22 Feb

The movement seems “internet only”, it’s full of slogans like “Nothing Tastes As Good As Being Thin Feels”, terms like “thinspiration” and an endless resources to die of starvation.

What is it?, Who are these girls?, Why do they feel the need to do water fasting?.

The story is long, eating disorders are very new, another cure for human boredom that ends up being worse than the illness. Rumour has it “ANA” girls only exist on the internet, there are no books about it, it was first seen on the WWW, and they are girls with anorexia or bulimia but they don’t support each other to eat just a bit more, they become friends, partners, and they are there to help those who want to give in to food, they will share advice on how to hide anemia. They won’t ask you to feel bad for having a healthy weight, but they will be there when you feel bad for not being skinny.

This girls are obviously ill, but they stopped looking for help, they surrendered to their problems and obsessions, they paid attention to the messages a rotten society released, they didn’t stop to question what they were being sold, they became takers.

But I’m not really against ANA people, these days most teens, kids and even adults are just looking for trendy ways that lead them to self-destruction, drugs, promiscuous sex, violence, cutting, but it seems ANA’s are attacked just a bit more, but why?.

Sure, ANA girls believe photoshoped images of skeletons and models are real and they want to look that way, they make competitions of loosing weight, but how is that different to competing to drink gallons of alcohol in just a few minutes?, how is trying to look like a porn star different to glorifying Nicole Richie?, they all lead to the same, don’t they?, the rejection of the self.

And before I get called an ANA supporter I declare I’m not, I like my food greasy and my girls curvy, I’m not pro-suicide either, I’m just against shocks and in favour of perspective.
ANA is yet another beginning.

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