That stupid freedom again.

7 Feb

It’s been days since newspapers started informing most of the world about the commotion created after some Mohammed cartoons had been published causing rage in the Muslim population. And as days pass it only gets bigger and bigger.

At first I thought the cartoons were of the kind for kids, but they actually come from a newspaper in Denmark, they are drawings of the politics kind and they were first seen around 4 months ago, since then other newspapers in the world have reproduced the drawings saying that helps support freedom of speech.
I have seen a couple of those images, to me they say little, so far I haven’t been able to find what were they about, but if they were in favour of Mohammed, why use something that was against Mohammed followers?, and if it’s against Mohammed, who has the right to criticize somebody else’s God?.

The excuse to publish something that offensive is plain dumb, I have talked about freedom before, and of course everybody is free to say the most atrocious of insults of the religious, racist or nationalist kind, but why in the world do we need that freedom for?, to create more hate?, to feel like we have no limits?.

I believe had the insult been against Jesus Christ no deaths would have happened, maybe not even protests, had it been against Jews we would have heard the word “Nazi” to no end (as if we hadn’t), but it was used against those who have been under constant attack for believing in something different, I don’t blame those few who are being violent in their protests, after all, their freedom of speech and freedom of belief hasn’t been given a great chance to favour them in modern history.

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