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La baba

17 Jul

 Ayer por Canal 11 del IPN se trasmitió un programa que me pareció era un análisis de la historia del terror. Se discutía sobre películas, leyendas, novelas y como al paso de los años la humanidad iba cambiando o desarrollando el genero.

Todo bien, aunque un poco aburrido, pero entonces una entrevista con una señora que no se ni quien era, ella solo hacia comentarios del símbolo del terror relacionado con las mujeres, que si La Llorona, que si la sirena, y entonces da dos comentarios que llaman mi atención.

Menciono que era un absurdo aquello de la sirena ya que de la cintura para abajo era un pez, que por lo tanto “aquello que representaba ser mujer” era una carencia en est
e ser y entonces no se prestaba para una relación sexual, bueno, y ¿qué hay del sexo oral?.

Ya en serio, su otro comentario fue el que me pareció fuera de lugar, ella dijo que “La Malinche” era odiada y repudiada porque no asumió su rol de esclava sino que se educo y hablo “lenguas”, que por no haber sido una “simple mujer que tuvo hijos” o le sirvió a un español es por que en esta cultura nuestra no se le aceptaba, por haberse educado.

Señora, usted es una reverenda pendeja, la Malinche no uso su “educación” para ayudar a su pueblo, uso todo para ayudar al enemigo, a los que la habían comprado como dice usted.

La Malinche no es odiada por haber sido culta, filosofa, pensadora o traductora, posiblemente tampoco por haber sido mujer, aunque les parezca imposible a muchas mujeres en esta época de femicidios, La Malinche dio la espalda a su raza, el termino “malinchista” no es sinónimo de misoginia y se aplica tanto a hombres como a mujeres como a pueblos y tradiciones.

De que los(as) hay los(as) hay.

13 Jul

 It’s now known that the terrorist attacks in the UK were done by British citizens that came from immigrant families who professed the Muslim religion.
 The United Kingdom had its 9/11, time to wake up to a harsh reality: The enemy is home.
 Nothing in this post will be politically correct, just my opinion.

 Many religions seem more prone to this than others, Judaism is one, that’s why the fights between Muslims and Jews in Gaza are so bloody, they both believe to be right to the point of killing and being killed for it.
 Muslim “leaders” are now preparing an excommunication for the men that did the suicide bombings in the UK but at the same time they say that won’t really work because many people follow different leaders, are we then talking about religious extremists or just extremist that follow a religion that has no “head” and no control?, Does it mean this religion can get adapted and understood in thousands of different ways?.

 Who to blame?
 I think this goes beyond what is fair and what is a crime, sure, the UK invaded Iraq but these teens were hardly fighting for that. Why?, they took what the UK gave them, their parents did too, they got education and a life in that country, a muslims analyst said: “Their quality of life is not as good as the one of a UK person”, if they felt their life wasn’t as good as it could have been they could have easily gone back to the country of their parents or grandparents, but they didn’t. They want to be part of the UK society but not “too much” not enough for them to leave the language of their parents and their religion, most immigrants don’t want their kids to be part of that society in some ways, only in a few, they want them to be accepted, tolerated, understood and not feel segregated while they do build a little safe place in their homes away from the UK society. Basically, they discriminate the UK way of life, the life that has existed there for hundreds of years but want to get the benefits these people worked to get during those, they didn’t build that country, they don’t agree with it and find it foreign to their beliefs, in extreme cases, they see the country where they live in and it’s founders as the enemy.

 The Hate
 I wouldn’t blame people that have never migrated to any other place in decades to feel angry against immigrants that settle in their country to spread violence and discrimination, it’s the land they have lived in, the place they love, the place their ancestors build, I cannot blame them, but UK people are very intelligent and are not jumping into the hate ship.
 It’s the only thing that will save them.
 They worked hard to build a strong country, they possibly abused the poor countries in the process, but the abused didn’t fight back, instead they took a ship to the closest richest country and forgot about it, now they are angry when they contributed to the poorness of their own nation.
 But the UK is not being radical, they possibly know that if they divide more these attacks will become frequent, and the way out is not seeing everything back or white like fundamentalists do, the way out is becoming one against radicalism.

 It won’t be easy for the UK nation to hold hands with those that seem to be a threat, many might not want to, many will prefer the safest option, kicking everybody out, building a wall around the ones who want to stay and always being alert that they can attack them. Not all Muslims are terrorist, not all Irish are members of the IRA, not all Catholics are part of ETA, but sadly it has been shown that many Koran followers can become suicide bombs in the name of what’s good for their religion, why travel to Iran to do hard work for people there when you can learn there how to bomb the UK?, these are not normal people, we know that, but their actions are undoubtedly creating a fair stigma to their religion.

 Right Around the Corner
 The warning was there, a war against terrorism was going to cause more, nobody can control every person in every country, put 100 in jail and another 1,000 can appear, it’s like having mines all over each city, a sick mind and a bit of money is all that’s needed to have a terrorist and just one of them can cause hundreds of deaths. But terrorism is like any crime, it can’t have its own section, it cannot be seen as a new special syndrome, it’s part of the same crime that has always wanted control, therefore countries with that problem must stop feeding it with their radical governments, and it has to be fought not with speeches and fear, but with the same tools and mentality that all crimes are fought with.

Music for the masses

6 Jul

 And why wasn’t Depeche Mode on Live 8
anyway?. I guess the guests are a bit of a mystery, all were very
local, and I’ll assume the non-TV audience was too since the event
was announced within weeks of happening.

I’m too lazy to research from where
the money to do the event came from, I know it’s said nobody charged*
but, the NY police didn’t receive any money?, how about the people
cleaning the mess afterwards?, TV channels broadcasting?, Paul
McCartney’s driver?.

If nobody got a cent out of it, does
it means that hundreds of people and companies earned
nothing that day?.

Another thing puzzles me (a bit), Hyde
Park close for the first time to allow only people with a ticket in,
I heard
they even had a VIP section*, so, am I to believe that people
who were left outside a CHARITY concert weren’t expected to be as
conscious of the G8 as the ones inside?, Am
I to understand that charities are supposed to target their
benefactors?, Am I to think that VIP section people were of a
different kind to the ones watching the concert of TV?. The answer I
think is “no”, then, why have a VIP section or close the gates in
the first place?.

Maybe it was so “too many” people
didn’t go, I guess they wanted people to listen, but not too bloody

It doesn’t matter I guess, if the
event on itself didn’t, why would the rest do?.

*Info by MOB.