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30 Ago

Thought I should clarify, in my last post I made a comment about how annoying it was to hear some new TV ads full of “Give us our avenue back” which showed poor people who had to walk so much because many streets are closed. So I went to Chapultepec, they indeed are, but it was the first time I could walk without having to run from the cars (there are no red lights, it’s a cars kingdom) and several kilometers around the president’s home nobody can walk around, not even inside Chapultepec park, but not because of protests but because there are soldiers controlling that area, I guess the president seriously fears he’s going to be attacked by a “Vote by Vote” sign, but it seems nobody cares about that part being closed to both cars and pedestrians since no ads are being shown.

But I thought I should correct something, yes it’s wrong an avenue had to get closed to ask for justice after the President became a traitor, but I don’t see a reason for indignation, there are hundreds in this country who have to walk several kilometers just to get food or water, millions had to walk days to cross the desert trying to reach the USA and the media only talks about those who have to walk a few blocks to get to their 8,000dlls a month paying jobs?, oh the poor old lady has to take the bus to get to her million dollar mansion!, cry me a fucking river!.

What is the problem anyway?, if it’s just the Reforma Avenue the one “causing problems to the country”, why is Fox and his “winning” candidate only travelling by helicopter inside the city?.

Finally a link to something in spanish, the “winning” candidate used the exact same line that Ordaz (an ex president who committed crimes against humanity by murdering and torturing hundreds of his opponents, amongst them hundreds of teens and youngsters during a protest in 1968). Oh and his son went on and had a work and love relationship with singer Thalia, but they never married because he died of an OD a few months before the wedding.

Las rebanadas del pastel:
Las manos persiguen a Felipillo: “Tendré mano firme, pero también una mano abierta, una mano extendida para conciliar y llegar a acuerdos”. Eso dijo Calderón el lunes, en concordancia con lo siguiente: “No quisiéramos vernos en el caso de tomar medidas que no deseamos, pero que tomaremos si es necesario; lo que sea nuestro deber hacer, lo haremos; hasta donde estemos obligados a llegar, llegaremos… Hay que establecer la paz y la tranquilidad pública. Una mano está tendida; los mexicanos dirán si esa mano se queda tendida en el aire…” (cuarto Informe de Gobierno, Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, primero de septiembre de 1968)

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