Why you should never open a yahoo account

2 Jun

I decided to test yahoo and delete my account, I wish I had known they are not gmail and not even hotmail.

  • Once you delete your account you don’t get to keep your ID for Instant Messaging, and, both are gone forever.
  • You don’t have 90 days to get it back.
  • Mails sent to you during that period (3 months) don’t bounce back, the account is active but you can’t access it.
  • If you want to login it won’t ever recognize you.
  • Since you have 1GB of space it’s not easy to fill the inbox.
  • Support at the page won’t do anything to help you.
  • If you try to reset the password using their form it’ll say the info is not correct and will block your account.

Solution?, go to ANY other free mail provider.

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