believe teenagers are adults the worse is going to get, if only for the simple fact that for generations grown-ups were responsible for the upbringing of their children, but now nobody is in charge.

Best game ever

3 Ene

And so it happened, a TV commercial aimed at little girls. The brand?, Mattel on their Barbie division, the product?, a virtual pet life program, the goal?, give girls “tips on how to get the life they have always wanted and be popular”.

How exactly did it became a standard for a kid having the chance to change her hair colour?, since when have kids aspired to popularity?, friendship is not mentioned, the girl has to become a distant unattainable product, a collector of praises, desires and attempts to get close to her and this game only makes everything easier because gone will be the years of struggle, there’s everything wrong with how things are now and everything right with how they could be.

I’m guessing a seven year old suddenly wakes up to find her life is utter… waste and decides it’s time to get the game I already forgot the name of, because if this life isn’t worth living, at least there’s an alternative, the perpetualy charming world of make-up, parties and beauty tips that do wonders in distracting from the ephemerality of the world, nothing could make this a better deal, not even including a second hand book on self-improvement for these future teenage consumers of plastic surgery.

The next game is even better, it’s basically a marvellous and revolutionary way to teach kids how to draw or do small crafts, the electronic board gets connected to the TV or computer and it has a choice for colouring figures and landscapes like the ones of animals in the jungle, it comes with a choice of around 8 colours for this and, it also has the option of “free drawing”, basically the little one can draw a little sun with the plastic pen and can later add the design to a bunch of other things, like crowns and flower shapes already included in the game, but that’s not the best part, the kid can actually create a bunch of real works, the board can get connected to a printer!, forget about a box of 100 pencils of different colours, forget the scissors, forget the bits of paper to make things with, put in in the printer, the kid will have a blast!.

Or, if it’s too clever, kids can get a Winnie the Pooh that walks, the kid won’t learn to walk that way and won’t do anything but sit and watch something that a channel with static offers for half the price, but, the illusion on the kids face for the first few seconds of the bear walking will be priceless.

Reflections of reality

9 Ago

Watched the beginning of an atrocious film the other day, Sag-haye velgard, it won some award in France and it’s very easy to understand why.

The film begins with a couple of kids (brother and sister) picking up garbage inside a city in ruins, they are in a hurry but suddenly a dog starts being chased by a large group of small kids, the kids throw stones at it and yell some clever lines such as: “That dog is from Russia / That Dog is owned by the evil western emporium / We must kill the evil american dog”, the brother and sister decide to risk their lives and save the dog from an imminent death, they manage to rescue it from a bad fire inside a cave and take it with them, they are “midnight prisoners”, kids who sleep with their convicted parents inside a cell but leave early in the morning to find books to make bonfires with and junk for sale.

The mother was in jail because after her husband disappeared for five years she married again to avoid starvation of her and her family, the old husband could get her out if he wanted (even if he was a prisoner too), if the kids told him the new husband had beaten their mother up more than he did the woman could be forgiven

It’s atrocious the level of manipulation used in those 15 minutes or so of the film, it not only shows a total lack of understanding towards Afghanistan’s social and political problems but the film portrays all western decadence as only existing elsewhere.

How can kids be so evil to kill (with fire!) the symbol of loyalty when there are already guns available for youngsters to solve their problems in a civilized way?, who can be so stupid as to believe there’s such a thing as a wicked country that corrupts everything that’s sacred for them?, we can forget the is USA one the countries with the highest rate of domestic violence with an emergency call every minute and every 15 seconds a woman being abused by her partner (I know the film is French) but it’s a mystery how presenting Taliban stories will help now Afghanistan is nothing but dust.

