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For the world’s welfare

27 Sep

This really worried me, because the man that was going to be Kofie Annan’s successor at the UN’s presidency was murdered a few weeks ago now a new name is being heard, and loud, as the possible successor, the name: Zedillo.
You might, or might not, remember doctorated Zedillo as the bright mind that had to be the successor of the presidency of this country after the “elected” candidate was murdered, he is more known these days for being a bright economist that gives consulting help to over 100 of the world’s biggest companies as well as giving conferences in universities and writing about his visions for economy in different specialist magazines and newspapers.
His family is quite famous too, for less transcendent trades, U2(music band) has said several times that if Zedillo’s sons, “The Zedillitos” don’t make a public apology for the severe health problems their bodyguards caused to U2’s bodyguards after Zedillos’s ones beat them because they saved the life of the youngsters when this latter decided to be part of U2’s concert at the exact moment a tow car was moving around, of course
, the Zedillitos never apologized and even sued U2’s bodyguards for touching them.
It’s also known that Zedillo’s family, as most of ex presidents families, love money, they even ordered to build a huge night club inside the presidential home when they lived there, night club that was demolished after the new president arrived.
Tons of stories of the vain, exactly like that one, have been transcending the world of politics for almost 10 years now.
Now Zedillo, and his lovely family, are moving towards higher positions, not the leadership of another poor country but now they’ll get the United Nations, I wonder if they would treat the world in the same way.

Brothers and Sisters

26 Sep

I didn’t have a journal when this happened, but I found it so relevant that I didn’t want to miss the chance of saying a thing or two about it before plenty of time had passed.
A while ago some Palestinians, Muslims, sought refuge from Israelites in a church inside Israel, they were going to be arrested, judged and likely murdered, so they were lucky enough to be close a Catholic church and went to that place.
This Catholic church was very special, it was in Belen and it was said to be the church were Jesus Christ’s rests were kept; The Palestinians remained inside.
Immediately news flew around, they talked about hostages, they talked about Catholic people in danger, they talked about handing over the Palestinians to Israelite justice.
News also reported that 2 people inside Belen’s Catholic Church were mexican, immediately local news programs and reporters tried to talk to them, one was a nun the other a priest, and it wasn’t long before the nun was talking over a mobile phone to a news programme, she said she was scared (and her voice indeed showed that) she was terrifie
d actually and said couldn’t talk for long because the Israelites were shooting at them, she said she wasn’t a hostage of the Palestinians, she said the Palestinians hadn’t threaten her or the other people inside the church, she repeated it wasn’t the Palestinians shooting but the Israelites, she said she hoped to see her family again, she cried that she wanted to live, she ended saying she really had to go.
I seem to remember a news reporter was able to phone her again, it was an extremely short call and I don’t seem to remember her saying anything different from what she said in that longer call.
A photograph, taken inside the church won a prize on world journalism photography, it showed the faces, partly illuminated by a ray of sunshine coming through a window, of the Palestinians fugitives-refugees, they were holding their rifles, they were looking at something that most of us will probably never see, they were all together, a whole world of faces invaded with an inhuman mix of fear, resignation and uncertainty.
As we all know the Palestinians were murdered in the end inside the church, the people that worked inside were freed safe, the mexican nun returned safely to her country, and I’m left wondering if she’s still a nun these days after she realized how worried she had gotten about herself, a not important person in the middle, finding her wishes above the ones of the smallest abandoned sons of God who had needed her so much.

And one for the road.

