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Music to the power of eighth

23 Jun

Yes, I’ll talk about that lame concert.

The first justification to do it was because the 8th richest countries of the world (or so) decided to “forgive” 18 poor countries their debts, the lucky ones were the following: Benin, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guyana, Honduras, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia; Fourteen are in AFRICA, four in Latin America.

I think this is wrong since the beginning, there’s no reason to celebrate or to say justice has been made, it’s not one step forward, it’s not one step back either, it’s nothing, and I shall explain why.

Rich nations have abused this countries for centuries, they didn’t become poor “overnight”, in the case of Africa, for example, the rich exploit their diamond mines, people have to work in the lowest of conditions to get the precious materials our of their own land to hand it over to them, rich nations make sure these countries are never politically stable, that way they can be manipulated easier, so in the end we have millio
ns working 14 hours a day to get a cup of rice at night if they are lucky, there are abusive economy policies and governments that couldn’t care less if rich countries give a fair treatment to the people, but of course, all of those things, stealing from them, abusing them, has a price, and poor people have to pay for it.

Today those 18 countries are supposed to not owe anything, would that make a change in the kids that work picking up bananas for the rich countries?, are they going to get any of that money they were paying invested in their communities?.

Only time will tell, only time will prove those people are not going to see a change in their rights or life quality, the only thing this seemed to be good for is to make a lot of headlines making presidents of rich countries the heroes of the world. I don’t want to have sinful thoughts but for a moment I guessed the pressure it’s getting so big from their abuses that they decided to throw some breadcrumbs to their detractors.

And I quote Bob Geldof: “Tomorrow, 280 million Africans will wake up for the first time in their lives without owing you or me a penny”, oh yes, Mr. Geldof, I’m sure the people that doesn’t has a bed, that works for days without sleep and whose life expectancy is of 33 years (in some cases according to the UN), will wake up feeling bouncy and like a weight has been taken off their shoulders.

Talking about the concert. The motives behind the so called debt of those countries are already criminal, why do a concert that can seem as a supporter of those decisions being made by the rich?, or it is yet another ego thing, to make headlines, to get a “we’re the saviours of the poor” feeling, to be admired by how much mercy these “special” people have. To be honest, I don’t know, but a single good reason for something so silly doesn’t comes to my head.

It’s another “be a part of history” event, who cares about the reasons, just do it.

What this people also don’t seem to understand yet is that poor nations don’t have to be saved and don’t have to be rescued, they NEED to be left alone, their forests need to remain in one piece and not making furniture for the rich, their water has to be for the residents and not for the richest country near, their land has to remain unpolluted, rich countries have to learn to live with what they have, their decent wages workers, their toxic waste, their lack of oil, and leave the poor countries grow, stop repressing them and stop invading them for a route out to the sea or a million tons of gold and silver.

It’s not about doing anybody a favour, it’s about being fair and just.

Now, all of those bands at the big concert and the first world leaders can go and… save your own people.


20 Jun

 No me llama mucho la atención que sea tan común el que las personas se averguenzen de algo que les gusta, como dirían en el extinto Radioactivo (creo), son placeres culpables.

Y hoy mientras quería bajar una canción encontré que no muchos la tenían pero otros poseían con el mismo titulo una del fenómeno (y lo digo en serio) RBD, claro, bajo el carpeta de “excremento”, ¿para que?, si lo único que les debe avergonzar es la pena por si mismos.

En fin, que al investigar sobre °_Sabrina_° por mas d
e 10 minutos hasta podría parecer que me gusta lo que hace pero me da pena aceptarlo, la verdad es que quiero confesar que hace cosa de 3 años vi en “Televisión Mexiquense” un concierto algo pobre pero impactante, era una banda de death metal, curiosamente como vocalista tenían a una mujer y mas curiosamente la mujer era alta, pelirroja y muy bonita, de senos operados (muy mal trabajo) y vestida con prendas MUY diminutas de látex con estoperoles, además, berreaba horrible mientras agitaba un látigo. La mujer resulto ser Argentina y resulto llamarse Sabrina.

Cuando la vi en su versión “Vedette” no dejaba de recordarme a esa cantante de antaño, mi memoria no es tan mala, si eran la misma persona.

Este mensaje es breve, ya casi finalizo con algo mas que no me gusta. Ayer me preguntaba porque Televisa desperdiciaba su UNICA oportunidad de presentar 5 películas de “La Guerra de las Galaxias” para competir con… nada. Había fútbol, jugaba Brasil que siempre es grande y ellos lo tenían, pero fue hasta hoy que lo entendí todo. No se desperdicio nada, no era BB ni Operación Triunfo, si estaba pensado, la razón es que la mascota de la competencia tendría show, y como en BB la audiencia no es muy grande pusieron un 3er incentivo. ¿Funcionó?, ni idea.

Por cierto, y su “licenciado muy educado/culto/leído/refinado/totalmente palacio” que se lo cargue el payaso. ¿Donde deje ese mensaje de que Creel era como el salvador iluminado y por eso había que acabar con el salvaje de AMLO?.

Por ultimo, para los feos, los macuarros, los que son piratas por grabar canciones del radio, aquí esta una muy buena pagina llamada “No Soy Pirata”, y digan no a la piratería, si al torrent.


6 Jun

Yesterday, ex Mexican ambassador to the United Nations, Aguilar Zinser, died in a car accident.
It’s been a few hours since he died and there’s already rumours he was murdered for what he did do and did say for his country. It’s been a few hours since he died and newspapers are already ignoring the news to talk about the latest reality show episode.
Zinser was forced by the USA to leave his position after he said Mexico was the USA’s backyard.
The resign letter he wrote to the president said he found it unexplicable that Fox made use of the presidency to dishonour him to the mexican people.
President Fox went to Zinser’s funeral today.
And I do wonder why a person that still had a lot to give was taken away. And I also wonder how Fox feels, seeing the things that started as a dream almost 6 years ago are now full of corruption, murders, lies and illegal acts.
May God rest his soul.

Why you should never open a yahoo account

2 Jun

I decided to test yahoo and delete my account, I wish I had known they are not gmail and not even hotmail.

  • Once you delete your account you don’t get to keep your ID for Instant Messaging, and, both are gone forever.
  • You don’t have 90 days to get it back.
  • Mails sent to you during that period (3 months) don’t bounce back, the account is active but you can’t access it.
  • If you want to login it won’t ever recognize you.
  • Since you have 1GB of space it’s not easy to fill the inbox.
  • Support at the page won’t do anything to help you.
  • If you try to reset the password using their form it’ll say the info is not correct and will block your account.

Solution?, go to ANY other free mail provider.