We can always count on movies to show us remote realities. The other day I watched a “Real Life Pretty Woman” story (I call it that), an interview with a couple of old prostitutes, one 75 years old, the other a bit older, this one had been sent to work by her mother at the age of 14, she also had a family of her own but after they discovered about her job (and she had finished paying for their education) they refused to see her again. The first one never had kids but she now lived with a group of elderly prostitutes in a big house donated by the local government, they still had to pay for their food and clothes, so a few of them still worked as prostitutes, the rest, like the subject of this entry, sold cigarettes every afternoon. She said it was very difficult for her to walk around the city trying to sell sweets and other small things, specially during rainy days because her legs ached badly but she was sometimes able to go home early, before 10 pm which was an advantage because it’s not safe to be out alone in certain places. She was kind enough to show the interviewer her only friend, a toy lion, it was the only one that listened to her when she felt lonely and wanted to die, during her birthday the lion had been her only companion but she wished to not be there for the next one.
Ahh, romanticism.

So and so

17 May

Sarkozy won the elections in France, showing his love for money and promising a land of less people like him.
I’m starting to wonder if all immigrants in the world are the same, once they are allowed to stay in a certain place they want the doors shut, they were the last ones, nobody else is getting in, and if they make money it’s only because they worked hard, and should flaunt it since they deserve it.

Maybe that’s why the USA is one of the most pathetic countries in modern history, it’s made of immigrants who believe the place people live in defines their value, and often, makes them superior.

On Saturday a documentary on Saramago was shown (somewhere in the world), it was interesting to see he used to be a firm follower of the Subcomandante Marcos, he believed Marcos “Zapa Tour” was going to change the history of Latin America and of the whole world, he was so excited, moved to tears when talking about it, then last year, as we all know, he said Mexico should stop doing protests and start working with the usurper to build a better country.

What happened? I’m guessing Saramago understood Marcos was only a character, an ego maniac who did nothing to help the indigenous people in Latin America, but it’s nobody’s fault that he swallowed the “modern robin hood” story.
It’s irrelevant what Saramago believes people should or shouldn’t do, I just wanted to mention that social movements in the world owe Marcos a big lack of credibility.
Finally, I watched some very weird video the other day, it was the epitome of the “emo” fad, and it was by Greenday.

A similar video was done by the Smashing Pumpinks some years ago, but that’s not the point, the point is Greenday started as some pop version of punk, they didn’t make punk music or looked like punks, they didn’t even have punk lyrics but they looked as punk as Avril Lavigne (at six), and that was good enough for 12 year olds and MTV.

Anyway, the video was all about cutters and how miserable they are, it also had teens having sex and drinking, my god!!!, who would have thought!?, that’s like very hardcore!, yes, they are hardcore because they do exactly what most people have done at their age in the past centuries, but they’re not like those teens, the pain makes them different, they suffer and struggle so much.

I cannot imagine what went through the mind of GreenDay’s members when they made that video and that song, at the tender age of 35 no less, but those teens need so much help that I can consider forgiving them.
Teens these days, sold by their parents as prostitutes, sexually exploited since before they learn to walk, working as slaves, never going to school, beaten up in the streets, yes, those others have it very easy, unlike emos, they’re sent to their rooms forbidden to watch TV.


10 Abr

Terminaron las vacaciones de Semana Santa (que los ateos e infieles no perdieron oportunidad de aprovechar) y aun no he escuchado que se hará con las playas artificiales de las diferentes delegaciones.

El viernes pasado de plano dormí con el estomago torcido, pasaron una nota sobre un grupo de diputados del PAN que fueron a inspeccionar las instalaciones de las playas ubicadas en los deportivos, sus palabras fueron: “Solo tienen 5 baños para mujeres/Una tapa del escusado esta rota/No había necesidad de la agresión/Yo soy diputada, soy una persona seria” y la preciosa frase “Venimos a medir la calidad del agua” acompañada de un maravilloso frasco de jugo del Valle en el que tomaban la muestra, sin sellar, porque para las cosas legales el (des)honor es suficiente.

