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5 Ago

I missed all the drama.

Trent Reznor cancelled his Twitter account and said trolls made him do it.

Two things really stand out:

– Trent Reznor had a Twitter

– Trent Reznor is new to the internet.

Yes, I’m a NIN’s fan, have been for many years, it’s amazing he took Industrial music to a commercial level 20 years after Throbbing Gristle and Einstürzende Neubauten had experimented so much with the genre but in all honesty only the first two albums were interesting, the rest quickly became pop, elevator, or grunge music with a mediocre keyboard and a bunch of effects.

But I still respected him as an artist.

And he was supposed to be a precursor with his online site, he allowed members of his fanclub to watch shows live through the internet, he shared a bunch of his old works through torrent and he even made a Ghosts’ version available to download at a very reduced price but it seems all of that didn’t happen out of a knowledge of what the internet was about and instead focused on finding a way to feed his ego when he wasn’t giving concerts. When he stepped outside of his controlled little world ( without hundreds protecting him of users with thoughts different to his he began calling people “fat”, giving them instructions of how to commit suicide and saying he was only on Twitter as part of an experiment.

I don’t know if he managed to convince himself that his fanbase wasn’t mostly made out of a bunch of egocentric morons who think the world sucks because it has various kinds of people in it, it’s slightly depressing witnessing his great shock, specially when he shares the same flaws with those trolls who also happen to be 30 years younger than him.

First MM and now this. It’s like those guys never grew past the age of 14 and are clueless and sheltered about what the world is like, all the pain and suffering in their songs is probably not born out of a great loss or a terrible tragedy but because somebody made fun of their clothes.

Pathetic wouldn’t quite cover it.

Now changing the subject slightly.

There was a time where viral videos, images or memes actually had a message or a purpose. Serious cat meant it that the internet was serious business and the girlfriend posing with the car was truly a huge accomplishment, even Badger-Mushroom’s fascinating nonsense couldn’t be easily copied by the masses, Tourist Guy wasn’t something most people would share with their grandparents, parents or co-workers, millions saw them but nobody really talked about it.

But there’s a need for the masses to take away the essence out of everything so it can be nothing more than light fun for everybody. Caturday, Demotivationals, Drama Praire Dog, everything was consumed, digested and shat for the whole world to enjoy, and this is how we reach one of the lowest moments in the short history of humanity: Television reporting what happens on the internet.

I know, I had mentioned it before, and I’m really over it because I barely watch 20 minutes of TV a week, but I still wonder why there’s even a need to find a light form of amusement when there are so many self-help books around begging people to live like every moment was going to be their last and like there’s no tomorrow.

There’s some woman who became famous thanks to a reality show done by TLC, I thought that channel only did documentaries and perhaps some boring shows about “every-day living” but somehow they thought exploiting 8 kids was educational and the show was a success, so much that two weeks ago many popular magazines dedicated their headlines to those people. But I think USA’s society must really be going through a difficult moment if the sites with millions of daily visitors spend hours talking about how atrocious is Kate’s barely unusual hair-style, how much it looks like a possum, adding images of the hair to the pics of animals, selling a “Halloween” wig that resembles the woman’s hair, etc.

Then there’s some video of a wedding in which the guests are dancing, millions of hits in just a few days, millions in awe: “Oh look! people are dancing! that’s so kooky and wacky!”.

I also kept seeing news on Lindsay Lohan, she went to the hair salon, she went to a friend’s house, her mother gave an interview, Lindsay was promoting a Milkshake, and people left comments about how bad she looked, how stoned she probably was, how dirty and disgusting was her hair and often there were several people who made the same question: “What is wrong with her?”, I used to agree and considered there really was a problem, she was jobless when she finally had the right age to work, she does drugs and has an eating disorder, she also has very low self-esteem and control issues but there are a lot of people like that doing those and many other things, there is nothing wrong with Lindsay, her behaviour is pretty normal for an addict in denial, so then why is she being followed around and photographed?

Superficiality is not about the self anymore, it’s about the one of others’.

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