Why some people hate Angelina Jolie.

21 Ene

It’s interesting to see how far gossip can get, we know gossip is an essential (essential, I did say that) part of society, but it can still be surprising the roads it takes, to where they lead and what those things say about a person.

Turns out a simple “couple gets divorced/guy marries again” event started a wave of assumptions, judgements and fights between people who say it’s okay if an actor gets divorced and gets married again and those who feel sorry for the woman that same actor divorced.

I don’t think I need to go over de details, the info is available all over the world, who Angelina Jolie is, who Brad Pitt is and how things are with them now. But fewer people know who de dumped woman was, in my opinion she’s some horse face local actress that got very famous thanks to a sitcom in the USA. And that last bit is where I think the problem is and why some people took this gossip as something family related.

The woman Brad Pitt divorced was seen for years as a “fairy tale” princess, she wasn’t pretty, she wasn’t anything special, but she was USA’s cute and simple girl, because in a girl it’s important to be that way so you can marry a good looking guy. The dream was over for her and thousands of others when a real good looking woman appeared who is also genuinely concerned about de well-being of herself and others, her biggest priority is not to look good for her husband but to use her looks and money to make changes, we have a woman who is not afraid of talking, who won’t say what’s expected and who won’t be with somebody unless she wants to. Scary?, of course! Why would Jennifer Aniston want to give a close look at a woman that adopts a baby with HIV when she doesn’t want to have a baby because she’ll have to quit smoking?.

It’s the lifetime story of millions of females all over the world “Somebody will steal my husband/That girl over there is prettier than me therefore better/If I speak my mind people won’t like me” and often fail to realise that other people makes little difference to their issues as the problem is not the rest of the world.
It’s quite easy to see who calls Jennifer Aniston (the ex wife) a victim of two very evil people (Angelina and Brad), and I even dare to say they all have at least one thing in common, that is being unhappy with who they are.

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