Hay ejecutados en promedio de 7 al día y estos hombres “de honor” utilizan su tiempo, su puesto, el dinero de su salario no para resolver el problema del narco o de los asaltos en la ciudad (de México), ni siquiera para hacer su propia playa en Los Pinos, en su casa de polanco, en un deportivo
de CU, nada de eso, ellos van a medir que el agua de una alberca no vaya a causar una epidemia al estilo Biblico, o que las personas no vayan a tener problemas por no tener acceso a un baño con tapa completa, no es para nada humano que una persona haga sus necesidades biológicas en un vaso desechable, ni que decir de un árbol, eso no es digno del primer mundo en el que vivimos, si la persona sale y es asaltada o atropellada por un chimeco, un primo alcoholizado del usurpador o hasta por un micro al menos ya no tendrá el intestino lleno y su ultima visita al baño habrá sido agradable.

Ya hablando de cosas felices, parece que siempre no atacarán a Irán y parece que la economía gringa aun aguanta unos 6 meses (¿o hasta un año?), lo único que me duele es que Jalife me haya fallado por primera vez, y lo mas triste es que ya viene la segunda pues el esta convencido que Obama no sera el nuevo presidente mientras que es evidente el gran apoyo con el que cuenta en diferentes grupos étnicos, sociales y económicos.

Finalmente, hoy en la mañana lo primero que hice fue revisar que existieran pruebas de un cierto asunto del que no me constaba fuera mas que un sueño, al no encontrar nada me vi en completo estado de paralisis intestintal con nausea y tuve que presenciar con mucho dolor como la cena, comida y desayuno de ayer (así como los de hace 4 días, mi digestión es pésima) se regaban por toda la porcelana del lavabo, ¿qué tiene la ficción y la mentira que es mas corrosiva que la realidad?.

Soft shades of green

20 Feb

I just downloaded “SeaMonkey”, what a cute, easy to use, great browser it is, since the early days of Mozilla (with the fire coming out of its mouth) or the late days of Duke I hadn’t felt so fascinated, of course, Opera is great, the greatest in many ways, but the Mozilla family programs are still offering customizable products.

In the past few days I’ve seen some ads that I just needed to post about, I haven’t done this in a while so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it even more.

The first one is a car commercial (how original), it shows different people seeing themselves driving new cars, and that wouldn’t be bad if the background music wasn’t the song from that silly movie called “Requiem for a dream”.

There you go guys, do it all, do anything, brag and dream about it, and with a bit of luck you’ll get a movie made about how pathetic you made your life.

Oh, and there’s another brilliant TV ad about cars being shown, well, not about cars exactly, it’s about car deodorant, it goes “If you wear the same deodorant for your car than the rest, you’ll be like the rest”, o
f course!, because car deodorant is what makes us different!.

Moving on to that second advert I was talking about, it’s a bus stop poster, it shows a bunch of males dressed up elegantly (probably wearing a smoking suit) showing only their back so they can be seen in a black suit and a top hat, but appearing in the middle and facing the camera is a guy wearing a shirt, a knitted red tie, jeans and a leather and metal belt, the slogan says “Because now it’s about making your own fashion” or something to that effect.

Cool! so the top hat guys CAN wear whatever they want and not be criticized for it, aren’t they fortunate?!.
Finally, the latest campaign from “Barbie”. We’re shown images of girls doing activities such as horse-riding (because every girl has a horse, right?), dancing ballet and playing guitar (another popular activity amongst 8 year olds), and in the back it gets repeated “I’m who I want to be, I’m a Barbie Girl”.

It’s nice they want to keep telling girls all over the world what’s the appropriate look for them, but it seems now having a doll is a life style, like owning a car or a specific kind of shoes, except we’re talking about kids, children who don’t work and who were already pressured to fit into certain conducts to be considered valuable.

Kids no longer have to worry about being rejected, there’s no way they won’t be because same as adults, nobody lives in a fantasy world of eternal youth or infinite admiration, isn’t that sweet?.

So this is good bye

1 Dic

  No member of the parliament, no member of the senate, not a single person from the opposition, and not even the legitimate president moved a finger to stop the usurper from arriving at the parliament and “protesting” as the “new president”.
 From now on they are on their own, they didn’t represent me, I won’t represent them.