6 Jun

Yesterday, ex Mexican ambassador to the United Nations, Aguilar Zinser, died in a car accident.
It’s been a few hours since he died and there’s already rumours he was murdered for what he did do and did say for his country. It’s been a few hours since he died and newspapers are already ignoring the news to talk about the latest reality show episode.
Zinser was forced by the USA to leave his position after he said Mexico was the USA’s backyard.
The resign letter he wrote to the president said he found it unexplicable that Fox made use of the presidency to dishonour him to the mexican people.
President Fox went to Zinser’s funeral today.
And I do wonder why a person that still had a lot to give was taken away. And I also wonder how Fox feels, seeing the things that started as a dream almost 6 years ago are now full of corruption, murders, lies and illegal acts.
May God rest his soul.

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