26 Sep

This past weekend (ha ha, not THIS, but, yeah) was the launch of an operative to reduce or eradicate drinking and driving in this city.
Over a 1,000 people were asked to blow up (or just blow maybe) into a magical electronic portable device called the “alcoholometer”, and an approximate of 75 people were arrested after the alcohol measurer showed their alcohol levels way up a level considered safe for driving.
The measure guide was something like this: .4 alcohol in a person’s breath is equivalent to about 3 drinks, nothing too worrying, but many of the people arrested had levels of .94. Two of the people arrested last weekend were female, 2 were underage teens, the rest were 18 males.
Because it was an important event for the government the news media were invited to witness how people were going to be asked to stop their cars, how the police were going to ask the drivers to blow into the electronic measurer and how, depending on their result, they were going to receive an applause by the dozens of people watching or were going to get arrested and be locked in jail for 12 hours.
The weekend was full of interesting episodes related to this event, night clubs, bars and restaurants were emptier and their owners complained about the low consuming levels of people attending in comparison with other days, also, we were witnesses of scenes that could have been part of “The Most Stupid Criminals” but weren’t only because they were not funny.
My top 3:
1_ A Spanish tourist was arrested for drinking and driving, his levels of alcohol I ignore but he was as drunk as a person has to be to hug a police man and sing blurry songs whilst being helped to walk towards to the police station. A friend of the Spanish driver that was arrested said he was a journalist and found the whole plan so stupid and pointless that he was going to write about it when he was back in his country.
I have the honour to inform you all, citizens of the wold, that it seems like in Spain drinking and driving is the logical thing to do.
2_ A man was asked to get out of his car and try his luck with the “alcoholometer”, he did got out of his car, walked around a bit with the policemen and then said he had forgotten something, went back to his car, closed the door and drove away making a “no” sign to the camera, the police men ran behind the car but, amazingly, couldn’t reach him.
I think I can warn our local citizens not to do that in any other country of the world, in other places if the police says “stop” and you don’t stop you’re likely to get shot and then, if still alive, arrested.
3_ A drunk couple were asked to stop their car, the driver did, but he opened the door and ran away leaving the car and his drunk girlfriend behind.
I’m sad to announce to the world that those two are no longer together.
Need I say more?


22 Sep

President Fox had a reunion yesterday with Cardinal Iñiguez at the president’s rest home.
That, of course is not shocking, unless we look at the many things the Cardinal said last week.
Cardinal Iñiguez, who aspires to be the next Pope, was informed that his personal money accounts, (full with money he should be administrating for the Catholic church) had several irregularities, therefore a federal investigation should be made.
Cardinal I%iguez didn’t take this in a serene way, he said he was being a victim of political persecutions by people that missed God’s way, he declared that he was going to ask the president for help because after all, the president was the one to make decisions and the judges were just the president’s employees, later he said he was going to visit the UN because this country and it’s president had no idea what they were doing, and at the end of the week Cardinal Iñiguez asked justice to stop all investigations as he was innocent and they’ll be wasting their time with him.
The Cardinal is thought to be accepting money from drug trafficki
ng, from drug dealers that want to support the Catholic community and make donations without the Cardinal making questions about where the money is coming from.
Cardinal Iñguez hasn’t been accused nor has he been asked to declare in court, he was just informed that an investigation on his accounts(accounts he claims don’t even exist) were going to be made, if nothing was wrong with them he was going to be informed too, but he seems to think that because he’s part of the Catholic leadership he can’t even be investigated.
Senators agree with Cardinal being too holy to be questioned, many have expressed their indignity and have used different media to ask president Fox to do something about it.
President Fox just showed the world that he thinks the same way, President Fox has shown again why he’s on the right wing and why he’s also working hard on making both religion and government go hand in hand.
Cardinal Iñiguez had a reunion with president Fox this weekend in Fox’s ranch, where the president goes in the weekends to rest, nobody knows what was said there, nobody knows what makes Cardinal so special as to be received in an special audience by Mr. president, nobody knows why president Fox considers Cardinals so immaculate when he’s living in Catholic sin with a woman that he hasn’t married and when his only grandson was born outside Catholic marriage.
President Fox never gets tired of not making any sense.

You came to see the mobscene

22 Sep

Is it really a deformation? I’m more prone to think it’s de-information, it gets easier everyday, you just have to be told human resoning hadn’t seen what you’ll have the priviledge of seeing, for the first time, never before in history, it always works and it always gives the desired results, “take advantage of it now it’s here”.
I didn’t want to talk about that onsatge kiss weeks ago when most of the TV owners in the world didn’t talk about anything else, Panem et circenses yet again.

Miranda II

18 Sep

Non editable.
Yes, if it’s not the best program ever it’s still quite close.


18 Sep

Miranda Instant Messenger is the best program of it’s kind I’ve ever used.
That sounded like a commercial, it was indeed a commercial, except that I’m not selling it, nor is anybody else as Miranda is Open Source software and, thanks to that, free.
It works with plug-ins so it’s easy to customize, there’s no need to install anything that’s not going to be used, and it can support as many features as the user wants, there are thousands of plug-ins, tools, skins and interfaces to choose from, it’s also kind on the memory usage and has accessibility to all major IM programs as well as a bunch of less popular ones.
It also supports simultaneous multiple accounts from the same IM’s or several IM’s all running at the same time.
Yes, Miranda is the best program ever.


18 Sep

Google hasn’t added me yet, I’m starting to suspect it never will, maybe the setting whilst creating the account remains, it’s not likely nor it makes sense.
11 Minutes to open an image, 3 to move a part of it around, do I need a computer.
I didn’t know most of wisdom teeth appeared at the exact same time, why didn’t anybody tell me about that? Auuu! Should be happy though, I’m happy though!!!
I had the misfortune of meeting today, it was like a horrible coincidence, the first person I see the first person I was looking for, the person it ends up being, shame about that dream.
Oh yes, the real entry, I forgot to mention something about the WTO, and I think I forgot again what it was that I forgot to say.
This entry is pointless, bah! I must remember to delete it one of these days.

WTO III The Parody

17 Sep

Because there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel I should give a special mention to the Big Heads that attended the WTO reunion last week in Canc%n.
I didn’t count how many Big Heads were walking around Canc%n because even if I know there must have been 8 I only counted around 6, but obviously there was one of Bush, one of Blair, another one of Berlusconi and one that captivated my heart and attention, the Big Head of Junichiro Koizumi, with that lovely hairstyle with an almost goldie locks look.
It was a big show that one of the Big Heads, they even posed for the camera in a hotel, besides a pool, all getting sun tanned, all Big Heads.
My reproval goes out to the person that was carrying the head of Blair, he ruined the whole meal scene when his head untied and fell to one side.


17 Sep

The yearly WTO reunion has ended as a failure last week, no agreements were reached according to the orginazers and most of them expressed their disappointment for the whole event going so wrong.
What exactly failed? The countries of the third world ran out of things to sell? The rich countries didn’t want to pay with a KG of genetically modified vegetables for every 1,000,000 barrels of oil?
The protests of the “globaliphobics” failed too, and failed miserably.
Zedillo was the bright mind that introduced the term “globaliphobic”, I know I’ve already mentioned that, what I haven’t mentioned is that the term is absolutely wrong.
It’s opposite term, “Globaliphilic”, could be correct to define people that want globalization if “global” is used as a root to define a plan to make worlds economies as related to each other as possible, make them globalized.
But what is a phobia? According to my terrible memory the dictionary says something about an irrational fear to an object or situation, so, Are the world “leaders” saying that people’s fear of globalizat
ion being nothing more but a return to the emporiums era an irrational thought?
Assuming that the ideas of people opposing to globalization had no logical fundament, Can they still have the right to tell the world how they feel?
I, personally, think they do have a point, the problem is that those who know what they are doing don’t seem to attend those protests, when they, the young people from Europe or the USA that can pay for a trip to a different continent to attend an anti-globalization protest, are asked why they are there the most common answers are: “Because Bush is bad”, “Because globalization has good and bad things, like everything”, “Because we should stop abusing poor people”.

Then of course we also have assistance of those protesters that see in a motionless line of policemen an evil force, more evil than TV, more evil than CNN, even more evil than the companies who made the clothes they are wearing, what is an anti globalized to do? Throw them a bucket full of urine and excrement of course.

The WTO yearly reunion failed, in every way.